Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Names!

So I'm soooooo on Monday afternoon at 1pm, we have our ultrasound and we are (hopefully) finding out whether Madyson and Bryson are having a Baby Brother or Baby sister!! Ahhh We are just soo excited!! It's so close , on a few days away but it seems so long, but I know that time will just fly like it always does! So We've decided on some names and I was wondering your opions! So please leave me a comment and let me know! Thanks so much
Boy: Grayson (with the middle names possible Paul or Luke not sure )
Girl: Miya Hope

Well 1st of all Jayson and I have always LOVED the name Mia, and if Bryce was a girl he was going to be Mia Ashley (Ashley after my sister), but he was boy so there goes that Idea! so we always kept it. But Mia spelled that was means Bitterness and well I just don't like that at all, but the Spelling Miya, pronounced Meeya is the Japanese verson and it means Temple/increasingly beautiful so that's why decided to go with that spelling! We are well aware that with the I in it she will probably be called MYA but we will deal with it! Here is the website we choose from We love the name Hope b/c Jesus is our hope and our Salvation so it just kinda fits!!!! Now Grayson simply because we just LOVE it! I guess we have a thing for the "y" !! Here's the link for Grayson It's so funny to me because both Madyson and Bryce's names really dont mean a thing but their middle names do, and so the same kinda with the name Grayson but hopeuflly a name will stick out to us for the middle name from the bible, so it should work out well! Praying God gives us one just incase it a boy! Thanks for your help!


dawn said... exciting to know that in a few days you will know if you are carrying a he or a she!!! i love both names and i LOVE that all of your kids names have a 'y' in them!! both of my girls have y's in their names! hope you are feeling well and enjoying your pregnancy!! can't wait to check in with you for the big news after monday!!! don't leave us hanging too long!!

Shannon said...

Those names are so cute! I love the "Y" theme.

Hopefully you can get a "No Soliciting" sign up soon. :) Isn't that such a annoying problem? I have not had one knock since I put the sign up. I love it!