Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Weekend Bust.....

Well we had some great plans this weekend but unfortunately our house got hit with the Stomach Bug....YUCK!! Bryce started it Friday afternoon, my poor baby got sick during his nap in his crib, and continued to till about 9pm at night. Saturday afternoon, Madyson started, and did till about 9pm, Jayson started Sat. night, and the as luck would have it, I got it last night at about 9! Ughh, it was not fun nor pretty in this house this weekend, It made it so much more difficult to be sick and being pregnant, my belly was in the way and it was so hard .... So today we are having a very lazy day! I have done so much laundry in the last 3 days I can't even tell you! I was sad we weren't able to go to church yesterday and that we weren't able to go to my sis in law annual Labor Day weekend BBQ it would've been great fellowship and such but what can u do! I am thankful though that this bug seems to only last about 12 hours instead of the 24 but it still was no fun!! My body today is so achy, I can't get comfortable, Thankfully my hubby sent me to bed this morning for a nap, b/c our couches weren't cutting it! I spent 3 nights on the couch, with the kiddies and then by myself! Anyways I guess this post shared too much info! Sorry about that!! I did post something on friday about Mady's 1st day and some pictures but it didn't work so I'll be working on that! I hope everyone weekend turned out a bit better than ours!


dawn said...

ohhhhh nooooo...i am so so sorry that you all got the nasty stomach bug! not fun at all. our family had it last summer when i was prego with jaelyn. although ours was coming out the other end - i don't know which is worse...and they both are terrible when you are pregnant. i hope everyone is feeling better!!
prayers to you!!!