Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Busy, Busy!

As you can probably guess things around here have been busy busy!! We've had some pretty fun yet pretty busy weeks! I think it may stay this way for the spring!! Today we are hanging at at home and doing some cleaning and just enjoying the day around the house!! Hopefully we will be getting outside in a bit also! It's warmer today then it's been in just about a week! So we need to get out and take advantage especially since the forecast for this weekend is rain! :-( On Saturday we have a wedding to go to so my parents are coming down and hanging out with our little ones while we go! I'm looking forward to it! A ton of our friends will be attending this wedding so it should be lots of fun!! I do feel badly for my mom though with the rain it seems like unfortunately she will not be able to get outside, which is one of things my mom LOVES! She loves taking the kids outside and for walks!!

I finally got the kids Easter outfits together! Mady girl just needs some crisp white shoes, and Bryce is got everything! They don't exactly match exactly how I would've wanted. (Does anyone else have that problem with opposite sex children?) I didn't even have to go out and buy Mr. Bryson anything! Thanks to the hand-me-downs form my sis-in-laws he has some very cute stuff!! Mady I was able to get the exact dress I had in mind, but luckily found it for a lot less than i originally saw it for!

Ever wish you had a money tree in the backyard? I sure do! the next few weeks are going to be a little expensive for us! A lot is coming up! Like the wedding this weekend, I'm in a wedding in May so the bridal shower is in April and Madyson is also in the wedding so we have to get her dress/shoes and my shoes we have the dress, not to mention our car insurance premium is due at the end of April, oh fun fun! But yet excited about how I know God will provide! He always does one way or another! Love seeing him work!

Mops is going well keeping busy and a lot of Mommy's have been regularly attending! It's been such a joy to see God working this year and I'm so thankful to be part of such an amazing Steering Team! Every Mom on there works so hard and we all work together really well! I'm so thankful for them and their willingness to help! On a more personal note, I'm am so thankful for the call from God to step up and co-coordinate Mops this year! It's been such a blessing for me to see Mommy's change or grow closer to our Lord! I feel like it's helped give me the tools to be a much more organized Wife, Mother for our own home and family! It has given me the confidence within myself to step up to the plate so to speak and be the women/Mom God has called me to be! It's give me self confidence and for that I thank our good Lord everyday for!

If you could all keep my little Bryce in your prayers he is having a minor surgery done on Tues the 31st. I know it's a rather common procedure, He's getting Tubes in his ears b/c he constantly has fluid in his ears and it cannot drain properly so that leads to his chronic ear infections!! I am very Thankful that he hasn't had any in the last month since we took a trip to Philly to see the ENT! Even though its very common, we are still praying for the doc's and Bryce on that day! It's scary when it's your little one! In the whole sceam of things we are so grateful that this is all our children have had to go through and it seems silly almost asking for prayers for something like this when there are children and families going through way more difficult things than Tubes in his ears!

This year we are hoping to expand our Veggetable/fruit Garden and make our little garden area much larger! Jayson's Mom's church had a flower sale/Veggie plant sale, and I am glad that they are having it again this year and we are able to pre-order the things we want! So it was nice to be able to support a fellow church and get some plants to start our garden started!! We also have been doing a lot of yard work!! Hoping to our back yard looking great this summer!! It's always a challenge for us our yard is a great size but we have a lot of trees so its' been hard to get them all collected!! But we are getting there!! Also the people who we purchased the house from 3 1/2 years ago hadn't done anything in the yard in a few years so we've been busy for the last 3 years trying to get it where we would like it to be! In the front I susaly just mulch and plan some anuals! I always get like 4 hanging Ferns for the front of our house!! Love the way that looks!! This year we are hoping early june to purchase some flowers that will come up every year for our back yard! so then maye we will only have to mulch also!! We are also trying to save up for a Mosquito Magent. They are awful where we live and my kids get huge welts every time they get bit and it makes it hard to play outside during the summer!! So that's our big idea to help ! Well I think I updated pretty well for now!! It's almost lunch time so I better get going and get things rolling!! Then it's nap time!!!! Here's a few pic's of Bryce playing in our leave pile we made! Enjoy and praying for you all! God Bless!