Thursday, July 16, 2009

What a week!

Our Bonfire well contained one! The kids Loved it!!
Bryce Loved the Ocean it was so nice it was Low Tide!
Naked babies before bath time!
Daddy and the birthday Boy enjoying his Turtle Cup Cake -Cake
Such Beach Babies!!

Here is a Picture of My Pop-Pop a year ago on Bryson's 1st Birthday!!
So sweet

Wow, what a week we have had! As I posted in my last Post that My Pop-Pop passed away, I have to add that I wrote his wrong age, He was 84 not 83! We had the viewing on Tuesday from 4-8 and the funeral Mass (my dad's whole family is Italian Catholic except him he converted when I was little) was Wednesday and burial and lunch following! My kids stayed with My Aunt Sandi and Uncle David and their 2 kids Lauren and Chris Who are 12 and 14 (That's my mom's bother and his wife and kids), Bryce and Mady had such a BLAST!! I'm sure they all slept well after my little ones left!! But luckily My aunt and uncle said that the kids were great and well behaved! I'm so thankful!

But I must admit it has been a rough couple of days! Both Jayson and I were talking on the drive home last night and both said how drained we were! So many emotions good, bad, memories, thinking of stuff, saying how good it was to see soooooo many people and all of my dad's extended family and hear all the stories and see pictures and Video's of my dad and his siblings and cousins and everyone when they were all kids! It was so neat to see it all!!

It's so nice to be home and to get back to somewhat a "normal" routine! Bryce is down for his nap, he needed his sleep the poor little man has had a runny nose the last 3 days and has a tiny cough too! Madyson is up playing with her Doll house for relax time! I 'm hoping she lays on her bed and reads for a little bit! They were both up late and everything so it's nice to have a down day! We went food shopping this morning and then headed to the Produce place to get all of our fresh stuff! The kids were it's to folding laundry and getting some more done cleaning and what not! It's crazy how messy things can get when you are away, for only 2 days but it's always a work in progress in the house!

I also need so badly to get somethings done around here! WE are still in the process of moving the rooms around and such! Next week is my OB appointment 18 weeks next Wed. and I'm so...excited because they send me for my ultra-sound to find out whether this little baby inside me is a baby brother or baby sister! Both Jayson and I and the kids are really excited and ready to start planning for this little baby!! Oh I'll post some more pictures of the kids from last week, I realized that I posted 2 of the same pictures! HaHa! Sorry !!