Sunday, January 18, 2009

Isn't it the worst?

Isn't it the worst when you have a little one sick? My Bryson is sick, He has a cold, suffy nose running a slight fever, coughing but the best part of him being sick is the extra snuggle time we have together!! It's like Yet he is feeling just aweful it still warms my heart that he is still my little snuggler! I must say though both my children are big BIG snuggley kiddies! Thank goodness!! Bryce is known on both My side of the families as well as Jayson's as our little snuggler, He is as cuddly as can be, and is a MOmmy's boy except when Daddy's around and then he has a hard time choosing which one he wants!! I think these sick times are precious! Of course It's so sad to see your little one suffer but its so precious because it provides us Mommy's all those extra snuggles that keep us and the kids going! There is something about your Mommy and being sick that just helps! I must say I miss all the spoiling my Mom did when we were kids and sick! It was nice to lie on the couch and read books and watch tv and get things served to us! Haha now we do it to our kiddies!

Also it's this time that reminds me to Thank Jesus for our precious Children and how much they mean to us and how special they are!!