Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Great Friends and Sunday Night Nertz!!!!

I feel so blessed that for about a year now a group of us from our church ( and our MOPS group have gotten together just about every Sunday evening at 8pm to play a crazy fun cards game called NERTZ! Now I know it's a big hit in the midwest but it's new to us here on the east coast. A dear friend and one of our Pastor's wives Jennifer Christensen brought it back to us girls after a visit to Iowa to visit family and their Mops Ladies were playing. It was a huge hit and I can say each of us absolutely LOVE and very much look forward to it each week!!

As awesome as the game is the fellowship is probably the one thing that keeps me and the other mommies coming back for more each week. We have talked about EVERYTHING!! These women have truly become my closest friends and it's been such an encouragement to me! I'm so thankful to these wonderful ladies. Each week we rotate houses basically whom ever is up for having us over and we get together sometimes snack and get to playing! Some nights well most lately we have had enough to split up into 2 different places to play. The one picture of us all is from Pastor Steve and Jenn Christensen's going away party. The ministry has taken them back to Iowa closer to both their families so it has been quite a sad time for all of us. The other picture of us around the cards was last Sunday evening. Some (me) of us in our PJ's which is usually the case. Ha! But seriously these Ladies are such special women of God and I love these ladies dearly! If you have never heard of Nertz here is a link where eyou can learn how to play whom all else plays?!?!?

Monday, July 23, 2012

A little Pinterest Project

I am sure I am not alone in that I am slightly addicted to Pinterest! IT's a world for some like me a want to be crafter who things I can create most things on there! Ha but actually I have made a few things and I am enjoying discovering my inner wanna crafter and I must say It's fun!!! I have my grandmothers jewelry box which is a priceless treasure to me, but doesn't allow for much store for my earrings, so I've been on the hunt for something functional and cute so of course I found something on here which I love! It's such a simple thing and I have all the supplies except the screen, so Off to Home Depot I went and got some screen! The screen i could only find in a roll and wow there is A LOT of that left so it looks like I am going to be making these for birthdays coming UP!! All you need: 1) is picture frame of your choice, (I used an 8x10 i got a yard sale for 50 cents) 2) Spray Paint 3) Hot glue 3) Screen

In the above picture I had a can of a darker red which matches our bedding so I choose that and spray painted in in the garage
After I let that dry, I used the back of the frame and cut the screen a little larger than the 8 x10 and then used a hot a glue gun
Then Used the fork to secure it in and make sure it, when it dried i cute the excess screen of the back and hung it on the side of my Armoire!!
I just LOVE the way it turned out and I am so excited it's so functional! I am sure if you had a large amount of earrings you can make it much larger or if you wanna make a little gift with it you could take a smaller one and do the same thing!! LOVE IT!!!