Sunday, August 16, 2009

it's been a little while........

So I figured I should take a few minutes on this amazing Sunday afternoon and get caught up! Last weekend we had a wonderful opprotunity to get a away for a long weekend of camping up in Pa, up past the Pocono's in a small town called Benton! It's just beautiful up there in the mountains!! Jayson's Aunt and Uncle live up there and he has camped there and visited a ton of times as a child! My sweet and ever so generous in laws rented a house at a camp ground for all the family to come and stay in!! Jayson is the oldest of 4 and the only boy, he has 3 younger sisters Susy, Kerry and Grace! They are all married and have children of their own and we are so thankful to live so close to one another and have just a blast together!! 2 out of his 3 sisters and their families were able to come!!! We all stayed in this house that was surrounded by the most beautiful views and little water falls and amazing hikes and it was just such a fun weekend! I'll post pictures soon! We left for our trip on Friday and came back Monday afternoon! What a fun time we had!

Also a week before that we bought a new mini van! It's the newest car both of us have ever owned and we just love it! It's a 2008 Dodge Grand Caravan!! This van has so much room and storage it's absolutely un-real! Below the middle seat there are 2 huge compartments under the floor that lift up for storage! Not to mention the trunk goes down! So we have another foot in the back as well!! It's been such a blessing to our family! Now when the baby comes we will have enough room for everyone!!

On Wed. of this past week, the kids and I were able to go up to my parents house in Ocean Grove Nj to go visit and see the kids play they put on in town! Both kids and I had a great time!! It was so fun to see my younger cousins and friends put on such a great play and what not!! We came back on Thursday evening and it's been busy every since!

Yesterday Morning we heading to Jayson's parents church to support the youth group and get our car washed! The kids are raising Money for their winter retreat they go on every year! We were able to meet up with all of his sisters and the kids got a chance to play once again!! Then on the way home from that we stopped at a yard sale and I was able to score a great exersausuer for only $7! What a steal! You would think I would have one after 2 kids, but the one I had was give to me from friends that had 4 kids before my 2 and that was just so in need to be trashed and I am excited I was able to score one for sucha good price!!

Today we went to church and Pastor Tim preached such a good Sermon on being "Stuck" He read from Exodus and how the Isrealites were doubting Moses when they left Egypt and right before God parted the Red Sea! When God was talking to Moses and said Move on and go through the waters and he would take care of them .....Move on that hit me hard! When we are stuck in some circumstances that seem never ending or self consuming we need to regain focus and move on! Our Focus should be on Christ and Christ alone! The devil wants us to stay focused on ourselves and what not move forward but God wants us to focus on him and work towards him and he will make our paths straight! Wow it was soo good!! I have the bible verses and everything written down in my bible, but unfortuantly it's out in the car now and Bryce is just waking up so I dont have time to post them now but will soon! Hope everyone had a great weekend and HOpeuflly i will catch up again soon!!