Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Pre-K Here we come!!!

Today was the Pre-K Orientation! Wow I can't believe it's really here!! We went in today and met Mrs. James Mady's teacher and she was just great! Her classroom was so bright and cheery! We found where her cubby was and her name on the star board! It all seems real! I know most of you have been here but this is our very first child going off to her very 1st year of school! It seems like these 4 1/2 almost 5 years have gone by so quickly! I'm so thankful for the "extra" year I was able to have with her at home! Since she won't be 5 until Dec. its so nice we got an extra time with her!! I'll be posting some pictures of her tomorrow before she gets on the bus *tear* , but thankfully the only other children on the bus are fellow Pre-ker's!

On another note This week at our church ( ) we have a bit of what they used to call a tent revival or something to that nature we called it "August Rush" It all started off Sunday evening with a service for Men Only, Monday night was Teens Only, and last night was ladies Only night! What an incredible night of worship we had! Our pastor's wife Donna Chambers spoke and it was fantastic! She spoke about Mary the mother of Jesus and shared some scriptures it was so powerful! Unfortunately I left my Bible with all my notes in the car and my feet are a little achy, but hopefully I will post them soon....And we had a guest worship leader for the evening too! Her name is Jamie Jamgochian and she was out of this world! Here website is here I highly recommend you check her out if you don't already know who she is! Tonight to wrap up all the festivities we have had going on at church we are having our month 1st Wed. service and we have Aaron Keys as the guest worship leader tonight and I can't wait to once again worship our incredible Savior! It's been such a sweet time of fellowship and worship! I'm humbled and feel so blessed to be apart of a church for the last 4 years that has been so in tune to the Lord and has brought so many people to Christ to have a personal relationship with him, and a church and pastor's who truly have their hearts in the right place and making such an impact here in South Jersey! I know many of you go to very similar church and it's such a blessing isn't it???

Not that this has much to do with what I have been talking about, but this afternoon I had to make a car to our car insurance company b/c I received a bill and it didn't quite look right to me and I wanted to get it all stragithed out due to taking a car off our policy and adding our new Mini Van, so I called and as I was waiting on hold it hit me hard that I haven't spent as much time as I should praying over our finance's! I think anyone who is on a one family income (due to most us Mommy's staying at home :-) ) struggle in one way or another! Don't we all wish we had a money tree in the back yard?! Anyways I have decided to take take each week as I go over our bills to pray over the stack or just 1 or 2 of them to ask God to direct us and help us keep in tact! We do of course tithe faithful to our church and support some different things and different Missions things when we can, but feel it's so important to mostly give here in our own community! We have such needs around us (as I know we do around the world) The economy is still not stable and there are so many people here in America who are unemployed and having trouble feeding their families I truly believe the Lord is placed on our hearts especially and many others I know to help out in here in our very own county and communities! Our church supports a number of Manna Feeding Centers and recently a group including our head Pastor, Pastor Tim, just came back from a week long Trip to Guatemala and was able to by 50 pairs of shoes for the kids they feed, and a brand new Fridge and 2 stoves for them to cook on, let alone do some much needed repairs! I'm so thankful for the ways our church not only reaches out to our community with a Food Bank right at our church, but Also around the World! Anyways, my point is I was reminded today to pray over our check book and bills and ask God to truly Guide each penny that goes in and out of our home! Do you all pray like this as well??

The weather here in the North East has just been Divine this week!! My oh My it's been great to have the window's wide open and the Central Air off!! It's been a great time to go outside and let the little ones play and it's been getting the wheels turning in my head of Fall and decorating for fall! Went Yankee Candle this weekend and got some new fall candles, and it has been thinking of fall meals! Tonight I did a Roast in the corkpot and I'm making some Mashed Potatoes and Green Beans! Can't wait the house smells divine!!

Oh did I mention We did find out what we are having and it's another little GIRL !!! We are so excited (would've been if it was a little boy too !!! ) It's so nice just to know I feel much more in control it makes re-arranging the rooms and getting things set much easier now!! Mady is in her New room and so are most of her things..We are coming along!! Just need a few things and her room will be complete!

Well off to finish doing a few things before Mr. Man wakes up!!
Praying for all of you who stumbled here or regurally visit! Leave me a comment and tell me what you think, Please??
Blessings, and Prayers!


Katie said...

Stacey, thank you for sharing that passage with me. A friend just last night sent me the same Psalm. Incredible!

Your kids are precious.

dawn said...

a big huge congratulations on another baby girl!!! how wonderful!! having two girls is a ton of fun!!!

as you can tell i am behind in my blog reading ~ sorry to just now be leaving a comment.

yes, oh yes, i do pray over our finances regularly! i even pray as i head out to do any kind of shopping, i pray that God will bless me with good deals and also with self control (former shopaholic going out to spend money can be oh so dangerous!) it is hard to live on one income, but if that is what God has called you and your family to do - he will always provide, even when the numbers don't match up in black and white it always always works out!!

many blessings to you!!!