Thursday, June 18, 2009

Rain Rain Go away!

Ughh! Another Raining day here in South Jersey! I feel like it's been raining or gloomy forever now, even though we did have a nice sunny cool day on Saturday but since then it's been Overcast or raining since! Our lawn is in desperate need for a cut but with this weather Jayson can't get out there! But it will get done, Maybe the sun will grace us with it's presence this weekend! We are praying it does!
I told the kids that today would be a "movie" day! We would lay low and just hang out in our comfy cloths and watch movies and have a Nice quite day! We have been quite on the busy side all week and I think it's time for a day just to hang low and catch up on a few chores that need to be attended to and some laundry and relax!!!!! We had such a busy day yesterday I didn't get a chance to wash out sheets and stuff so I need to do that today amongst a ton of other things!!
I've been working on our summer schedule somewhat and can't wait to get it more filled up with some fun stuff, We have one mini-trip planned the weekend of Aug. 8th to go up to a cabin with Jayson's parents and his sisters and their families to Benton Pa. We usually go camping up there in the fall but I think we are heading to Lancaster this year in the fall instead! Jayson's parents gave all of us for Christmas a gift Certificate to Lancaster to stay at Willow Valley for the weekend! But we LOVE being outside and LOVE spending time with family so it's the best of both worlds for us!
Other than that the week days are filled with trips to the Cove, which is a little beach here in Mays landing right on Lake Lenape which is great for the kids and I! I plan to spend most of the mornings I can there with the kids and since its so close we will have out lunch there come home in time for nap/rest time! I figured it's an inexpensive way for the kids to have fun and enjoy the summer! Even though we live close to the Jersey Shore I refuse to drive the 25 minutes to the beach everyday! I know that sounds funny especially to those who would love to be able only to drive that short distance! i grew up in a tiny town in Central/North Jersey called Ocean Grove, It's a very small town only 1 square mile and we always lived so close to the beach the longest walk would be 10 minutes! So I think it's just silly to drive anything more than 5 minutes! Haha I feel silly even saying that!
I am trying to think of fun ways to celebrate Bryson's 2nd birthday! I can't believe he will be 2! Our little man just LOVES Monkey's so I am thinking of going with that theme of some sort! But with his Birthday being on July 4th it not only makes it hard but also a little tricky to plan! It's so funny that he loves Monkey's so much because ever since he was born Jayce and I have always called him our little Monkey! I think this year we have it on a little bit of a smaller side b/c last year we had a blast but we did a whole BBQ! I've been keeping my eye out on some things I love that are Monkey themed on Oriental Trading! They have the greatest things and so inexpensive!
Well while my kiddies are watching "Super Why" I think I am going to go start some laundry and get a head of the things I have on my list for today!! Oh my list! I just love them!! I always said I wouldn't be like my Mother but I guess I ended up a lot more like her than I would like to admit! HaHa, Truth be told though I'm glad I am getting to be a little more like her she's an awesome women and is so incredibly organized it gives me such hope!
Praying for you all and praying you all enjoying the sunshine where ever you maybe!!!


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