Saturday, January 30, 2010

Snow Day!!

There is absolutely nothing I love more than a LaZy Saturday at home with the family!! Right before lunch it started Snowing!! It's such a pretty snow!!! It almsot reminds me of when we were stuck in the Hospital right after Meya was born, that was a Saturday as well! This morning we had a relaxing morning, Jayson's Mom and Sister (Jayson's Aunt) who is visiting from PA came over to see the kids and see Meya for the 1st time! Of course I didn't remember to take any pictures I'm terrible I know and then Jayson and My Mady-girl ran out to do some errands for me at Target and Best Buy! I'm so THRILLED to say that our taxes are done and submitted online and it's before the last day of January! Not to bad if you ask me!! Now we are so excited to begin a new year of organization with our bill and desk are! We have this neat little cubby in the one corner of our bedroom that Jayson and his dad are going to build a desk in and some wonderful and much needed shelving as well! I will take pictures of Before and after ! Don't worry! So hopefully in the next few weeks we can get that accomplished! The funny thing is I always HATED baskets when I was a kid.....My mom still to this day is the MOST Organized person I know and uses a TON of baskets! I hated that when I was kid but now I see how AWESOME they are and how much sense it makes to use them! I am just loving them now! So I think This year there will be a lot more baskets in our future! Ha!! I have all these Ideas so Jayson told me to write them all down and that will help us accomplish them! This year my new Years Resolution is to be more organized and on top of things like my mom! Everyone used to tell me how much alike I am to my Mother and as a teenager I never did foresee how much I would love hearing that as an Adult! I may look like My daddy more but I am beginning to become more and more like my Mom and I could be happier!! I am blessed beyond Measure to have a Christian Family and am so blessed beyond belief! Here's a sweet little picture of my little ones to leave you with! Enjoy


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A whole Day When Daddy works late..

So you all will have to forgive me for posting the next few pictures! They are surely an embarrassment, to say the least! Yesterday was such a LONG i mean LONG day! Jayson went to work as usual at about 6:30, but had his work Christmas party last night at Carmine's Italian Restuarant in Atlantic City at the Tropicana so that left me with the little ones all day ! With No adult interaction except a phone call that was bad news, but will get into that a later post! Anyways so I wanted to document how insane the house can get with 3 little ones 5 and Under!! I really still can't believe I'm going to show these pictures! Please leave a comment and tell me your homes get like this as well!?!?!?
Here's my kitchen UGHHH that was at Dinner time I made pancakes! I was not messing around!!!
Bryces room..........
They spent most of the day in Madyson's room as you can see oh my Word!!

Can you believe I actually took pictures of this?!?!
No I didn't even make beds either!!
Yikes here comes our living room

This was probably the most insane day I have had since little Miss Meya was born!! The kids were just crazy! It was such a beautiful 50 degree weather and i so desperate to get them outside but the ground is still so wet from all that rain we had on Sunday! But Bryce, Meya and I did take a walk and will post that later! But really Yesterday was a day I don't think I will forget! I mean don't get me wrong I love my little ones, but a day without any Adult interaction will just be the end of me!! Ha!!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warning Picture Overload!

My sweet little (growing) family! My sweet hubby and 2 big siblings!!

Love this one of Madyson and Meya! Nothing like sisterly love
My 2 men and my littlest girl!!!!! Bryce is so inlove!
This picture just melts my heart!!! Sweet sweet day!
On our way home from the hopsital!!!
This is the park in our town and all the snow we had the day after Meya was born!
Getting ready to go home!!

1 day old!
Bored waiting for the contractions to begin!
right as the Pitocin started!!!

These pictures are for my dear friend DAwn!! I promised her I would post some picutres! ha! It only takes me almost a month to get around to doing it!! figures! I hope to post more later!! We can't believe she is almost a month old already! Man how time flies!! It's amazing to me that she has only been her a month and we can't remember what life was like without her little sweet self! Lord we thankful for the gift of Meya and the precious gift of all our children!! We don't take it for granted one second! You are so amazing!!!

Friday, January 8, 2010

Our little girl is born!

It's been way to long since my last blog, but things have been a little crazy here! Our little girl Meya Hope Aspenberg was born on Friday, Dec. 18th at 7:35 pm and weighed 7lbs 9.4 ounces! She was perfect and beautiful! I was induced at 8 am that morning and pushed for 25 minutes and then she was born! She was my longest delivery . Our 1st daughter Madyson was born after only 2 pushes and Our Son Bryson I pushed 4 this was a bit longer... Although I feel I shouldn't even complain because my sister in laws and a few of my friends have pushed for hours and such!!!

We have had quite a world wind of 3 weeks! I can't believe it's been 3 weeks since our little girl came into this world! Jayson (my husband) and I were just talking a few minutes ago about how we can't even remember our lives before her! The kids have been wonderful in the adjustment to have a little one in the house! Madyson has been a little Mommy, and Bryce has been so cute, He always tells me when she is crying including when she is in my arms and crying LOL! She really doesn't cry all that often and he always thinks she's hungry too it's adorable!! The transition over all in the house has been really good! The start of this week Is what I was dreading the most! Jayson went back to work full time and Madyson went back to school, so that started a whole new cycle but to my surprise God is soo good and got us through this week really smoothly!! I'm so thankful for that ! I was so nervous how I was going to get Madyson on the bus with the other 2 little ones and it's been just about Frigid this week also so I was so nervous! I even made it to Mops on Monday at church as well! I didn't think that I was going to be able to get there but again God is soo good and helped me through it and I was there!! I soo didn't want to miss it, Donna Chambers was speaking our pastor's wife and she is such an amazing speaker and she loves the Lord so much I was so glad I made it! Unfortunately I didn't get to hear all of her talk but I was so thankful I was able to hear some of it!! Of course Meya was hungry 1/2 way through but it's good!

We had a WONDERFUL Christmas!!! It was so special! I'll have to blog at a later day about Christmas and post some pictures because Meya is just about to ready to nurse again so I 'm going to run now but I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things and blogging more often!!! Happy New Year too