Saturday, February 21, 2009

Catching Up!

Wow I didn't realize a whole month had gone by so quickly! So let me play catch up! Let's see, Jayson and I just celebrated our 7th wedding anniversary on the 16th of this month!! It's crazy how fast time flies!! We are going out tonight for alittle date!! I think we are going to head to the Pier at Ceaser's for some nice quality Starbucks time and a little shopping!! We'll probably check out the light so again as usual! It doesn't matter what we do as long as it's together and we try to do something with out the kiddies! it's nice to ge ta little break every now and again!! It's hard to things during week, we are just so busy, between Jayson working, Mady having dance, things with church it's just is hard to fit everything in!! Can't wait to go!

The kids are both doing well!! Bryce says so much and he's only 19 1/2 months old!! Here's just a short list....
Book, boat, ball,dog, cup, truck, car. eyes, nose, mouth, ears, head, hair, ma-ma for Mady, Momma, Dadda, Mom-Mom, Pop-Pop,. Nana, K-k (for Aunt Kerry) Eli for his cousin Elijah, Gus for uncle gus, Gace for Aunt Grace, Sue, Sue for aunt susy! Jy for Jyden his cousin, more, pleese, thank u, row row for row row row your boat, itsy bitsy, for itsy bitsy spider, Boz, for boz the bear, up, down, no, Mine of course he would learn Mine, and the list just seems to go on and on..He's got a great vocabulary, he's is such a little snuggle bug, and loves his momma and dadda, will just sit and snuggle forever!! He loves his blankie at bedtime as well as his Binky! He misses his sister terribly when she's a friends house or just the other night she spent the night and Nana and popie's (Jayson's Mom and dad) and he didnt' quite know what to do with himself!!

Madyson is keeping really busy as well! She's been to a ton of birthday parties, which she just enjoys so much!! Infact tomorrow after church we have a birthday party and it's a mad-hatter tea part like from Alic in Wonderland! but it should be lots of fun, It's a little girl from dance class!! She is sooo into Dance!! She absolutely loves it! Luckily it's been warmer out and she's been enjoying playing outside and riding her new Cinderella bike my mom and dad got her for her birthday! She is my little helper!! She loves to set the table, which is now one her chores, she knows when it's time to start cleaning up and is my little schedule keeper! Always know what's next and enjoys just begin with her momma!! We've also been baking tons lately and doing some crafts!! WE cut out hearts and decorated them for Valentines day and hung them up around the house for Valentines day! SHe loves glitter so anytime we get a chance to use some glitter she's a very very happy camper!! It's getting to be almost St. Patti's Day so we are going to cut out some Clover's this week and decorate them! with glitter and hang them up all around, we have a big bay window in our living room and we enjoy decorating that depending on the season or holiday!

I've been keeping busy with the kids things, and MOPS of course! It's a busy time of year for us as we are preparing for our Spring Tea, and our annual Easter Egg hung outreach!! It's been a great outreach for our group to do, and it brings a lot of people in the community out and we offer lunch of hot dogs and we all bring sides and drinks, and we also have a lesson time we usually do the Easter egg story and how each egg represents Jesus or the things leading up to Easter! Then of course we are also busy with home fellowship and Jayson is serving at church and the list seems to go and on! We are hoping to sneak away sometime this spring just the two of us to get a way and spend some nice quality time with one another!! We've only been away i think 2 other times since Madyson has been born just the 2 of us! So it's something we are really looking forward too as well! We will probably head to Lancaster, Pa, since its always fun to do a little shopping as well, My friend Liz was just out there and said there is a really good Pottery barn kids outlet, so thinking that may be fun to look at!!

Well i better get off this computer i need to head to the produce place and get some things for lunch and some fresh fruit and veggies! We have a busy weekend ahead of us between a bridal shower today, and our date tonight, and tomorrow we are serving at church and then off to Mady's little friends' birthday party! Should be fun but Busy! Praying for you all !!