Monday, December 7, 2009

11 days and Counting!!!!!!

11 Days Until my Induction....not that I'm counting down of course?! Ha! We are so.......excited and really looking forward to this little Girl coming! Our families are beyond thrilled as well! This will be the 3rd Grandchild for my parents and the 8th for Jayson's parents!! Jayson is the oldest out of 4 and he has 3 sisters, 2 of his sisters each have 2 children and his youngest sister Grace has a little boy who will be 2 on the 15th~ I must say our children are so blessed and have such love surrounding them on both sides!!

We finally have her nursery in full swing and is just almost all set up! The only problem I'm having is find things for her walls, I think above her changing table/dresser I want to put a bible verse and above her bed My mother in law is going to Paint her name! Ahh It looks so good! We got it painted last Thursday night. It's purple, But a darker purple than the room used to be I can't wait to put up pictures and show you all the progress! On Saturday morning we decided to put the crib up it was a rainy cold day here in South jersey and figured it would be something fun to do. We are using Madyson's white crib, now we haven't used it since she was in a toddler bed and I "thought" I kept every piece to this crib! OPPPS!!! I seem to have misplaced these particular pieces you need to screw the screws in to place?! How did that happen, I need to go to Home Depot or Lowe's to see if we could find them our local little hardware store in town didn't have them so her crib is 3 quarters of the way together, we couldn't' finish putting on the front part so now it just looks like a day bed! Luckily it's not that big of a deal or pressing because she will be in our room for at least the 1st month! But there is still this "need" in me to set up her room and have it ready for her! I know we will get it done just as my husband says..

I have my 38 week dr's appointment tomorrow and I'm looking forward to it! My sis in law Grace said she had this strong feeling that I will go in to Labor toady but so far nothing! We shall see it's only 9:54 am so I guess there is plenty left of time left in the day so who knows?! We had an ultrasound last week and at 37 weeks she was measuring a little bigger than 7lbs so she is growing good and healthy!

On a more sad note I have 2 sick little ones today ! Both the kids have icky noses and coughs so unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at things we are having a Jammie day here at home!! I obviously kept Madyson home from school today but so far it just seems as though they both have viral colds! Tis the season right? I must say it breaks my heart to see them so sad , but they are still playing well and now are both relaxing on the cough for a Little bit! My thoart was a little scratchy this morning so I've been drinking some tea with honey and lemon, then decided it was a good idea to strip the beds and washed all he sheets and blankets hoping it will kill some yucky germs ... Usually I do the sheets on Wed. but figured I would do that today instead! I have a ton of laundry to do yet again and a bout 2 loads maybe 3 to put away! I messed up this last week and didn't' do what I normally do what I normally do and that's put away the wash one load at a time! It really makes a difference! Oh well! It is what it is! Well I'm off to that now! Enjoy your day and hope things are well for all of you!

Friday, November 20, 2009

A little "Sprinkle"

Here I go again hopefully I will be a little better blogging from here on out! I'm 35 weeks pregnant now and I can't believe we are getting so close!! I only have 4 weeks until my induction and who know if she will decided to grace us with her presense before that!! You never know! I'm sorta thinking probally not b/c of my last 2 but who knows! Every precious little one is different!! I think we have setteled on a name! But you need to stay tuned for that one! We will share for sure when she is born! Just in case we change it!! Ha! Poor Bryce his name changed like a 100 times or so it seemed!! Can you believe too that her nursey is not even ready ! I feel like a complete slacker! The other kids rooms were done by now and completely set up! Thankfully though I have all of her cloths in her draw ready to go and really we just have to paint and put some finishing touches up! Jayson and his dad did the final touches on the spackiling (s/p?) the other night so Early next week I belive one night they will just paint it!! It's going to be purple! The room is currently purple (Madyson's old room) but we wanted it fresh and clean for our new little one!!

Last Sunday 2 of my nearest and dearest friends Lauren and Chrissy threw me a "sprinkle" just something little but it was! I am so thankful for the wonderful Godly friends! The whole thing was going to be a surprise, but they weren't sure how to get to Lauren's so I ended up knowing it was happening, but my sweet husband sent them an invitation list of everyone and it worked out just perfectly! My mom and sister and aunts and cousins all came down from Central Jersey and my mother in law and sis in laws also! It was so neat! For the favors Lauren did pink chocalte covered pop corn and made the cutest labels that said "Ready to Pop"! We enjoyed delicious food amazing converstation and I even got to bring the Cherry Limeade Punch I have been dying to try from over at! Everything was so fun and everyone was beyond generous with all our gifts! Of couse I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures I really wish I did but here are few of the ones I did get !!

Here is a picture with me in the middle and some of my amazing girlfriends!! I am truly blessed!!

Seriously these women are amazing and I thank the Lord everyday for each one of them!!
Have any of you all started Christmas shopping? I bought sadly ONLY 1 present so far! I need to get my self together! I did however go as far as make a list of things I want to get and for everyone I need to buy for! Also I'm in the process of trying to get things together for Madyson's Fancy Nancy (her Favorite books ever ) Birthday party which I am hoping to have it the weekend of 12th?! We shall see it's her first "friend" party! Her birthday isn't until the end of the month of Dec. but I always feel so bad because she gets thrown a last minute event because of all the craziness!! But I am so excited and Really Looking forward to her special day!!

Monday, October 19, 2009

It's just been one of those weeks!

We have had quite the busy last week! A week ago Tuesdayy My Mady woke up with what I believed was a start to a cold, fever on and off with some help of Motrin it went away, then that night Mady woke up coughing something fierce in the middle of the night! To me it sounded like Croup..So I put her in the bathroom with me and the Hot water run until I though she could breathe well again and we spent the rest of the night on the couch with an impormt to sleep over! Poor thing it just breaks my hear to see them so sick! Then I thought we were on the Mend and Friday I woke up with what I knew was Broncitis! I could feel it I was using my rescue in haller more than I would've like to and a call into the dr (since its hard for me to go with 2 little ones) I was able to get on some anti-boitics and now I feel better! Bryce seems to just have a cold with some conjestion and what not but is acting fine and playing! Sat. night Mady woke up again saying her ear hurt so more motrin, and then Sunday we stayed home from church just to play it safe and she didnt have any other complaints till that afternoon and i looked and her ear was leaking so to speak I know TMI! SO I called the doctors and they though possibly her ear drum ruptured and gave her some Anti-boitics and ear drops! So needless to say it's been a long week! This pregnant Momma is so sleepy! But of course my little ones come first!! So today we are off to the doctor's for them to check out her ear!! I am sure hoping she starts to feel better!! It breaks my heart to see them sick~~ My poor husband now seems stuff and I'm praying he gets better b/c this weekend coming up he's planning on going on a Guys Retreat Hiking/backpacking trip! So hoping he starts to feel better!!I hope our household is on the mend!! All these sickies!

I'm choosing to PRAISE Jesus though through this and not get discrouaged! It gets way to easy to sink in and wallow in all of the sleepless nights, and sickness and everything and not to focus for me on the positive and I'm choosing that I'm going to seek him and his Cross and not lose hope! Instead of church yesterday (since we are all under the weather) we Watch Andy Stanley on Gospel Music Channel! He was FABULOUS! Both My hubby and I are big fans and he was taking about not losing Hope and having our HOpe be sound in CHrist! He read alot from Roman's 8 and today I'm ~hoping~ to sit down and read more of What Paul has to say on hope and such!
Praying you find your Hope In Jesus today!!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where did all my motivation go???

Okay not that probally any of you out there reading this care but I just want to share how UN-productive my morning was! Ha! This morning I got up with Jayson as I always do, Made his lunch jumped in the shower and was ready for my day! Through on sweats and a stained shirt (I know nasty right?) and figured I wasn't going anywhere today (i didn't unless you count McDonalds' Drive thorugh for lunch) and then the kids got up and we started our day made beds got Mady all ready for school and off to the bus stop we went! I put Mady on the Bus came home and My girlfriend called to chat for a little so I sat on the couch for what I thought would be 2 minutes and After I hung up the phone I was absoltuly Useless! SO I layed down and let Bryce watch too much TV this morning and waited for the time to pass so I could walk back down to the bus stop and get mady! Then I was having a craving for McDonalds, so I loaded up the little ones in the car and off we went through the drive through and got some lunch! Can I tell you it did not satify my craving at all infact I regreat spending that $13.03 on lunch that I did b/c It just made me thristy Ha! I know I know How pathatic am I?? I guess as Mommy's we all go through days like this (well I am hoping I'm not the only one!)

Infact as I sit her and type this I hear my little boy upstairs in his bed "suppost" to be napping kicking his feet on the wall and just heard his binky drop! Oh well! I'm hoping this day gets a little better! It's a gloomy muggy day here in South Jersey! The sun broke through about an hour ago and it was like serisouly only for 5 mintues! But At least it came out at all!! I have so many Things I want/need to get done, Infact its really starting to drive me nuts! But my lack of motivation this morning was proof that I need to relax and be still and know and keep reminding myself that GOD is in CONTROL! Not I!! So I'm praying that that in the next couple of hours while Mr. Man is sleeping I can accomplish a couple of things and not feel like a complete bum! Tomorrow marks my 27th week or Maybe it's Thursday whichever but that means I'm in the home stretch of this pregnancy! Crazy to think I'll be in my 3rd trimester! How did that happen? How come overall this pregnancy has been my least lazy one yet? And I've been chasing around 2 children! God is good and keeps me going!! Hopefully one of these days I can start getting more things ready for her room like repainitng it we are keeping it a purple but it just really needs to be repainted, and make her curtains and what not! I am trying to find a good bible verse to get in the vinal art for her wall too! I saw those in some other blogs and thing they are just tooooo cute!!! LOVE IT! Well I'm off to get his binky off the flour and give some more kisses to my little ones and then hoping to get somet things done, HOpe you all are having a more productive day than I!!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Finally Meal Planning again!!!

I haven't done this Meal Planning all summer so I'm hoping that this is a new start to the a "new" year so to speak! With Having a 3rd baby I think this is more important than ever to stick with it! SO Here's hoping I'm able to!

Monday: Chicken Primavera (i'm using left over chicken from last nights Rosted Chicken I bought from Shoprite) with Garlic Bread (which I got free from My mother in law from Panera! Nothing better than free Ha!)

Tuesday: BBQ Pork Roast in crockpot with Roasted Veggies

Wensday: Taco CrockPot chicken (Recipe on post below)

Thursday: We have back to school night at Madys school at 6:30 and Dance from 5-6 I think we are going to have a Frozen Pizza that night so it's just less Choatic!

Friday: Chili Corn bread bake! SO good! I don't where I got this recipe but it's deicious! We use ground turkey and make chili as you would and your family likes, put it in a 9x13 inch baking dish and top with shredded cheese of your choice we use Colby Jack mix and top with corn bread mix (mix up corn bread mix accroding to package directions ) and bake until done! It's delicious! The orginal Recipe i believe called for 2 boxes of corn bread but we found it was too much!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Crock Pot Taco's!

Over at Kellys Korner blog she is having a go to meal night recipe! I wanted to share mine!! It's fabulous and what's even better is its a 1 pot meal! Our family just loves this (especially my wonderful husband b/c he loves anything Mexican/taco!) Enjoy ! I think this orginally came from Kraft Food and Family magazine a few years ago and it's one that has stuck for sure! I'm sorry I don't have any pictures!

I don't know the name of it but we call it Crock Pot Taco..........

1lb of chicken cut up in to bite size pieces (raw into the crock pot! I know I was scared to do this too)
1 cup of frozen corn
1 1/2 cups of Salsa (if you go to aldi's like I do it's one of their green jar salsas it's about that)
1 small onion chopped
1 green pepper chopped
I also add some shredded zucchini and shredded carrots (just to make it more healthy for the kids)
2 Tablespoons of Taco Seasoning
2 Tablespoons of flour
you mix it all up put it on Low on the crock pot all day and this dish will melt in your mouth, I serve over either Brown or White rice whichever I have and put shredded cheese on top and some fresh cut scallions from our garden (while it lasts) and it's awesome!!!
Let me know what everyone thinks !! It's fabulous!!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

2 post 1 day? How did that happen?

I acutally got to post 2 times today ! Ha! I don't quite know how that happened, But I decided to throw in a load of colors in the wash and Bryce is sleeping and Madys is playing wit her doll house and I was going to put the cloths away that were on my bed while I have pandora playing but I decided to sneak another post in!! I did try to post some pictures of Madys on her 1st day of school, but for some reason it never posted so here they are! She's doing excellent! Loves going to school, loves her teacher, and loves going on the bus!! Such a cute little thing I miss her so much but know she is having a blast! It's give me and Bryce some time to hang out and spend some Momma and Bryce time which is absolutly priceless for me!

Ps how do I get the pictures to post after I type tried a couple of things but nothing seems to work! thanks

Okay so this is my 4th time typing this post! I don't know what I keep doing but for some reason I keep closing this! Well anyways here are the pictures of our 4d ultra sound we had a few weeks back! The baby looks great and she is growing well! We are so excited for this precious new baby girl to join our family! God has been so good to us and both the kids are so excited for their baby sister to come! I had my 26 doctor's appointment yesterday I can't believe I am 26 weeks already the time is completly flying by!! I'm looking forward to this baby so much!! I saw my midwife Jeanine yesterday and if you could please pray for me (us) They took my blood pressure 3 times and found that it was on the high side, they didnt say what it was, but when i get my sugar tested this week they are drawing somethings too just to be ont he safe side which I am so greatful for! Also if you don't mind praying for me too I dont know quite what has been going on but I'm going through some kidn of emotioanl thing right now! I don't knwo quite how to explain it but I'm jsut really down, and sad at times! but I'm clilnging to the cross so much and a friend of mine just shared this with me this morning on FAcebook and I'm so thankful that the Lord knows all my feelings and I cling to him when I feel like this !

"My soul w...ait silently for God alone. He only is my rock and my salvation; He is my defense...the rock of my strength and my refuge is in God. Trust in Him at all times, you people; Pour out your heart before Him; God is a refuge for us" Ps. 62:5-8. God know's just what we need when we need it! So thankful and so thankful to have such a loving husband and kids to make me smile even though it may be tough at times!!!
Hoping you have a very blessed day in the Lord.....

Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Weekend Bust.....

Well we had some great plans this weekend but unfortunately our house got hit with the Stomach Bug....YUCK!! Bryce started it Friday afternoon, my poor baby got sick during his nap in his crib, and continued to till about 9pm at night. Saturday afternoon, Madyson started, and did till about 9pm, Jayson started Sat. night, and the as luck would have it, I got it last night at about 9! Ughh, it was not fun nor pretty in this house this weekend, It made it so much more difficult to be sick and being pregnant, my belly was in the way and it was so hard .... So today we are having a very lazy day! I have done so much laundry in the last 3 days I can't even tell you! I was sad we weren't able to go to church yesterday and that we weren't able to go to my sis in law annual Labor Day weekend BBQ it would've been great fellowship and such but what can u do! I am thankful though that this bug seems to only last about 12 hours instead of the 24 but it still was no fun!! My body today is so achy, I can't get comfortable, Thankfully my hubby sent me to bed this morning for a nap, b/c our couches weren't cutting it! I spent 3 nights on the couch, with the kiddies and then by myself! Anyways I guess this post shared too much info! Sorry about that!! I did post something on friday about Mady's 1st day and some pictures but it didn't work so I'll be working on that! I hope everyone weekend turned out a bit better than ours!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pre-K Here we come!!!

Today was the Pre-K Orientation! Wow I can't believe it's really here!! We went in today and met Mrs. James Mady's teacher and she was just great! Her classroom was so bright and cheery! We found where her cubby was and her name on the star board! It all seems real! I know most of you have been here but this is our very first child going off to her very 1st year of school! It seems like these 4 1/2 almost 5 years have gone by so quickly! I'm so thankful for the "extra" year I was able to have with her at home! Since she won't be 5 until Dec. its so nice we got an extra time with her!! I'll be posting some pictures of her tomorrow before she gets on the bus *tear* , but thankfully the only other children on the bus are fellow Pre-ker's!

On another note This week at our church ( ) we have a bit of what they used to call a tent revival or something to that nature we called it "August Rush" It all started off Sunday evening with a service for Men Only, Monday night was Teens Only, and last night was ladies Only night! What an incredible night of worship we had! Our pastor's wife Donna Chambers spoke and it was fantastic! She spoke about Mary the mother of Jesus and shared some scriptures it was so powerful! Unfortunately I left my Bible with all my notes in the car and my feet are a little achy, but hopefully I will post them soon....And we had a guest worship leader for the evening too! Her name is Jamie Jamgochian and she was out of this world! Here website is here I highly recommend you check her out if you don't already know who she is! Tonight to wrap up all the festivities we have had going on at church we are having our month 1st Wed. service and we have Aaron Keys as the guest worship leader tonight and I can't wait to once again worship our incredible Savior! It's been such a sweet time of fellowship and worship! I'm humbled and feel so blessed to be apart of a church for the last 4 years that has been so in tune to the Lord and has brought so many people to Christ to have a personal relationship with him, and a church and pastor's who truly have their hearts in the right place and making such an impact here in South Jersey! I know many of you go to very similar church and it's such a blessing isn't it???

Not that this has much to do with what I have been talking about, but this afternoon I had to make a car to our car insurance company b/c I received a bill and it didn't quite look right to me and I wanted to get it all stragithed out due to taking a car off our policy and adding our new Mini Van, so I called and as I was waiting on hold it hit me hard that I haven't spent as much time as I should praying over our finance's! I think anyone who is on a one family income (due to most us Mommy's staying at home :-) ) struggle in one way or another! Don't we all wish we had a money tree in the back yard?! Anyways I have decided to take take each week as I go over our bills to pray over the stack or just 1 or 2 of them to ask God to direct us and help us keep in tact! We do of course tithe faithful to our church and support some different things and different Missions things when we can, but feel it's so important to mostly give here in our own community! We have such needs around us (as I know we do around the world) The economy is still not stable and there are so many people here in America who are unemployed and having trouble feeding their families I truly believe the Lord is placed on our hearts especially and many others I know to help out in here in our very own county and communities! Our church supports a number of Manna Feeding Centers and recently a group including our head Pastor, Pastor Tim, just came back from a week long Trip to Guatemala and was able to by 50 pairs of shoes for the kids they feed, and a brand new Fridge and 2 stoves for them to cook on, let alone do some much needed repairs! I'm so thankful for the ways our church not only reaches out to our community with a Food Bank right at our church, but Also around the World! Anyways, my point is I was reminded today to pray over our check book and bills and ask God to truly Guide each penny that goes in and out of our home! Do you all pray like this as well??

The weather here in the North East has just been Divine this week!! My oh My it's been great to have the window's wide open and the Central Air off!! It's been a great time to go outside and let the little ones play and it's been getting the wheels turning in my head of Fall and decorating for fall! Went Yankee Candle this weekend and got some new fall candles, and it has been thinking of fall meals! Tonight I did a Roast in the corkpot and I'm making some Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans! Can't wait the house smells divine!!

Oh did I mention We did find out what we are having and it's another little GIRL !!! We are so excited (would've been if it was a little boy too !!! ) It's so nice just to know I feel much more in control it makes re-arranging the rooms and getting things set much easier now!! Mady is in her New room and so are most of her things..We are coming along!! Just need a few things and her room will be complete!

Well off to finish doing a few things before Mr. Man wakes up!!
Praying for all of you who stumbled here or regurally visit! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think, Please??
Blessings, and Prayers!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well I just LOVE, I mean LOVE Fall!!! I am soooooo looking forward to summer being over and fall beginning!! Well all except one thing, Madyson going to school for the very first time a week from this Thursday!! I must tell you though I am excited for her but as a Momma a little on the sad side because she is 4 almost 5 will be in Dec. and the time has just BLOWN by!!! Everyone tell you this as you hold your first baby and sometimes you think those sleepless nights will never end! But I just can't believe we are going to Pre K!! Now granted Pre K in our school district is only 2 hours a day 5 days a week, which I think will be a great transition for full day Kindergarten Yikes did I just say Kindergarten?!?!? I am trying not to rush myself but wow!!!!!!!!!! Okay to get back to fall! I just LOVE everything that fall is, 1st and for most the weather!! Cool nights and evenings!! I feel like they are coming because just a about 1/2 hour ago Jayce was getting the car seats switched back to our van ( I had to take his car through inspection yesterday what a joy that was 1 hour with 2 little kids in line YIKES!) He almost forgot his lunch so I ran it out to him and we just talked for a second but man it is just beautiful out!! Cool Pretty ahh I just love it!!

I also Love the scents of fall!! Yankee candle always comes out with some Delicious smelling scents for fall and can't wait! I got one for my bday and it was a votive and its already burnt up it was called Give thanks!! Awesome!! But more so the fresh scents outside the smell of rain when the leaves are on the ground.....Speaking of which I can't wait to get the cornstalks Hey and Mums from the local Garden market and start getting the front of the house ready! Considering we didn't do anything with our gardens this summer, Usually I try to plant something and mulch but I just never got around to it!! How sad is that?? But I can't wait!!!!! I know I know what you are all probably thinking! It's not even Sept.! But am I the only one who thinks Sept is the start of fall?!?!?! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Before I forget we have another Ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow at 1:30 Can you tell how excited I am! I've been praying and hoping that tomorrows outcome with finding out the sex is a success!! Jayce and I are soooo excited!!!! This week started out as s slow one for us! Well sorta! Today my cousin Kait is coming over for some hair doing and later this week i have 2 more hair clients! God knows how to provide and when! Things are tight this week!! Thank goodness for hair!! It's only b/c we went away earlier this month and that always messes us up a little but its either that or never get away! so It's okay! God is good!!!

I am very much looking forward to also meal planning again and Mops starting up and everything else along with things this fall, Apple Picking, Pumpkin Picking, Fall Festivals, Craft fairs a trip to Lancaster PA to Willow Valley, Possibly another camping trip!? I also think I am going to get a bunch of those foil tins that i can start making double of some of our meals and store down in our big freezer to start to prepare for when the baby is born! I think My hands will be busy especially around Christmas time!! I have also decided I am going to start Christmas shopping when Mady goes to school and get it all done a head of time!! I would like to get it all done by Mid Nov. so it's not much to do and i can relax (sorta) before the baby comes!! We are continuing a tradition our family started a couple of years ago!! We try to emphasize Jesus (obviously) more that Santa! So we give our children 3 gifts from us b/c Jesus received 3 gifts from the wise men and Santa brings then their "big" gift! and of course stockings! But our kids are so sooooo sooooooo BLESSED beyond measure with Grandparents and such that it's crazy and to be honest! I personally think Christmas is soooooooo over done with gifts and such anyways!! Plus a fear of mine a few years ago while Jayson discussed what we wanted to do with all of this is as our children get bigger so do their gifts and the expenses! Not that we don't want our children to have things but believe me when I tell you the have soooo much and they lack for NOTHING!!!

Well I think I hear my little ones starting to wake up Hope you all have a blessed day and enjoy your week!!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Blah Day....

I'm sitting her trying to figure out what to do today! The kids really need to get out of the house a little, the past few days have been kinda quite for us and I think they are feeling the itch to do something! There is only 1 problem Mommy is in a blah mood today!! It's hard! I feeling like I need something to do, but all my girlfriends seem to be busy and I'm trying get the strength I need from Jesus to just press on! I know as Mommy's we all have these days, but with being Pregnant I think my emotions are getting the best of me this morning!! So I know it's Wed. Not Tues. but I'm going to do a 10 Things I'm thankful for this morning and praise him through my gloominess!

1.) My relationship with Jesus, whom Is my best friend and someone I can be the most raw with!
2.) My husband who even though suffers from depression still works SOO hard for us and is such a good daddy and hubby! I am so thankful for all he does!
3.) My children all 3 of them even though 1 is still in my belly! They are the most precious gifts I have in my life!! I love you guys and bring me so much joy!!
4.) My home, As I sit here in the living room with Hanny Manny on Tv as i write this i just see God's blessings all around us!! All of which are just about hand me downs or just awesome pieces of old furniture! I love it and feel so blessed to be here!
5.) That our Mops Group is starting up again!! I'm still on the steering team but stepped down from being Co-Coordinator with the new baby coming and Mady starting school I needed to not be able to pick her up from school and not be soo soo busy b/c I'm not sure what life with 3 will be like!
6.) I'm so thankful that summer is almost over! Don't get me wrong I love summers but I'm ready for some fall weather and everything that fall brings, like craft shows, apple picking, just all of it!!
7.) Even through my rough days I still have hope and joy that comes from God I pray that one day everyone i know will have that same comfort that I have in Christ!
8.) Snuggles from my little man! As i sit her typing he decided to crawl up on the cough with his momma and give me some love I better hurry up and finish !
9.) Dinner with 2 couples and thier kids tomorrow night! Friends of ours from church and Us decided we wanted to start meeting 1 times a week kinda like a small group or homefellowship to pray together do a little bible study and just have some sweet fellowship!!! Can't wait to do have dinner and have them all over!!
10.) The gift of friends! They are ever so precious to me and I'm thankful for their love and support!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

it's been a little while........

So I figured I should take a few minutes on this amazing Sunday afternoon and get caught up! Last weekend we had a wonderful opprotunity to get a away for a long weekend of camping up in Pa, up past the Pocono's in a small town called Benton! It's just beautiful up there in the mountains!! Jayson's Aunt and Uncle live up there and he has camped there and visited a ton of times as a child! My sweet and ever so generous in laws rented a house at a camp ground for all the family to come and stay in!! Jayson is the oldest of 4 and the only boy, he has 3 younger sisters Susy, Kerry and Grace! They are all married and have children of their own and we are so thankful to live so close to one another and have just a blast together!! 2 out of his 3 sisters and their families were able to come!!! We all stayed in this house that was surrounded by the most beautiful views and little water falls and amazing hikes and it was just such a fun weekend! I'll post pictures soon! We left for our trip on Friday and came back Monday afternoon! What a fun time we had!

Also a week before that we bought a new mini van! It's the newest car both of us have ever owned and we just love it! It's a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan!! This van has so much room and storage it's absolutely un-real! Below the middle seat there are 2 huge compartments under the floor that lift up for storage! Not to mention the trunk goes down! So we have another foot in the back as well!! It's been such a blessing to our family! Now when the baby comes we will have enough room for everyone!!

On Wed. of this past week, the kids and I were able to go up to my parents house in Ocean Grove Nj to go visit and see the kids play they put on in town! Both kids and I had a great time!! It was so fun to see my younger cousins and friends put on such a great play and what not!! We came back on Thursday evening and it's been busy every since!

Yesterday Morning we heading to Jayson's parents church to support the youth group and get our car washed! The kids are raising Money for their winter retreat they go on every year! We were able to meet up with all of his sisters and the kids got a chance to play once again!! Then on the way home from that we stopped at a yard sale and I was able to score a great exersausuer for only $7! What a steal! You would think I would have one after 2 kids, but the one I had was give to me from friends that had 4 kids before my 2 and that was just so in need to be trashed and I am excited I was able to score one for sucha good price!!

Today we went to church and Pastor Tim preached such a good Sermon on being "Stuck" He read from Exodus and how the Isrealites were doubting Moses when they left Egypt and right before God parted the Red Sea! When God was talking to Moses and said Move on and go through the waters and he would take care of them .....Move on that hit me hard! When we are stuck in some circumstances that seem never ending or self consuming we need to regain focus and move on! Our Focus should be on Christ and Christ alone! The devil wants us to stay focused on ourselves and what not move forward but God wants us to focus on him and work towards him and he will make our paths straight! Wow it was soo good!! I have the bible verses and everything written down in my bible, but unfortuantly it's out in the car now and Bryce is just waking up so I dont have time to post them now but will soon! Hope everyone had a great weekend and HOpeuflly i will catch up again soon!!

Thursday, July 30, 2009

I was going through my blog list this morning and I saw this bible verse and the Lord spoke to me this morning! It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear! This week I've spent some time praying over a few situations we have going on nothing bad just things we earnestly are seeking him for guidance on and wanna follow his will for our lives and for these decisions! Ps Mady is feeling better this morning!! Praise the Lord!! I slept on the other couch with her most of last night and we both were waking a few 100 times but I'm so thankful she's doing better today we are having a low key day!! here's the verse!!

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So today started out typical a great day! The kids were up early but not too early got breakfast all done we made beds got dressed and headed outside to play for a little bit! I was nervous to take them out b/c it's been so humid in nj it's been raining/thunder stormy in the evenings and yesterday was just about un-bearable! Oh speaking of yesterday we heading to the movie theatre and we went for Free it was great! Every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings they have a movie that is rated G and a movie that is PG so we saw Clifford! It was a great morning! The kids sat wonderfully and were excellent! We also rain in to friends of ours from our neighborhood and my dear friend Sharon and her girls! It was so fun! But not to get back to today! We played outside for a bit and it was fun! Then we came in had our lunch and watch a little tv and then Bryce went down for his nap! Mady girl was so sweet and helped me get done some chores I needed to tend to like she helped me switch the laundry dust some areas and fold some cloths, then she had rest time and I was able to dive back into my book! Then i started! Madyson came down saying everything was aching and she wasn't feeling good, I felt her head and she was warm so i tried to give her some Tyelnol now mind you she has taken Tyelnol before and we have never had a problem her taking that kind of medicine she through a fight and i tried to give it to her and she spit it out at me! I wanted to cry, scream and freak out and i did yell louder than I would've like to admit and wasn't happy! Bottom line I wanted her to feel better and not be so achy! so tonight she was having the chills and yawning so we put her to bed and tried medicine again now daddy did it and she did the same thing again! My goodness this little girl is so stubborn!!!! So after the kids were down for the night I went to CVS and got the Melt away ones and I tried one and they are sooo good I hope she takes it!!! I'm praying for a peaceful night for her and that she sleeps well and the fever doesn't spike b/c then I don't know what to do!! It should be an interesting night!! Praying that she is feeling better and hopefully this isn't anything other than a fever virus !! My poor baby girl! I just hate to see them suffer!!! Hoping tomorrow is a better day!!!

So the Sex of the baby is?!?!?!?

Wouldn't we all just Love to know! The truth is we don't even know! Doesn't that just stink?!?! I was so stinkin' excited! But our little baby was just to active to let the ultrasound tech couldn't get a good view of he/she or of the spinal cord, so she said they will most likely send me back to get a better view of both! I couldn't help but leave there dissapointed a little but yet so Thankful that the baby looked healthy and to see the baby moving and squirming and what not was just so cool! Madyson was there too and so was my hubby (of course)! You would think with it being our 3rd we would be excited but not this excited! Oh I thought of another girls name what do you all think? Sadye or Sayde?? I really like it and it has a y in it! I'll leave you with some Ultra sound pictures and Hopefully during rest/nap time I will be able to write another blog about what we have been up too!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Names!

So I'm soooooo on Monday afternoon at 1pm, we have our ultrasound and we are (hopefully) finding out whether Madyson and Bryson are having a Baby Brother or Baby sister!! Ahhh We are just soo excited!! It's so close , on a few days away but it seems so long, but I know that time will just fly like it always does! So We've decided on some names and I was wondering your opions! So please leave me a comment and let me know! Thanks so much
Boy: Grayson (with the middle names possible Paul or Luke not sure )
Girl: Miya Hope

Well 1st of all Jayson and I have always LOVED the name Mia, and if Bryce was a girl he was going to be Mia Ashley (Ashley after my sister), but he was boy so there goes that Idea! so we always kept it. But Mia spelled that was means Bitterness and well I just don't like that at all, but the Spelling Miya, pronounced Meeya is the Japanese verson and it means Temple/increasingly beautiful so that's why decided to go with that spelling! We are well aware that with the I in it she will probably be called MYA but we will deal with it! Here is the website we choose from We love the name Hope b/c Jesus is our hope and our Salvation so it just kinda fits!!!! Now Grayson simply because we just LOVE it! I guess we have a thing for the "y" !! Here's the link for Grayson It's so funny to me because both Madyson and Bryce's names really dont mean a thing but their middle names do, and so the same kinda with the name Grayson but hopeuflly a name will stick out to us for the middle name from the bible, so it should work out well! Praying God gives us one just incase it a boy! Thanks for your help!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a week!

Our Bonfire well contained one! The kids Loved it!!
Bryce Loved the Ocean it was so nice it was Low Tide!
Naked babies before bath time!
Daddy and the birthday Boy enjoying his Turtle Cup Cake -Cake
Such Beach Babies!!

Here is a Picture of My Pop-Pop a year ago on Bryson's 1st Birthday!!
So sweet

Wow, what a week we have had! As I posted in my last Post that My Pop-Pop passed away, I have to add that I wrote his wrong age, He was 84 not 83! We had the viewing on Tuesday from 4-8 and the funeral Mass (my dad's whole family is Italian Catholic except him he converted when I was little) was Wednesday and burial and lunch following! My kids stayed with My Aunt Sandi and Uncle David and their 2 kids Lauren and Chris Who are 12 and 14 (That's my mom's bother and his wife and kids), Bryce and Mady had such a BLAST!! I'm sure they all slept well after my little ones left!! But luckily My aunt and uncle said that the kids were great and well behaved! I'm so thankful!

But I must admit it has been a rough couple of days! Both Jayson and I were talking on the drive home last night and both said how drained we were! So many emotions good, bad, memories, thinking of stuff, saying how good it was to see soooooo many people and all of my dad's extended family and hear all the stories and see pictures and Video's of my dad and his siblings and cousins and everyone when they were all kids! It was so neat to see it all!!

It's so nice to be home and to get back to somewhat a "normal" routine! Bryce is down for his nap, he needed his sleep the poor little man has had a runny nose the last 3 days and has a tiny cough too! Madyson is up playing with her Doll house for relax time! I 'm hoping she lays on her bed and reads for a little bit! They were both up late and everything so it's nice to have a down day! We went food shopping this morning and then headed to the Produce place to get all of our fresh stuff! The kids were it's to folding laundry and getting some more done cleaning and what not! It's crazy how messy things can get when you are away, for only 2 days but it's always a work in progress in the house!

I also need so badly to get somethings done around here! WE are still in the process of moving the rooms around and such! Next week is my OB appointment 18 weeks next Wed. and I'm so...excited because they send me for my ultra-sound to find out whether this little baby inside me is a baby brother or baby sister! Both Jayson and I and the kids are really excited and ready to start planning for this little baby!! Oh I'll post some more pictures of the kids from last week, I realized that I posted 2 of the same pictures! HaHa! Sorry !!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Begins!

My it's been a while since my last post...Let's see if I can get all caught up......Summer is finally upon us, after almost a straight month of rain here in NJ! The weather the last 2 weeks here in our neck of the woods has been well GLORIOUS! Low 80's down to the 60's at night it's been wonderful and I think we've save some money this year on the central air as well!! It's been just great to have the window's open!

Last Saturday on the 4th of July we not only celebrated our nation but we celebrated my little man Bryson's 2nd Birthday! I can't believe he is 2 already and we spent the weekend up at my parents! We had a great BBQ at my Aunt Sandi and Uncle David's house with all my aunts and uncles and cousins! WE also had cake and celebrated Bryce as well! I made a cup cake cake of a Turtle for him with my mom's help but as you can figure I forgot to take Pictures of it! But I am hoping next week sometime we can have a little get together for Bryce with Jayson's family down here and I'm planning on doing the cup-cake cake again so Hopefully then I can get some pictures of it!! The kids and I stayed up a couple of days longer (Jayce had to be home for work), but we were able to get to the beach with my mom and it was just awesome!! Can you believe my little man is 2 and this is the 1st time on the beach! I know it's a shame! We only like about 1/2 hour from the beach and I grew up in a tiny town called Ocean Grove it's 1 square mile and the furthers part is 1/2 mile to the beach, I spent every day of my summers on the beach as a kid and teenager you would think My kids would've too but opps!! Its just so hard sometimes! But you wouldn't guess it was his first time! He did wonderful and was a complete beach bum!

This past Saturday we went to visit my in laws camping and it was so fun! The kids played and played and we enjoyed a beautiful day outside spending time with the family and Jayson's sisters and their family! It was so nice/but yet sooo tiring! Madyson stayed overnight with Nanie and Popie and enjoyed some time with them and we went home afterdinner! Before we left, we got Bryce's jammies on and then headed home, only a 15 minute drive but bless his little heart he fell right asleep on the way home!! He was soo sleepy!! Poor little man but he had so much fun!

On a sad note, my Pop Pop (my dad's dad) went to meet Jesus on friday...He was 83 years old lived a good full life, but was stuck by cancer a number of years ago and then around April he took a turn for the worse and in May he was sent home on Hospice..Not that you are ever prepared for death but it was a little bit of a shocker because he was up and down the whole time on Hospice! The only good thing about all of this is it will be nice to see extended family that you only see once a few years or so....So please pray for all of us this week it's going to be a hard long week!

Next week we have a ton of doctors appointments, Between Ear Nose and Thoart doctors for little man a dentist appointment for Mady and my OB appointment its going to be busy but nice to get all these things done! I better go and get my day started I have lots to get down today!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Rain Go away!

Ughh! Another Raining day here in South Jersey! I feel like it's been raining or gloomy forever now, even though we did have a nice sunny cool day on Saturday but since then it's been Overcast or raining since! Our lawn is in desperate need for a cut but with this weather Jayson can't get out there! But it will get done, Maybe the sun will grace us with it's presence this weekend! We are praying it does!
I told the kids that today would be a "movie" day! We would lay low and just hang out in our comfy cloths and watch movies and have a Nice quite day! We have been quite on the busy side all week and I think it's time for a day just to hang low and catch up on a few chores that need to be attended to and some laundry and relax!!!!! We had such a busy day yesterday I didn't get a chance to wash out sheets and stuff so I need to do that today amongst a ton of other things!!
I've been working on our summer schedule somewhat and can't wait to get it more filled up with some fun stuff, We have one mini-trip planned the weekend of Aug. 8th to go up to a cabin with Jayson's parents and his sisters and their families to Benton Pa. We usually go camping up there in the fall but I think we are heading to Lancaster this year in the fall instead! Jayson's parents gave all of us for Christmas a gift Certificate to Lancaster to stay at Willow Valley for the weekend! But we LOVE being outside and LOVE spending time with family so it's the best of both worlds for us!
Other than that the week days are filled with trips to the Cove, which is a little beach here in Mays landing right on Lake Lenape which is great for the kids and I! I plan to spend most of the mornings I can there with the kids and since its so close we will have out lunch there come home in time for nap/rest time! I figured it's an inexpensive way for the kids to have fun and enjoy the summer! Even though we live close to the Jersey Shore I refuse to drive the 25 minutes to the beach everyday! I know that sounds funny especially to those who would love to be able only to drive that short distance! i grew up in a tiny town in Central/North Jersey called Ocean Grove, It's a very small town only 1 square mile and we always lived so close to the beach the longest walk would be 10 minutes! So I think it's just silly to drive anything more than 5 minutes! Haha I feel silly even saying that!
I am trying to think of fun ways to celebrate Bryson's 2nd birthday! I can't believe he will be 2! Our little man just LOVES Monkey's so I am thinking of going with that theme of some sort! But with his Birthday being on July 4th it not only makes it hard but also a little tricky to plan! It's so funny that he loves Monkey's so much because ever since he was born Jayce and I have always called him our little Monkey! I think this year we have it on a little bit of a smaller side b/c last year we had a blast but we did a whole BBQ! I've been keeping my eye out on some things I love that are Monkey themed on Oriental Trading! They have the greatest things and so inexpensive!
Well while my kiddies are watching "Super Why" I think I am going to go start some laundry and get a head of the things I have on my list for today!! Oh my list! I just love them!! I always said I wouldn't be like my Mother but I guess I ended up a lot more like her than I would like to admit! HaHa, Truth be told though I'm glad I am getting to be a little more like her she's an awesome women and is so incredibly organized it gives me such hope!
Praying for you all and praying you all enjoying the sunshine where ever you maybe!!!

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dance Recital and some other stuff

I don't know why I didnt post a few pictures up from my Mady-girls dance recital, but I guess life just gets in the way! She did excellent! This was her 2nd year of dance and she just absolutly Loves it!! Enjoy! I don't know why Blogger put them up first but it works! I can't believe how big my little ones are getting and before we know it we will have a 3rd on the way! Time really does fly by and God is so good to us! We are so amazed but the things he has done in our lives and the things he is doing day by day! We are so very excited to add to our family and can't wait to find out if the kids will be getting a little brother or sister!! Madyson wants a sister but says "Whatever God wants is fine by us right Mommy?" Which just cracks me up because I always say to the kids The Lord knows whats best for our family!

We have still been really busy re-arrangig around the house a bit but there is still so much to do good thing Im only 13 weeks! Oh I just trash picked the best find! I'll post more pic's up later of before and after! It's such a neat peace I dont know quite where I'll put it but it's a neat little piece! I think I'll head to the hard ware store tomorrow for some sand paper and a bottle of spray paint! I'll leave the a mystery so it's a mystery to us too!!

I can't wait to get the summer started! I've been busy trying to plan out our days between "the Cove" and play dates and boardwalk nights and such!! Maybe even alittle camping trip or a little get away! We shall see!!! We do wanna have the family and friends over for a "Smore Night" but thats to be plannes also!

Enjoy the weekend! I know we sure will!!! Have a blessed night and enjoy the family!!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Pregnancy Pimples!

First of if most of you haven't heard, Jayson and I are expecting Baby #3 in Dec so that puts me at 11 weeks now! But this is my 1st pregnancy where I can say I am breaking out so bad! My face has all these little pimples on them and they are driving me insane!! I haven't changed my routine as far as washing or anything although maybe I should or is it time to try Pro-Active? I used it in high school and it worked great I have never been one who say I suffered terribly with acne but as a women , don't all of us dislike having pimples?? This is driving me nuts!! Since I already have 1 daughter and 1 son, I have NO clue what this baby is and so far no clues point either direction! I guess it's true what they say about EVERY pregnancy being so incredibly different! I hope I didn't gross anyone out but this is just on my mind !!

On a lighter and less gross note, We have been doing some serious re-arraigning! I feel like it's been forever since I even last posted! But we defiantly have moved our bedroom downstairs. We were able to give away a ton of toys via Free-cycle! Have anyone used it?!? Its a yahoo group and they are pretty local in every area but its a great thing, you post what you would like to get rid off of what you are in need of or would like, and people get back to you and they come to your house to pick it up and u just leave it outside on your porch or grass or whatever it's great! Then when you receive something you do the same thing! It's great! Oh I recently posted that Jayson and I would like a contained Fire pit thing or a chiminea , and if anyone is getting rid of them we would glady come and pick it up , well 2 days later someone emailed me and said they had one and we scored this awesome contained fire pit!! It's fabulous! So far we have enjoyed some nice family time out in the back yard enjoying it!! A friend of ours who I do hair for , have older children now and had a wooden swing set and offered it to us and they graciously gave it to us! How awesome is that? Isn't so amazing and cool to see god provide not only our needs but our wants as well?? I'm so thankful for all of our many blessings!

Since it's a nice rainy day out I am hoping to do some serious cleaning out of our back room today! Well I'm hoping but we will see I 've been dying to get back there and do some serious over-hallen but who knows what the kids will let me do it or not! Here's hopin'!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Spring re-arranging!

Ahh Who doesn't Love spring?? Our family Absolutely LOVES Spring and we just LOVE to be outside!!! But I'm really talking about our home and sprucing it up a bit!!! We have a split level house so as of right now all of our bedrooms are upstairs so 3 bedrooms and a full bath and on the the 2level or the main floor is Living room dining and Kitchen and on the 1st floor or downstairs where u come in is what we use presently as our Playroom, Laundry room storage area and another full bath! So after much thought Jayce and I thought it would best if we moved down stairs for a number of reasons One being it's the coolest area of the house and if you know my husband you would know that he DOES NOT like to be hot, not even in the least bit, so by moving down to the coolest part of our home it may help our air conditioning bill also! But there are so many things that need to get done in order for us to move down stairs like where are we going to store the toys, and I think presently we will move it in to our bedroom upstairs until I get the kids bedrooms ready for some toys! Just the thought of all there is to do is a bit overwhelming but I know it will all get done it will just take some time! Then we would like to paint also downstairs but then again we can wait for all of this it will just take some time!!

Also We have a big bay window in our Living room and the curtains I have up now were only suppost to be Temporary and here we are 3 years later in our home and they are still up HaHa! SO I finally found something i wanted so now all I have to do is find the fabric and with the help of my Lovely Mother in Law She's going to teach me how to do it! I'm very excited about Learning how to do it!!

These past few weeks have been mighty expensive I must say and busy busy!! In a few weeks we are having a Bridal shower for one of my dearest friends who happens to be marrying Jayson's cousin!! I can't wait! Mady and I are both in the wedding and are so looking forward to being apart of their special day!!

Tonight we are having dinner with some friends of ours from Church and another fellow MOPS Mommy! We are really looking forward to it!! I was even able to find a babysitter at virtually last minute! SO much more exciting to go out without the kiddies!

Okay enough blogging right now, b/c I need to clean up a bit and do some more Laundry.....does it ever end?!?! While my little man is a sleep!!Have a blessed day!!


Monday, April 6, 2009

As Easter Appraoches

Lately I have had a heavy heart as Easter approaches. Just really thinking about the things that took place this week hundreds of years ago. I just can't take my mind off of Good Friday and the Sacrifice that Jesus made for all of us, but more personally It's hard to believe that Christ loved us all this much and the fact that he knew that he had no other choice, In Luke 22: 39-46 Jesus says while he was on the Mount of Olives Jesus knelt down and prayed "Jesus went out as usual to the Mount of Olives, and his disciples followed him. On reaching the place he said to them "Pray that you will not fall into temptation." He withdrew about a stone's throw beyond them, knelt down and prayed "Father, if you are willing to take this cup from me; yet not my will but yours be done and an angel from heaven appeared to him and strengthened him and being in the anguish he prayed more earnestly and his sweat was like drops of blood falling to the ground. When he rose from prayer and went back to the disciples he found them asleep exhausted from sorrow, "Why are you sleeping?" He asked them . "Get up and pray so that you will not fall into temptation."

It just always gets me when he asks God and says to him "Father, if you are willing to take this cup from;YET NOT MY WILL BUT YOURS BE DONE" Wow, it's always gets me. It think each year it gets harder and harder for me to even imagine as I grow in a deeper relationship with God. As a mother it gets me really gets me, but now with our son I believe it hits me even harder....Check out this video and see what I mean! It's one of my favorite praise songs, it's At the Cross by Hillsong, but the video brings me to tears and really brings me to my knees :

So this week I have decided to spend some time at the Cross and read in Matthew Mark and Luke to see their takes on the events that are happening this week and I pray that Jesus reveals himself in a real way to me and I draw even closer to him!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Please Pray...

Please Pray for our little Bryson tomorrow ! We are going into Philly to St. Christopher's Children's hospital! He is getting Tubes in his ears due to chronic Ear infections!! Thanks!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy, Busy!

As you can probably guess things around here have been busy busy!! We've had some pretty fun yet pretty busy weeks! I think it may stay this way for the spring!! Today we are hanging at at home and doing some cleaning and just enjoying the day around the house!! Hopefully we will be getting outside in a bit also! It's warmer today then it's been in just about a week! So we need to get out and take advantage especially since the forecast for this weekend is rain! :-( On Saturday we have a wedding to go to so my parents are coming down and hanging out with our little ones while we go! I'm looking forward to it! A ton of our friends will be attending this wedding so it should be lots of fun!! I do feel badly for my mom though with the rain it seems like unfortunately she will not be able to get outside, which is one of things my mom LOVES! She loves taking the kids outside and for walks!!

I finally got the kids Easter outfits together! Mady girl just needs some crisp white shoes, and Bryce is got everything! They don't exactly match exactly how I would've wanted. (Does anyone else have that problem with opposite sex children?) I didn't even have to go out and buy Mr. Bryson anything! Thanks to the hand-me-downs form my sis-in-laws he has some very cute stuff!! Mady I was able to get the exact dress I had in mind, but luckily found it for a lot less than i originally saw it for!

Ever wish you had a money tree in the backyard? I sure do! the next few weeks are going to be a little expensive for us! A lot is coming up! Like the wedding this weekend, I'm in a wedding in May so the bridal shower is in April and Madyson is also in the wedding so we have to get her dress/shoes and my shoes we have the dress, not to mention our car insurance premium is due at the end of April, oh fun fun! But yet excited about how I know God will provide! He always does one way or another! Love seeing him work!

Mops is going well keeping busy and a lot of Mommy's have been regularly attending! It's been such a joy to see God working this year and I'm so thankful to be part of such an amazing Steering Team! Every Mom on there works so hard and we all work together really well! I'm so thankful for them and their willingness to help! On a more personal note, I'm am so thankful for the call from God to step up and co-coordinate Mops this year! It's been such a blessing for me to see Mommy's change or grow closer to our Lord! I feel like it's helped give me the tools to be a much more organized Wife, Mother for our own home and family! It has given me the confidence within myself to step up to the plate so to speak and be the women/Mom God has called me to be! It's give me self confidence and for that I thank our good Lord everyday for!

If you could all keep my little Bryce in your prayers he is having a minor surgery done on Tues the 31st. I know it's a rather common procedure, He's getting Tubes in his ears b/c he constantly has fluid in his ears and it cannot drain properly so that leads to his chronic ear infections!! I am very Thankful that he hasn't had any in the last month since we took a trip to Philly to see the ENT! Even though its very common, we are still praying for the doc's and Bryce on that day! It's scary when it's your little one! In the whole sceam of things we are so grateful that this is all our children have had to go through and it seems silly almost asking for prayers for something like this when there are children and families going through way more difficult things than Tubes in his ears!

This year we are hoping to expand our Veggetable/fruit Garden and make our little garden area much larger! Jayson's Mom's church had a flower sale/Veggie plant sale, and I am glad that they are having it again this year and we are able to pre-order the things we want! So it was nice to be able to support a fellow church and get some plants to start our garden started!! We also have been doing a lot of yard work!! Hoping to our back yard looking great this summer!! It's always a challenge for us our yard is a great size but we have a lot of trees so its' been hard to get them all collected!! But we are getting there!! Also the people who we purchased the house from 3 1/2 years ago hadn't done anything in the yard in a few years so we've been busy for the last 3 years trying to get it where we would like it to be! In the front I susaly just mulch and plan some anuals! I always get like 4 hanging Ferns for the front of our house!! Love the way that looks!! This year we are hoping early june to purchase some flowers that will come up every year for our back yard! so then maye we will only have to mulch also!! We are also trying to save up for a Mosquito Magent. They are awful where we live and my kids get huge welts every time they get bit and it makes it hard to play outside during the summer!! So that's our big idea to help ! Well I think I updated pretty well for now!! It's almost lunch time so I better get going and get things rolling!! Then it's nap time!!!! Here's a few pic's of Bryce playing in our leave pile we made! Enjoy and praying for you all! God Bless!

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catching Up!

Wow I didn't realize a whole month had gone by so quickly! So let me play catch up! Let's see, Jayson and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 16th of this month!! It's crazy how fast time flies!! We are going out tonight for alittle date!! I think we are going to head to the Pier at Ceaser's for some nice quality Starbucks time and a little shopping!! We'll probably check out the light so again as usual! It doesn't matter what we do as long as it's together and we try to do something with out the kiddies! it's nice to ge ta little break every now and again!! It's hard to things during week, we are just so busy, between Jayson working, Mady having dance, things with church it's just is hard to fit everything in!! Can't wait to go!

The kids are both doing well!! Bryce says so much and he's only 19 1/2 months old!! Here's just a short list....
Book, boat, ball,dog, cup, truck, car. eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, hair, ma-ma for Mady, Momma, Dadda, Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop,. Nana, K-k (for Aunt Kerry) Eli for his cousin Elijah, Gus for uncle gus, Gace for Aunt Grace, Sue, Sue for aunt susy! Jy for Jyden his cousin, more, pleese, thank u, row row for row row row your boat, itsy bitsy, for itsy bitsy spider, Boz, for boz the bear, up, down, no, Mine of course he would learn Mine, and the list just seems to go on and on..He's got a great vocabulary, he's is such a little snuggle bug, and loves his momma and dadda, will just sit and snuggle forever!! He loves his blankie at bedtime as well as his Binky! He misses his sister terribly when she's a friends house or just the other night she spent the night and Nana and popie's (Jayson's Mom and dad) and he didnt' quite know what to do with himself!!

Madyson is keeping really busy as well! She's been to a ton of birthday parties, which she just enjoys so much!! Infact tomorrow after church we have a birthday party and it's a mad-hatter tea part like from Alic in Wonderland! but it should be lots of fun, It's a little girl from dance class!! She is sooo into Dance!! She absolutely loves it! Luckily it's been warmer out and she's been enjoying playing outside and riding her new Cinderella bike my mom and dad got her for her birthday! She is my little helper!! She loves to set the table, which is now one her chores, she knows when it's time to start cleaning up and is my little schedule keeper! Always know what's next and enjoys just begin with her momma!! We've also been baking tons lately and doing some crafts!! WE cut out hearts and decorated them for Valentines day and hung them up around the house for Valentines day! SHe loves glitter so anytime we get a chance to use some glitter she's a very very happy camper!! It's getting to be almost St. Patti's Day so we are going to cut out some Clover's this week and decorate them! with glitter and hang them up all around, we have a big bay window in our living room and we enjoy decorating that depending on the season or holiday!

I've been keeping busy with the kids things, and MOPS of course! It's a busy time of year for us as we are preparing for our Spring Tea, and our annual Easter Egg hung outreach!! It's been a great outreach for our group to do, and it brings a lot of people in the community out and we offer lunch of hot dogs and we all bring sides and drinks, and we also have a lesson time we usually do the Easter egg story and how each egg represents Jesus or the things leading up to Easter! Then of course we are also busy with home fellowship and Jayson is serving at church and the list seems to go and on! We are hoping to sneak away sometime this spring just the two of us to get a way and spend some nice quality time with one another!! We've only been away i think 2 other times since Madyson has been born just the 2 of us! So it's something we are really looking forward too as well! We will probably head to Lancaster, Pa, since its always fun to do a little shopping as well, My friend Liz was just out there and said there is a really good Pottery barn kids outlet, so thinking that may be fun to look at!!

Well i better get off this computer i need to head to the produce place and get some things for lunch and some fresh fruit and veggies! We have a busy weekend ahead of us between a bridal shower today, and our date tonight, and tomorrow we are serving at church and then off to Mady's little friends' birthday party! Should be fun but Busy! Praying for you all !!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Isn't it the worst?

Isn't it the worst when you have a little one sick? My Bryson is sick, He has a cold, suffy nose running a slight fever, coughing but the best part of him being sick is the extra snuggle time we have together!! It's like Yet he is feeling just aweful it still warms my heart that he is still my little snuggler! I must say though both my children are big BIG snuggley kiddies! Thank goodness!! Bryce is known on both My side of the families as well as Jayson's as our little snuggler, He is as cuddly as can be, and is a MOmmy's boy except when Daddy's around and then he has a hard time choosing which one he wants!! I think these sick times are precious! Of course It's so sad to see your little one suffer but its so precious because it provides us Mommy's all those extra snuggles that keep us and the kids going! There is something about your Mommy and being sick that just helps! I must say I miss all the spoiling my Mom did when we were kids and sick! It was nice to lie on the couch and read books and watch tv and get things served to us! Haha now we do it to our kiddies!

Also it's this time that reminds me to Thank Jesus for our precious Children and how much they mean to us and how special they are!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year New Habbits!

Happy new year Everyone! A few weeks late, but it works!! SO this year I have decided new year new habits!! That is for my whole family and so far it's been quite successful! First and foremost I have decided to strengthen my relationship with the Lord as i commit to every year! It's not that I have fallen at all I just want to fall more and more in Love with Jesus! Does that make any sense? Secondly I have started yet again exercising and I used to hate it Loathe it, I mean LOATHE it, but recently I have really been enjoying it!! I have been doing Leslie Sansone's walk away the pounds 3 mile walk and let me just say I LOVE IT!! I have over the last 2 1/2 weeks have been doing 3 times a week, I hope to get to the point where I am exercising 5 times a week with this! I'm in a wedding for Jayson's cousin's Rich (his fiance' is one of my very best friends) and that is absolutely great motivation but also b/c I wanna get healthy for me and also my family! I also have been trying to get up before the kiddies wake up and as Jayson is leaving/getting ready for church, but it is too hard so far! Simply b/c Bryson's sleep habits are pretty good, but he does still occasionally get up! So I am bit sleepy!! But if i can't get up I do it about 1 pm in the afternoon, once Bryson is sleep and I set Mady up with an art project or her doll house or paper dolls or something, and I go down to the play room and pop in the dvd! It's been really great! I have so much more energy and I'm generally a lot happy, Not that I wasn't before but I don't know I can't explain it, it's just good! Also we have been eating much healthy I'm buying less and less junk and it's been really good for our whole family!

This year started out a little Rocky! On Sunday Evening when I was on my way to a friends to start to plan Misty's Bridal Shower I made a left hand turn to go down that friend's street and a car stuck me, It was horrible horrible experience! Unfortunately I did have Madyson with me, but fortunately i did not have Brycer's kand the car hit on what would've been his side, The Explorer is not drivable and now I'm in the process of doing all that fun insurance stuff! But on positive note the lady who hit me was a Christain and she was fine and we were ok, shaken up but fine, and I had a beautiful moment with Mady, I explained to her that Accidents happen and when we are scared we Always have to Stop and Thank Jesus for protecting us! I also went on to explain that Jesus will always protect us and always does no matter what, so we have been talking about this on and off since Sunday and I truly believe she understands! She's an awesome kid and we are so thankful that she loves Jesus so much already at the young age of 4! Our hope and prayer for her and Bryson and our other children in the future to come is that they Come into a personal Relationship with Him and Love him and follow him ! Do you want to know the most ironic thing about this whole situation, well maybe not ironic b/c We are Christians, but our Pastor title of his sermon that morning was "Blind Spots" I doubt that was for no reason huh?

Also I must share something that is heavy on my heart I am yet once again aching to have another child! But I am trying to focus on the Lord and pray and use this time to get things in order for another child, of course if Jesus were to bless us with one now we would be more than thrilled! But like myself Jayson is almost more anxious than I but we are trying to get some finance in order for we would have to get another vehicle such as a mini van why did we trade in our old one I have no clue, but we would probably need to do that! and get some room situations together and a few other things, we are trying to be responsible, but as a women i long for more children! Iam resiting on the Lord to help me wait patiently! Also I would also like to lose some weight also! So Praying these things can happen!!

Next Month on the 16th, Jayson and I celebrate our 7th Anniversary! We are so excited! It defiantly has been 7 great years! Our years have had some ups and downs but we are so thankful for many more ups than downs!!

Well I'm off to take a Shower before Mr. Man wakes up from his nap!! I hope you have a blessed day!!!