Friday, June 5, 2009

Pregnancy Pimples!

First of if most of you haven't heard, Jayson and I are expecting Baby #3 in Dec so that puts me at 11 weeks now! But this is my 1st pregnancy where I can say I am breaking out so bad! My face has all these little pimples on them and they are driving me insane!! I haven't changed my routine as far as washing or anything although maybe I should or is it time to try Pro-Active? I used it in high school and it worked great I have never been one who say I suffered terribly with acne but as a women , don't all of us dislike having pimples?? This is driving me nuts!! Since I already have 1 daughter and 1 son, I have NO clue what this baby is and so far no clues point either direction! I guess it's true what they say about EVERY pregnancy being so incredibly different! I hope I didn't gross anyone out but this is just on my mind !!

On a lighter and less gross note, We have been doing some serious re-arraigning! I feel like it's been forever since I even last posted! But we defiantly have moved our bedroom downstairs. We were able to give away a ton of toys via Free-cycle! Have anyone used it?!? Its a yahoo group and they are pretty local in every area but its a great thing, you post what you would like to get rid off of what you are in need of or would like, and people get back to you and they come to your house to pick it up and u just leave it outside on your porch or grass or whatever it's great! Then when you receive something you do the same thing! It's great! Oh I recently posted that Jayson and I would like a contained Fire pit thing or a chiminea , and if anyone is getting rid of them we would glady come and pick it up , well 2 days later someone emailed me and said they had one and we scored this awesome contained fire pit!! It's fabulous! So far we have enjoyed some nice family time out in the back yard enjoying it!! A friend of ours who I do hair for , have older children now and had a wooden swing set and offered it to us and they graciously gave it to us! How awesome is that? Isn't so amazing and cool to see god provide not only our needs but our wants as well?? I'm so thankful for all of our many blessings!

Since it's a nice rainy day out I am hoping to do some serious cleaning out of our back room today! Well I'm hoping but we will see I 've been dying to get back there and do some serious over-hallen but who knows what the kids will let me do it or not! Here's hopin'!