Friday, October 17, 2008

Finally Friday!

Ahh It's finally Friday! It's been a long, yet quite busy week! It seemed like we had something everyday!! This morning I'm hanging around the house finishing up some laundry for the weekend, tiding up a bit and trying to figure out what to do this weekend! I'm hoping to go to a pumpkin patch, although, I'm not sure if we should, b/c on Monday we are going to a local farm for MOPS, so I'll see! I just love the fall! All it's crazy weather also! Or maybe it's just New Jersey Crazy weather!! Either way this is just my most favorite time of year!! Yesterday it was 84 degrees here and this morning I looked at the weather it's on a high of 61! Now that's my kind of weather! On Wednesday we went to our Wednesday Wave class at church where we are studying David, and mainly in 1st Samuel! I have so enjoyed it! I learn so much each week and it truly challenges me to dive in to God's word and just be so wrapped up in it and Love It!! This up coming week I hope to make more of my Hair bows to get ready for our Vendor's sale for MOPS. I have started making them mainly for my daugther because I was sick and tired of not finding any cute ones, but I have given them as gifts and everyone seems to like them, so we will see! I do enjoy making them!

I have also had a challenging week! I had a roller coaster of emotions! I have trying sometimes a little more successful than others but just turning to Jesus and giving it to him. Also like David did the Psalms, I have been just laying it all down and telling him exactly how I feel! He already knows what's going on with us anyways so it's much easier not to sugar coat it and express all of our emotions! I tried writing a Psalm this week as well and I must say It was fun! i don't know how non-believers do it! Some days the only way I know I make it through is by Jesus!!

On a more positive note Jayson is coming home early this afternoon from work! I'm super excited about it!! It's like he has a bit of a longer weekend! I hope you al have a wonderful weekend!! Enjoy all of God's wonderful blessings in your life! They are all gifts and I think to often we take for granted all the things that happen day in and day out!