Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So today started out typical a great day! The kids were up early but not too early got breakfast all done we made beds got dressed and headed outside to play for a little bit! I was nervous to take them out b/c it's been so humid in nj it's been raining/thunder stormy in the evenings and yesterday was just about un-bearable! Oh speaking of yesterday we heading to the movie theatre and we went for Free it was great! Every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings they have a movie that is rated G and a movie that is PG so we saw Clifford! It was a great morning! The kids sat wonderfully and were excellent! We also rain in to friends of ours from our neighborhood and my dear friend Sharon and her girls! It was so fun! But not to get back to today! We played outside for a bit and it was fun! Then we came in had our lunch and watch a little tv and then Bryce went down for his nap! Mady girl was so sweet and helped me get done some chores I needed to tend to like she helped me switch the laundry dust some areas and fold some cloths, then she had rest time and I was able to dive back into my book! Then i started! Madyson came down saying everything was aching and she wasn't feeling good, I felt her head and she was warm so i tried to give her some Tyelnol now mind you she has taken Tyelnol before and we have never had a problem her taking that kind of medicine she through a fight and i tried to give it to her and she spit it out at me! I wanted to cry, scream and freak out and i did yell louder than I would've like to admit and wasn't happy! Bottom line I wanted her to feel better and not be so achy! so tonight she was having the chills and yawning so we put her to bed and tried medicine again now daddy did it and she did the same thing again! My goodness this little girl is so stubborn!!!! So after the kids were down for the night I went to CVS and got the Melt away ones and I tried one and they are sooo good I hope she takes it!!! I'm praying for a peaceful night for her and that she sleeps well and the fever doesn't spike b/c then I don't know what to do!! It should be an interesting night!! Praying that she is feeling better and hopefully this isn't anything other than a fever virus !! My poor baby girl! I just hate to see them suffer!!! Hoping tomorrow is a better day!!!