Sunday, January 18, 2009

Isn't it the worst?

Isn't it the worst when you have a little one sick? My Bryson is sick, He has a cold, suffy nose running a slight fever, coughing but the best part of him being sick is the extra snuggle time we have together!! It's like Yet he is feeling just aweful it still warms my heart that he is still my little snuggler! I must say though both my children are big BIG snuggley kiddies! Thank goodness!! Bryce is known on both My side of the families as well as Jayson's as our little snuggler, He is as cuddly as can be, and is a MOmmy's boy except when Daddy's around and then he has a hard time choosing which one he wants!! I think these sick times are precious! Of course It's so sad to see your little one suffer but its so precious because it provides us Mommy's all those extra snuggles that keep us and the kids going! There is something about your Mommy and being sick that just helps! I must say I miss all the spoiling my Mom did when we were kids and sick! It was nice to lie on the couch and read books and watch tv and get things served to us! Haha now we do it to our kiddies!

Also it's this time that reminds me to Thank Jesus for our precious Children and how much they mean to us and how special they are!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

New Year New Habbits!

Happy new year Everyone! A few weeks late, but it works!! SO this year I have decided new year new habits!! That is for my whole family and so far it's been quite successful! First and foremost I have decided to strengthen my relationship with the Lord as i commit to every year! It's not that I have fallen at all I just want to fall more and more in Love with Jesus! Does that make any sense? Secondly I have started yet again exercising and I used to hate it Loathe it, I mean LOATHE it, but recently I have really been enjoying it!! I have been doing Leslie Sansone's walk away the pounds 3 mile walk and let me just say I LOVE IT!! I have over the last 2 1/2 weeks have been doing 3 times a week, I hope to get to the point where I am exercising 5 times a week with this! I'm in a wedding for Jayson's cousin's Rich (his fiance' is one of my very best friends) and that is absolutely great motivation but also b/c I wanna get healthy for me and also my family! I also have been trying to get up before the kiddies wake up and as Jayson is leaving/getting ready for church, but it is too hard so far! Simply b/c Bryson's sleep habits are pretty good, but he does still occasionally get up! So I am bit sleepy!! But if i can't get up I do it about 1 pm in the afternoon, once Bryson is sleep and I set Mady up with an art project or her doll house or paper dolls or something, and I go down to the play room and pop in the dvd! It's been really great! I have so much more energy and I'm generally a lot happy, Not that I wasn't before but I don't know I can't explain it, it's just good! Also we have been eating much healthy I'm buying less and less junk and it's been really good for our whole family!

This year started out a little Rocky! On Sunday Evening when I was on my way to a friends to start to plan Misty's Bridal Shower I made a left hand turn to go down that friend's street and a car stuck me, It was horrible horrible experience! Unfortunately I did have Madyson with me, but fortunately i did not have Brycer's kand the car hit on what would've been his side, The Explorer is not drivable and now I'm in the process of doing all that fun insurance stuff! But on positive note the lady who hit me was a Christain and she was fine and we were ok, shaken up but fine, and I had a beautiful moment with Mady, I explained to her that Accidents happen and when we are scared we Always have to Stop and Thank Jesus for protecting us! I also went on to explain that Jesus will always protect us and always does no matter what, so we have been talking about this on and off since Sunday and I truly believe she understands! She's an awesome kid and we are so thankful that she loves Jesus so much already at the young age of 4! Our hope and prayer for her and Bryson and our other children in the future to come is that they Come into a personal Relationship with Him and Love him and follow him ! Do you want to know the most ironic thing about this whole situation, well maybe not ironic b/c We are Christians, but our Pastor title of his sermon that morning was "Blind Spots" I doubt that was for no reason huh?

Also I must share something that is heavy on my heart I am yet once again aching to have another child! But I am trying to focus on the Lord and pray and use this time to get things in order for another child, of course if Jesus were to bless us with one now we would be more than thrilled! But like myself Jayson is almost more anxious than I but we are trying to get some finance in order for we would have to get another vehicle such as a mini van why did we trade in our old one I have no clue, but we would probably need to do that! and get some room situations together and a few other things, we are trying to be responsible, but as a women i long for more children! Iam resiting on the Lord to help me wait patiently! Also I would also like to lose some weight also! So Praying these things can happen!!

Next Month on the 16th, Jayson and I celebrate our 7th Anniversary! We are so excited! It defiantly has been 7 great years! Our years have had some ups and downs but we are so thankful for many more ups than downs!!

Well I'm off to take a Shower before Mr. Man wakes up from his nap!! I hope you have a blessed day!!!