Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Where did all my motivation go???

Okay not that probally any of you out there reading this care but I just want to share how UN-productive my morning was! Ha! This morning I got up with Jayson as I always do, Made his lunch jumped in the shower and was ready for my day! Through on sweats and a stained shirt (I know nasty right?) and figured I wasn't going anywhere today (i didn't unless you count McDonalds' Drive thorugh for lunch) and then the kids got up and we started our day made beds got Mady all ready for school and off to the bus stop we went! I put Mady on the Bus came home and My girlfriend called to chat for a little so I sat on the couch for what I thought would be 2 minutes and After I hung up the phone I was absoltuly Useless! SO I layed down and let Bryce watch too much TV this morning and waited for the time to pass so I could walk back down to the bus stop and get mady! Then I was having a craving for McDonalds, so I loaded up the little ones in the car and off we went through the drive through and got some lunch! Can I tell you it did not satify my craving at all infact I regreat spending that $13.03 on lunch that I did b/c It just made me thristy Ha! I know I know How pathatic am I?? I guess as Mommy's we all go through days like this (well I am hoping I'm not the only one!)

Infact as I sit her and type this I hear my little boy upstairs in his bed "suppost" to be napping kicking his feet on the wall and just heard his binky drop! Oh well! I'm hoping this day gets a little better! It's a gloomy muggy day here in South Jersey! The sun broke through about an hour ago and it was like serisouly only for 5 mintues! But At least it came out at all!! I have so many Things I want/need to get done, Infact its really starting to drive me nuts! But my lack of motivation this morning was proof that I need to relax and be still and know and keep reminding myself that GOD is in CONTROL! Not I!! So I'm praying that that in the next couple of hours while Mr. Man is sleeping I can accomplish a couple of things and not feel like a complete bum! Tomorrow marks my 27th week or Maybe it's Thursday whichever but that means I'm in the home stretch of this pregnancy! Crazy to think I'll be in my 3rd trimester! How did that happen? How come overall this pregnancy has been my least lazy one yet? And I've been chasing around 2 children! God is good and keeps me going!! Hopefully one of these days I can start getting more things ready for her room like repainitng it we are keeping it a purple but it just really needs to be repainted, and make her curtains and what not! I am trying to find a good bible verse to get in the vinal art for her wall too! I saw those in some other blogs and thing they are just tooooo cute!!! LOVE IT! Well I'm off to get his binky off the flour and give some more kisses to my little ones and then hoping to get somet things done, HOpe you all are having a more productive day than I!!!