Monday, October 13, 2008

What a Fun Weekend!

We had an awesome FALL weekend we had! We went up to visit my family in Ocean Grove! We were lucky to have have Jayson's parents come up and his 2 sisters also! It was a blast! My dad was head of this Surf and Turf cook-off and Jayson was his right hand man and they had an awesome time! Then on Main street they had a fall crafter's kind of thing it was fun! The blocked off most of it and it was fun to walk around and had a blast! We were also able to go visit My Pop-Pop which we alway senjoy and I love that the kids get to see him and he gets to see them!! Please remember him in your prayers! Then on Sunday we got to worship at the church I grew up at!! Fun! Sunday afternoon was fun also! I did hair for one of my dearest girlfriends! She's almost like my big sister! I have always gone to her with just about everything and she is constantly been their and we just ahvea great times! Her kids are a little bit older than mine so they acutally are at the ages that her youngest and my oldest play and then the other 2 girls she has loves playing with Bryce! I love to be home but sad to be home! You have to get back into the grove of things! I'm so thankful for doctor's reminder calls! Somehow I totally missed the fact that Bryce has his 15 month appointment today! LOL so I'm off to that this morning as well as all the laundry, cleaning and unpacking that needs to be done after being away fora few days! It never fails! there is always something right?? Well Have a blessed day!!