Tuesday, October 28, 2008

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Another week is upon us!! It has been a good but tiring week! We all have been fighting off colds and not feeling well! But We serve an Awesome God who keeps us going!!!

1.) I'm thankful for the colds we have been fighting! Even though we haven't felt well it's been fun just hanging around the house spending time together!
2.) Especially thankful for Kleenex and Tylenol Cold! It's helped me get through to subside my symptoms so I can tend to the kids!!
3.) I'm thankful that my husband is going to the doctor this afternoon so he can get something to make him feel better!
4.) I'm so thankful for an awesome service at church yesterday check out our church at! It was an awesome series called "the Pretenders" Pastor Tim did a great job!
5.) I'm so excited that our church has a harvest party this Friday night! A safe place where the kids can dress up and play games, with good friends and fellowship!
6.) Even though it's rainy I'm thankful for a cool fall day! I do love fall so much!
7.) I'm so thankful and excited that one of my best friends is engaged to Jayson's cousin! Welcome to the family Misty! Finally another Mrs. Aspenberg!!
8.) I'm so thankful for our home fellowship group we started a new study that goes along with the movie Fireproof! so excited it was a great meeting and fellowship Last night!
9.) I'm even more thankful for good friends!!!!!!!!
10.) the Last shall be first and the first shall be last! I'm so Thankful for our Lord and Savior Jesus!!!!!!! Lord I am so thankful for you being my Savior, my father, and my friend!