Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Well I just LOVE, I mean LOVE Fall!!! I am soooooo looking forward to summer being over and fall beginning!! Well all except one thing, Madyson going to school for the very first time a week from this Thursday!! I must tell you though I am excited for her but as a Momma a little on the sad side because she is 4 almost 5 will be in Dec. and the time has just BLOWN by!!! Everyone tell you this as you hold your first baby and sometimes you think those sleepless nights will never end! But I just can't believe we are going to Pre K!! Now granted Pre K in our school district is only 2 hours a day 5 days a week, which I think will be a great transition for full day Kindergarten Yikes did I just say Kindergarten?!?!? I am trying not to rush myself but wow!!!!!!!!!! Okay to get back to fall! I just LOVE everything that fall is, 1st and for most the weather!! Cool nights and evenings!! I feel like they are coming because just a about 1/2 hour ago Jayce was getting the car seats switched back to our van ( I had to take his car through inspection yesterday what a joy that was 1 hour with 2 little kids in line YIKES!) He almost forgot his lunch so I ran it out to him and we just talked for a second but man it is just beautiful out!! Cool Pretty ahh I just love it!!

I also Love the scents of fall!! Yankee candle always comes out with some Delicious smelling scents for fall and can't wait! I got one for my bday and it was a votive and its already burnt up it was called Give thanks!! Awesome!! But more so the fresh scents outside the smell of rain when the leaves are on the ground.....Speaking of which I can't wait to get the cornstalks Hey and Mums from the local Garden market and start getting the front of the house ready! Considering we didn't do anything with our gardens this summer, Usually I try to plant something and mulch but I just never got around to it!! How sad is that?? But I can't wait!!!!! I know I know what you are all probably thinking! It's not even Sept.! But am I the only one who thinks Sept is the start of fall?!?!?! Can't wait!!!!!!!!!!

Oh Before I forget we have another Ultrasound scheduled for tomorrow at 1:30 Can you tell how excited I am! I've been praying and hoping that tomorrows outcome with finding out the sex is a success!! Jayce and I are soooo excited!!!! This week started out as s slow one for us! Well sorta! Today my cousin Kait is coming over for some hair doing and later this week i have 2 more hair clients! God knows how to provide and when! Things are tight this week!! Thank goodness for hair!! It's only b/c we went away earlier this month and that always messes us up a little but its either that or never get away! so It's okay! God is good!!!

I am very much looking forward to also meal planning again and Mops starting up and everything else along with things this fall, Apple Picking, Pumpkin Picking, Fall Festivals, Craft fairs a trip to Lancaster PA to Willow Valley, Possibly another camping trip!? I also think I am going to get a bunch of those foil tins that i can start making double of some of our meals and store down in our big freezer to start to prepare for when the baby is born! I think My hands will be busy especially around Christmas time!! I have also decided I am going to start Christmas shopping when Mady goes to school and get it all done a head of time!! I would like to get it all done by Mid Nov. so it's not much to do and i can relax (sorta) before the baby comes!! We are continuing a tradition our family started a couple of years ago!! We try to emphasize Jesus (obviously) more that Santa! So we give our children 3 gifts from us b/c Jesus received 3 gifts from the wise men and Santa brings then their "big" gift! and of course stockings! But our kids are so sooooo sooooooo BLESSED beyond measure with Grandparents and such that it's crazy and to be honest! I personally think Christmas is soooooooo over done with gifts and such anyways!! Plus a fear of mine a few years ago while Jayson discussed what we wanted to do with all of this is as our children get bigger so do their gifts and the expenses! Not that we don't want our children to have things but believe me when I tell you the have soooo much and they lack for NOTHING!!!

Well I think I hear my little ones starting to wake up Hope you all have a blessed day and enjoy your week!!


Katie said...


Thank you for your prayers and for sharing the song! I really appreciate it.