Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A whole Day When Daddy works late..

So you all will have to forgive me for posting the next few pictures! They are surely an embarrassment, to say the least! Yesterday was such a LONG i mean LONG day! Jayson went to work as usual at about 6:30, but had his work Christmas party last night at Carmine's Italian Restuarant in Atlantic City at the Tropicana so that left me with the little ones all day ! With No adult interaction except a phone call that was bad news, but will get into that a later post! Anyways so I wanted to document how insane the house can get with 3 little ones 5 and Under!! I really still can't believe I'm going to show these pictures! Please leave a comment and tell me your homes get like this as well!?!?!?
Here's my kitchen UGHHH that was at Dinner time I made pancakes! I was not messing around!!!
Bryces room..........
They spent most of the day in Madyson's room as you can see oh my Word!!

Can you believe I actually took pictures of this?!?!
No I didn't even make beds either!!
Yikes here comes our living room

This was probably the most insane day I have had since little Miss Meya was born!! The kids were just crazy! It was such a beautiful 50 degree weather and i so desperate to get them outside but the ground is still so wet from all that rain we had on Sunday! But Bryce, Meya and I did take a walk and will post that later! But really Yesterday was a day I don't think I will forget! I mean don't get me wrong I love my little ones, but a day without any Adult interaction will just be the end of me!! Ha!!


dawn said...

you are not alone - our house looks like that a lot!!! remember, your sweet kids will not remember you as the mommy who kept their house neat and tidy, but for the mommy who loved them, gave them time and attention, taught them about God and cared for them, keeping them safe! i have to remind myself of that often!

you are doing great as a mommy of three!!

Megan said...

Stacey...this looks about normal in my house :o) I know what you mean about no interaction all day. When Justin coaches, most nights he doesn't get home until 6 and when it's an away game- it's usually 10. I feel like a basketball widow! Sometimes the crazy starts to set in and I know I need to get out!

Justin and I have been doing 15 minutes of cleaning a night. We'll set the kitchen timer and not stop until it beeps. It's AMAZING what you can get done in 15 minutes- stuff you've been staring at for days and it's seemed so overwhelming so you do nothing. Just a suggestion- it might work for you. are not alone! And like Dawn said, I'd rather be a mom who spends time with her kids than has a clean house! :o)

Christina said...

I am so glad my children's room is not the only one that looks like that at the end of the day...