Monday, October 19, 2009

It's just been one of those weeks!

We have had quite the busy last week! A week ago Tuesdayy My Mady woke up with what I believed was a start to a cold, fever on and off with some help of Motrin it went away, then that night Mady woke up coughing something fierce in the middle of the night! To me it sounded like Croup..So I put her in the bathroom with me and the Hot water run until I though she could breathe well again and we spent the rest of the night on the couch with an impormt to sleep over! Poor thing it just breaks my hear to see them so sick! Then I thought we were on the Mend and Friday I woke up with what I knew was Broncitis! I could feel it I was using my rescue in haller more than I would've like to and a call into the dr (since its hard for me to go with 2 little ones) I was able to get on some anti-boitics and now I feel better! Bryce seems to just have a cold with some conjestion and what not but is acting fine and playing! Sat. night Mady woke up again saying her ear hurt so more motrin, and then Sunday we stayed home from church just to play it safe and she didnt have any other complaints till that afternoon and i looked and her ear was leaking so to speak I know TMI! SO I called the doctors and they though possibly her ear drum ruptured and gave her some Anti-boitics and ear drops! So needless to say it's been a long week! This pregnant Momma is so sleepy! But of course my little ones come first!! So today we are off to the doctor's for them to check out her ear!! I am sure hoping she starts to feel better!! It breaks my heart to see them sick~~ My poor husband now seems stuff and I'm praying he gets better b/c this weekend coming up he's planning on going on a Guys Retreat Hiking/backpacking trip! So hoping he starts to feel better!!I hope our household is on the mend!! All these sickies!

I'm choosing to PRAISE Jesus though through this and not get discrouaged! It gets way to easy to sink in and wallow in all of the sleepless nights, and sickness and everything and not to focus for me on the positive and I'm choosing that I'm going to seek him and his Cross and not lose hope! Instead of church yesterday (since we are all under the weather) we Watch Andy Stanley on Gospel Music Channel! He was FABULOUS! Both My hubby and I are big fans and he was taking about not losing Hope and having our HOpe be sound in CHrist! He read alot from Roman's 8 and today I'm ~hoping~ to sit down and read more of What Paul has to say on hope and such!
Praying you find your Hope In Jesus today!!


dawn said...

i hope that you and your family will continue to feel better (and stay well!) what a week you have had! wow! it is not fun when everyone gets sick including the momma!

Anonymous said...

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