Friday, November 20, 2009

A little "Sprinkle"

Here I go again hopefully I will be a little better blogging from here on out! I'm 35 weeks pregnant now and I can't believe we are getting so close!! I only have 4 weeks until my induction and who know if she will decided to grace us with her presense before that!! You never know! I'm sorta thinking probally not b/c of my last 2 but who knows! Every precious little one is different!! I think we have setteled on a name! But you need to stay tuned for that one! We will share for sure when she is born! Just in case we change it!! Ha! Poor Bryce his name changed like a 100 times or so it seemed!! Can you believe too that her nursey is not even ready ! I feel like a complete slacker! The other kids rooms were done by now and completely set up! Thankfully though I have all of her cloths in her draw ready to go and really we just have to paint and put some finishing touches up! Jayson and his dad did the final touches on the spackiling (s/p?) the other night so Early next week I belive one night they will just paint it!! It's going to be purple! The room is currently purple (Madyson's old room) but we wanted it fresh and clean for our new little one!!

Last Sunday 2 of my nearest and dearest friends Lauren and Chrissy threw me a "sprinkle" just something little but it was! I am so thankful for the wonderful Godly friends! The whole thing was going to be a surprise, but they weren't sure how to get to Lauren's so I ended up knowing it was happening, but my sweet husband sent them an invitation list of everyone and it worked out just perfectly! My mom and sister and aunts and cousins all came down from Central Jersey and my mother in law and sis in laws also! It was so neat! For the favors Lauren did pink chocalte covered pop corn and made the cutest labels that said "Ready to Pop"! We enjoyed delicious food amazing converstation and I even got to bring the Cherry Limeade Punch I have been dying to try from over at! Everything was so fun and everyone was beyond generous with all our gifts! Of couse I didn't do a very good job of taking pictures I really wish I did but here are few of the ones I did get !!

Here is a picture with me in the middle and some of my amazing girlfriends!! I am truly blessed!!

Seriously these women are amazing and I thank the Lord everyday for each one of them!!
Have any of you all started Christmas shopping? I bought sadly ONLY 1 present so far! I need to get my self together! I did however go as far as make a list of things I want to get and for everyone I need to buy for! Also I'm in the process of trying to get things together for Madyson's Fancy Nancy (her Favorite books ever ) Birthday party which I am hoping to have it the weekend of 12th?! We shall see it's her first "friend" party! Her birthday isn't until the end of the month of Dec. but I always feel so bad because she gets thrown a last minute event because of all the craziness!! But I am so excited and Really Looking forward to her special day!!


dawn said...

how sweet! i love that your friends "sprinkled" you with love! so much fun! you deserved every moment of celebrating! baby will be here so soon! you look so cute in the picture ~ you are glowing!!

as for christmas, i haven't bought one thing yet. i am putting it all off until after thanksgiving!