Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Warning Picture Overload!

My sweet little (growing) family! My sweet hubby and 2 big siblings!!

Love this one of Madyson and Meya! Nothing like sisterly love
My 2 men and my littlest girl!!!!! Bryce is so inlove!
This picture just melts my heart!!! Sweet sweet day!
On our way home from the hopsital!!!
This is the park in our town and all the snow we had the day after Meya was born!
Getting ready to go home!!

1 day old!
Bored waiting for the contractions to begin!
right as the Pitocin started!!!

These pictures are for my dear friend DAwn!! I promised her I would post some picutres! ha! It only takes me almost a month to get around to doing it!! figures! I hope to post more later!! We can't believe she is almost a month old already! Man how time flies!! It's amazing to me that she has only been her a month and we can't remember what life was like without her little sweet self! Lord we thankful for the gift of Meya and the precious gift of all our children!! We don't take it for granted one second! You are so amazing!!!


dawn said...

thank you for posting your pics, finally ;) hehe!! i loved seeing pics of your sweet family and that sweet baby girl! you look great by the way.

oh and the pics with meya in that little purple & brown outfit - jaelyn had one (actually 2 bc my bff with twin girls passed it to me!) just like that and was wearing it about this time last year, soooo sweet, it brought tears to my eyes seeing it and seeing how tiny meya is and jaelyn was!! so do you think you could bottle up some of meya's sweetness and sweet smells and send them my way?

hope it won't be another month until we see pics again - ha! you know i am just kidding - you take your time and just love on "them babies"
blessings & love to you!!!