Wednesday, August 19, 2009

A Blah Day....

I'm sitting her trying to figure out what to do today! The kids really need to get out of the house a little, the past few days have been kinda quite for us and I think they are feeling the itch to do something! There is only 1 problem Mommy is in a blah mood today!! It's hard! I feeling like I need something to do, but all my girlfriends seem to be busy and I'm trying get the strength I need from Jesus to just press on! I know as Mommy's we all have these days, but with being Pregnant I think my emotions are getting the best of me this morning!! So I know it's Wed. Not Tues. but I'm going to do a 10 Things I'm thankful for this morning and praise him through my gloominess!

1.) My relationship with Jesus, whom Is my best friend and someone I can be the most raw with!
2.) My husband who even though suffers from depression still works SOO hard for us and is such a good daddy and hubby! I am so thankful for all he does!
3.) My children all 3 of them even though 1 is still in my belly! They are the most precious gifts I have in my life!! I love you guys and bring me so much joy!!
4.) My home, As I sit here in the living room with Hanny Manny on Tv as i write this i just see God's blessings all around us!! All of which are just about hand me downs or just awesome pieces of old furniture! I love it and feel so blessed to be here!
5.) That our Mops Group is starting up again!! I'm still on the steering team but stepped down from being Co-Coordinator with the new baby coming and Mady starting school I needed to not be able to pick her up from school and not be soo soo busy b/c I'm not sure what life with 3 will be like!
6.) I'm so thankful that summer is almost over! Don't get me wrong I love summers but I'm ready for some fall weather and everything that fall brings, like craft shows, apple picking, just all of it!!
7.) Even through my rough days I still have hope and joy that comes from God I pray that one day everyone i know will have that same comfort that I have in Christ!
8.) Snuggles from my little man! As i sit her typing he decided to crawl up on the cough with his momma and give me some love I better hurry up and finish !
9.) Dinner with 2 couples and thier kids tomorrow night! Friends of ours from church and Us decided we wanted to start meeting 1 times a week kinda like a small group or homefellowship to pray together do a little bible study and just have some sweet fellowship!!! Can't wait to do have dinner and have them all over!!
10.) The gift of friends! They are ever so precious to me and I'm thankful for their love and support!!


dawn said...

i have these kinds of days a lot. i feel a lot like you. and it is so hard to go anywhere without a lot of thought and prep with four kids. anyway, so glad that you were able to find a long list of positives and praises. i hope they turned your day around!

by the way, we have more and more in common... i was a co- coordinator and also the coordinator for a mops group at our previous church.

hope you have a great day tomorrow and can continue to look around and see God's blessings big and small!