Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Another week is upon us!! It has been a good but tiring week! We all have been fighting off colds and not feeling well! But We serve an Awesome God who keeps us going!!!

1.) I'm thankful for the colds we have been fighting! Even though we haven't felt well it's been fun just hanging around the house spending time together!
2.) Especially thankful for Kleenex and Tylenol Cold! It's helped me get through to subside my symptoms so I can tend to the kids!!
3.) I'm thankful that my husband is going to the doctor this afternoon so he can get something to make him feel better!
4.) I'm so thankful for an awesome service at church yesterday check out our church at! It was an awesome series called "the Pretenders" Pastor Tim did a great job!
5.) I'm so excited that our church has a harvest party this Friday night! A safe place where the kids can dress up and play games, with good friends and fellowship!
6.) Even though it's rainy I'm thankful for a cool fall day! I do love fall so much!
7.) I'm so thankful and excited that one of my best friends is engaged to Jayson's cousin! Welcome to the family Misty! Finally another Mrs. Aspenberg!!
8.) I'm so thankful for our home fellowship group we started a new study that goes along with the movie Fireproof! so excited it was a great meeting and fellowship Last night!
9.) I'm even more thankful for good friends!!!!!!!!
10.) the Last shall be first and the first shall be last! I'm so Thankful for our Lord and Savior Jesus!!!!!!! Lord I am so thankful for you being my Savior, my father, and my friend!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Another week is upon us! Oh how time is flying these days! Here's my list!

1.) I am so thankful for a successful pumpkin picking day with the other Mommies at MOPS yesterday!! (some pic in the blog underneath) We all had an awesome time!
2.) This is going to be selfish so please forgive me but I'm so thankful for my 1 hour away to get a new hair cut!! I've lost a little weight and wanted to go to my old stylish ways before kids LOL!!
3.) I am soo thankful for these cool brisk days! The kids are having so much fun playing in the leaves and enjoying the time playing outside instead of sweating and getting eaten up by those pesky jersey bugs!
4.) I'm am sooo thankful for the night chats my hubby and I have been having! It's so nice to connect with him w/o the interuptions of the kiddies!
5.) I'm so thankful for the bills that need to be paid for that just deepens my faith in God and Knowing that with him All things are possible!
6.) I'm so thankful for our home! It's perfect for our family !! There's no place like home!
7.) I'm thankful for the couple nights I had of sleep since I have a 15 month old who is teething!!
8.) I'm so thankful for coffee and vitamens!
9.) I'm so thankful for my family!!1
10.) I'm so thankful for all my husband does for our family he is simply the best! All the time he spends between work and the kids and me! I love him endlessly!

Monday, October 20, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

Hey all! This morning with our MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) group from our church we went to a Pumpkin Farm, went on a hay ride, a corn maze, picked pumkins and had a picnic lunch! We had a blast! I wanted to share some pictures of that and a pick of my new hair cut!! I love it!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally Friday!

Ahh It's finally Friday! It's been a long, yet quite busy week! It seemed like we had something everyday!! This morning I'm hanging around the house finishing up some laundry for the weekend, tiding up a bit and trying to figure out what to do this weekend! I'm hoping to go to a pumpkin patch, although, I'm not sure if we should, b/c on Monday we are going to a local farm for MOPS, so I'll see! I just love the fall! All it's crazy weather also! Or maybe it's just New Jersey Crazy weather!! Either way this is just my most favorite time of year!! Yesterday it was 84 degrees here and this morning I looked at the weather it's on a high of 61! Now that's my kind of weather! On Wednesday we went to our Wednesday Wave class at church where we are studying David, and mainly in 1st Samuel! I have so enjoyed it! I learn so much each week and it truly challenges me to dive in to God's word and just be so wrapped up in it and Love It!! This up coming week I hope to make more of my Hair bows to get ready for our Vendor's sale for MOPS. I have started making them mainly for my daugther because I was sick and tired of not finding any cute ones, but I have given them as gifts and everyone seems to like them, so we will see! I do enjoy making them!

I have also had a challenging week! I had a roller coaster of emotions! I have trying sometimes a little more successful than others but just turning to Jesus and giving it to him. Also like David did the Psalms, I have been just laying it all down and telling him exactly how I feel! He already knows what's going on with us anyways so it's much easier not to sugar coat it and express all of our emotions! I tried writing a Psalm this week as well and I must say It was fun! i don't know how non-believers do it! Some days the only way I know I make it through is by Jesus!!

On a more positive note Jayson is coming home early this afternoon from work! I'm super excited about it!! It's like he has a bit of a longer weekend! I hope you al have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy all of God's wonderful blessings in your life! They are all gifts and I think to often we take for granted all the things that happen day in and day out!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Here we are another Tuesday and I'm excited to follow in Mrs. Brownstones' footsteps and follow doing the "Yet I"!!

1.) I'm a sinner Yet I'm thankful for God's everlasting Love and his endless grace!
2.) So sad my husband has to struggle with depression and so hard to watch him struggle Yet I praise Jesus for him and for giving him this incredible gift of Compassion!
3.) I'm so discrougaged today Yet I'm praising you Jesus because I know you will get us through!
4.) I'm struggling keep my spirits up with Jayson so down, but Yet I'm thankful I'm looking to you Jesus!
5.) The living room is a mess Yet I'm thankful for my super cleaning yesteday and God's hearing my prayers!
6.) I can't believe this year's allergies issues for me and the kids Yet I'm sooooo thankful it's fall!!!
7.) I Have so much, I feel like I take a ton of things for granted Yet I'm so thankful Jesus knows my heart and knows how much I really Love Him!!
8.) I have been waiting to buy this push car thingie for my son Yet I'm soo thankful God keeping me Patiant and not running out and just buying it because I got it in the trash! ( I know that sounds gross but believe me I clean it well before I let any of our little fingers on it!!) but also supplies our wants!
9.) I have been searching for curtians for our bedroom and curtian rods' but couldnt find anything I have liked Yet this weekend my girlfriend gave me me some and they are exactly what I was looking for and didn't know how well they work in our bedroom! I found curtain rods rod Iron looking ones for only $5 !! Love good deals!!
10.) Can't believe I try to handle things on my own! Yet I'm so thankful I have a Loving God that carries me through tough times!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry my list wasn't as cheery as it usually is! We are going through a rough time right now and I'm seeking and reaching out to Jesus because I KNOW he is going to get us through it!!! He's the only one who remains the same and is conastly lifting us up! We love you Lord Thank-You for always being here!

Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Fun Weekend!

We had an awesome FALL weekend we had! We went up to visit my family in Ocean Grove! We were lucky to have have Jayson's parents come up and his 2 sisters also! It was a blast! My dad was head of this Surf and Turf cook-off and Jayson was his right hand man and they had an awesome time! Then on Main street they had a fall crafter's kind of thing it was fun! The blocked off most of it and it was fun to walk around and had a blast! We were also able to go visit My Pop-Pop which we alway senjoy and I love that the kids get to see him and he gets to see them!! Please remember him in your prayers! Then on Sunday we got to worship at the church I grew up at!! Fun! Sunday afternoon was fun also! I did hair for one of my dearest girlfriends! She's almost like my big sister! I have always gone to her with just about everything and she is constantly been their and we just ahvea great times! Her kids are a little bit older than mine so they acutally are at the ages that her youngest and my oldest play and then the other 2 girls she has loves playing with Bryce! I love to be home but sad to be home! You have to get back into the grove of things! I'm so thankful for doctor's reminder calls! Somehow I totally missed the fact that Bryce has his 15 month appointment today! LOL so I'm off to that this morning as well as all the laundry, cleaning and unpacking that needs to be done after being away fora few days! It never fails! there is always something right?? Well Have a blessed day!!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

10 Things Tuesday!

I must say I look forward to this every week! It always reminds me to thank Our Lord for all the many wonderful things he has so graciously given to us!

1.) For such a fun and successful Mops yesterday! I'm so glad our Spa day went well! I was really looking forward to encouraging all the Mommies to spend some much needed time with the Lord! What a fun day! Thank you Jesus!
2.) For My hubby and all he does working 11 hour days so we can go away this weekend and he can take Friday off!
3.) So excited to spend the weekend at My parents!! Jayson is helping my dad with the town Fall Festival/Chili cook off! we are all so excited!
4.) My in-laws and one of Jayson's sisters are coming up and spending time this weekend with all of us! We are super excited!
5.) For my kids and how they always reminded me to have some fun! I truly enjoy them they are one life's Greatest blessings!
6.) For my girlfriends! All of them are amazing and I'm so grateful for each one of them! They are my best friends!!!
7.) For a day to just stay home and get things done! I have quite the catching up to do but a cool day is the perfect day to do it all in!!
8.) A friend of Mady's from dance class's dad (if that makes any sense?!) is able to fix our car it needs a left wheel bearing and is able to do it for a lot less then we were looking to spend! God is good!
9.)For home cooked yummy meals! I'm so excited for Lasagna tonight!!! Yumm!!!!!!!1
10.) Again for GOD's Love and grace I always am thankful for that! He love for all of us simply amazes me!!!

I hope everyone has a great day and remember to stop and Thank Jesus!!!!!!!!!!