Friday, June 12, 2009

Dance Recital and some other stuff

I don't know why I didnt post a few pictures up from my Mady-girls dance recital, but I guess life just gets in the way! She did excellent! This was her 2nd year of dance and she just absolutly Loves it!! Enjoy! I don't know why Blogger put them up first but it works! I can't believe how big my little ones are getting and before we know it we will have a 3rd on the way! Time really does fly by and God is so good to us! We are so amazed but the things he has done in our lives and the things he is doing day by day! We are so very excited to add to our family and can't wait to find out if the kids will be getting a little brother or sister!! Madyson wants a sister but says "Whatever God wants is fine by us right Mommy?" Which just cracks me up because I always say to the kids The Lord knows whats best for our family!

We have still been really busy re-arrangig around the house a bit but there is still so much to do good thing Im only 13 weeks! Oh I just trash picked the best find! I'll post more pic's up later of before and after! It's such a neat peace I dont know quite where I'll put it but it's a neat little piece! I think I'll head to the hard ware store tomorrow for some sand paper and a bottle of spray paint! I'll leave the a mystery so it's a mystery to us too!!

I can't wait to get the summer started! I've been busy trying to plan out our days between "the Cove" and play dates and boardwalk nights and such!! Maybe even alittle camping trip or a little get away! We shall see!!! We do wanna have the family and friends over for a "Smore Night" but thats to be plannes also!

Enjoy the weekend! I know we sure will!!! Have a blessed night and enjoy the family!!


dawn said...

Hi! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. I am so glad you found my blog via Jenny's (Sophie's Hope)!! I am also so glad that you enjoyed our Pastor's sermon at your church. Pastor Steven is a truly truly anointed man of God! He is amazing and we are so blessed to be a part of elevation and my hubby gets to serve Pastor on Sundays!!!

I am glad to hear that you enjoy my blog - sometimes I think that no one is reading it!!

How exciting for you to be expecting your third baby!! That is fabulous. I just love being pregnant and having babies!! I would have four more if they didn't grow up!!!!

Hope you are enjoying the summer so far!