Thursday, July 30, 2009

I was going through my blog list this morning and I saw this bible verse and the Lord spoke to me this morning! It was EXACTLY what I needed to hear! This week I've spent some time praying over a few situations we have going on nothing bad just things we earnestly are seeking him for guidance on and wanna follow his will for our lives and for these decisions! Ps Mady is feeling better this morning!! Praise the Lord!! I slept on the other couch with her most of last night and we both were waking a few 100 times but I'm so thankful she's doing better today we are having a low key day!! here's the verse!!

Proverbs 3:5-6

Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight.

Proverbs 3:5-6

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


So today started out typical a great day! The kids were up early but not too early got breakfast all done we made beds got dressed and headed outside to play for a little bit! I was nervous to take them out b/c it's been so humid in nj it's been raining/thunder stormy in the evenings and yesterday was just about un-bearable! Oh speaking of yesterday we heading to the movie theatre and we went for Free it was great! Every Tuesday and Wednesday mornings they have a movie that is rated G and a movie that is PG so we saw Clifford! It was a great morning! The kids sat wonderfully and were excellent! We also rain in to friends of ours from our neighborhood and my dear friend Sharon and her girls! It was so fun! But not to get back to today! We played outside for a bit and it was fun! Then we came in had our lunch and watch a little tv and then Bryce went down for his nap! Mady girl was so sweet and helped me get done some chores I needed to tend to like she helped me switch the laundry dust some areas and fold some cloths, then she had rest time and I was able to dive back into my book! Then i started! Madyson came down saying everything was aching and she wasn't feeling good, I felt her head and she was warm so i tried to give her some Tyelnol now mind you she has taken Tyelnol before and we have never had a problem her taking that kind of medicine she through a fight and i tried to give it to her and she spit it out at me! I wanted to cry, scream and freak out and i did yell louder than I would've like to admit and wasn't happy! Bottom line I wanted her to feel better and not be so achy! so tonight she was having the chills and yawning so we put her to bed and tried medicine again now daddy did it and she did the same thing again! My goodness this little girl is so stubborn!!!! So after the kids were down for the night I went to CVS and got the Melt away ones and I tried one and they are sooo good I hope she takes it!!! I'm praying for a peaceful night for her and that she sleeps well and the fever doesn't spike b/c then I don't know what to do!! It should be an interesting night!! Praying that she is feeling better and hopefully this isn't anything other than a fever virus !! My poor baby girl! I just hate to see them suffer!!! Hoping tomorrow is a better day!!!

So the Sex of the baby is?!?!?!?

Wouldn't we all just Love to know! The truth is we don't even know! Doesn't that just stink?!?! I was so stinkin' excited! But our little baby was just to active to let the ultrasound tech couldn't get a good view of he/she or of the spinal cord, so she said they will most likely send me back to get a better view of both! I couldn't help but leave there dissapointed a little but yet so Thankful that the baby looked healthy and to see the baby moving and squirming and what not was just so cool! Madyson was there too and so was my hubby (of course)! You would think with it being our 3rd we would be excited but not this excited! Oh I thought of another girls name what do you all think? Sadye or Sayde?? I really like it and it has a y in it! I'll leave you with some Ultra sound pictures and Hopefully during rest/nap time I will be able to write another blog about what we have been up too!!!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Baby Names!

So I'm soooooo on Monday afternoon at 1pm, we have our ultrasound and we are (hopefully) finding out whether Madyson and Bryson are having a Baby Brother or Baby sister!! Ahhh We are just soo excited!! It's so close , on a few days away but it seems so long, but I know that time will just fly like it always does! So We've decided on some names and I was wondering your opions! So please leave me a comment and let me know! Thanks so much
Boy: Grayson (with the middle names possible Paul or Luke not sure )
Girl: Miya Hope

Well 1st of all Jayson and I have always LOVED the name Mia, and if Bryce was a girl he was going to be Mia Ashley (Ashley after my sister), but he was boy so there goes that Idea! so we always kept it. But Mia spelled that was means Bitterness and well I just don't like that at all, but the Spelling Miya, pronounced Meeya is the Japanese verson and it means Temple/increasingly beautiful so that's why decided to go with that spelling! We are well aware that with the I in it she will probably be called MYA but we will deal with it! Here is the website we choose from We love the name Hope b/c Jesus is our hope and our Salvation so it just kinda fits!!!! Now Grayson simply because we just LOVE it! I guess we have a thing for the "y" !! Here's the link for Grayson It's so funny to me because both Madyson and Bryce's names really dont mean a thing but their middle names do, and so the same kinda with the name Grayson but hopeuflly a name will stick out to us for the middle name from the bible, so it should work out well! Praying God gives us one just incase it a boy! Thanks for your help!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a week!

Our Bonfire well contained one! The kids Loved it!!
Bryce Loved the Ocean it was so nice it was Low Tide!
Naked babies before bath time!
Daddy and the birthday Boy enjoying his Turtle Cup Cake -Cake
Such Beach Babies!!

Here is a Picture of My Pop-Pop a year ago on Bryson's 1st Birthday!!
So sweet

Wow, what a week we have had! As I posted in my last Post that My Pop-Pop passed away, I have to add that I wrote his wrong age, He was 84 not 83! We had the viewing on Tuesday from 4-8 and the funeral Mass (my dad's whole family is Italian Catholic except him he converted when I was little) was Wednesday and burial and lunch following! My kids stayed with My Aunt Sandi and Uncle David and their 2 kids Lauren and Chris Who are 12 and 14 (That's my mom's bother and his wife and kids), Bryce and Mady had such a BLAST!! I'm sure they all slept well after my little ones left!! But luckily My aunt and uncle said that the kids were great and well behaved! I'm so thankful!

But I must admit it has been a rough couple of days! Both Jayson and I were talking on the drive home last night and both said how drained we were! So many emotions good, bad, memories, thinking of stuff, saying how good it was to see soooooo many people and all of my dad's extended family and hear all the stories and see pictures and Video's of my dad and his siblings and cousins and everyone when they were all kids! It was so neat to see it all!!

It's so nice to be home and to get back to somewhat a "normal" routine! Bryce is down for his nap, he needed his sleep the poor little man has had a runny nose the last 3 days and has a tiny cough too! Madyson is up playing with her Doll house for relax time! I 'm hoping she lays on her bed and reads for a little bit! They were both up late and everything so it's nice to have a down day! We went food shopping this morning and then headed to the Produce place to get all of our fresh stuff! The kids were it's to folding laundry and getting some more done cleaning and what not! It's crazy how messy things can get when you are away, for only 2 days but it's always a work in progress in the house!

I also need so badly to get somethings done around here! WE are still in the process of moving the rooms around and such! Next week is my OB appointment 18 weeks next Wed. and I'm so...excited because they send me for my ultra-sound to find out whether this little baby inside me is a baby brother or baby sister! Both Jayson and I and the kids are really excited and ready to start planning for this little baby!! Oh I'll post some more pictures of the kids from last week, I realized that I posted 2 of the same pictures! HaHa! Sorry !!

Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Begins!

My it's been a while since my last post...Let's see if I can get all caught up......Summer is finally upon us, after almost a straight month of rain here in NJ! The weather the last 2 weeks here in our neck of the woods has been well GLORIOUS! Low 80's down to the 60's at night it's been wonderful and I think we've save some money this year on the central air as well!! It's been just great to have the window's open!

Last Saturday on the 4th of July we not only celebrated our nation but we celebrated my little man Bryson's 2nd Birthday! I can't believe he is 2 already and we spent the weekend up at my parents! We had a great BBQ at my Aunt Sandi and Uncle David's house with all my aunts and uncles and cousins! WE also had cake and celebrated Bryce as well! I made a cup cake cake of a Turtle for him with my mom's help but as you can figure I forgot to take Pictures of it! But I am hoping next week sometime we can have a little get together for Bryce with Jayson's family down here and I'm planning on doing the cup-cake cake again so Hopefully then I can get some pictures of it!! The kids and I stayed up a couple of days longer (Jayce had to be home for work), but we were able to get to the beach with my mom and it was just awesome!! Can you believe my little man is 2 and this is the 1st time on the beach! I know it's a shame! We only like about 1/2 hour from the beach and I grew up in a tiny town called Ocean Grove it's 1 square mile and the furthers part is 1/2 mile to the beach, I spent every day of my summers on the beach as a kid and teenager you would think My kids would've too but opps!! Its just so hard sometimes! But you wouldn't guess it was his first time! He did wonderful and was a complete beach bum!

This past Saturday we went to visit my in laws camping and it was so fun! The kids played and played and we enjoyed a beautiful day outside spending time with the family and Jayson's sisters and their family! It was so nice/but yet sooo tiring! Madyson stayed overnight with Nanie and Popie and enjoyed some time with them and we went home afterdinner! Before we left, we got Bryce's jammies on and then headed home, only a 15 minute drive but bless his little heart he fell right asleep on the way home!! He was soo sleepy!! Poor little man but he had so much fun!

On a sad note, my Pop Pop (my dad's dad) went to meet Jesus on friday...He was 83 years old lived a good full life, but was stuck by cancer a number of years ago and then around April he took a turn for the worse and in May he was sent home on Hospice..Not that you are ever prepared for death but it was a little bit of a shocker because he was up and down the whole time on Hospice! The only good thing about all of this is it will be nice to see extended family that you only see once a few years or so....So please pray for all of us this week it's going to be a hard long week!

Next week we have a ton of doctors appointments, Between Ear Nose and Thoart doctors for little man a dentist appointment for Mady and my OB appointment its going to be busy but nice to get all these things done! I better go and get my day started I have lots to get down today!