Tuesday, September 30, 2008

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

I can't believe another Tuesday is here again! These weeks are flying by!! I love that this reminds me to thank God for all he has given to us! Enjoy!

1.) My husband, and children!
2.) For the play area in the mall, It's a nice free Alternative for winter and being able to get out of the house! (even though it's not quite winter yet we were there yesterday!)
3.) For both our families! I truly treasure my sister and all of his, They are all my best friends!
4.) For my dearest friends, they are always here !!
5.) For constantly knowing that God is in control!
6.) I seriously can't get enough of all this beautiful cool weather!!!!
7.) I've started making hair bows as a hobby for Mady and her friends! I was sick and tired of not being able to find cute ones for her!!
8.) For ordinary days! I love just going around and just enjoying days that have no plans what so ever! except u know laundry, meals, beds to be made and laundry to be done! I love it!
9.) I'm very excited and thankful for 1st Wednesdays services It's an awesome time to just sing praises to God and to have communion as a church family!
10.) For a hot cup of coffee and the bible does a morning get any better than that??

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I just love days like this!!!

Fall I must say I just love Fall!!! I know I have probably metioned it like a 100 times by now, but today was such a fun day!! We live in a somewhat small town and we have a little main street with a park and today they had a Fall Festival, some food, vendors, a little train/tracker ride and despite of the overcast, it was so much fun! My parents came down which was so much fun to spend time with them, and we met Jayson's sisters Kerry and her family and Grace and her family and got to spend a little bit of time together! Mady was so happy to ride the train with Johnny and they got to play and walk around together!!! Then we just came home played outside a bit and then we were able to play take a walk and have some quality time with my Parents!! Did I metion that My Bryson is WALKING!!!!!!! It's so cute!!!! He is so excited and is getting more and more steady every day!! I must say I was not completely encouraging it when he was just a year but he is so ready now and has just taken off! You mommies of more than one understand what I mean but not ready to chase another so quickly!! I just had to blog about this wonderful day we had!!! It was so fun looking forward to more days like this to come!! I am so ready to go worship tomorrow!! I love worshiping Jesus! I can't wait to dig in to scripture some more!! I also am serving tomorrow in Nursery I do enjoy being with the "Turtles" We have so many people at church we had to split the nursery into 3 different rooms the first one is "Guppies" which is up to 1 year and then Turtles 1-2 and Starfish 2 years!! Then they move to the children's ministry building and they go on form there! So I'm blessed to be with those little ones! God is so good!! I hope everyone has a great night and I so hope you enjoy worshipping as much as we do God Bless!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

One of those days!?!?

I have had quite the crazy day!! Lazy in a sense but Crazy if that makes sense!! I started off the day but doing my daily things like breakfast, getting the kids and myself dressed (in sweats due to the rainy cool fall weather!) Today being that it's Thursday It's sheet day and bathroom day...Then I was feeling incredibly ambitious and switched Mady's summer/fall cloths! wow that was a project especially since both kids were playing upstairs in the midst of all of this!! The I decided to tackle the dreaded laundry that i needed to put away in our bedroom!! So I actually was able to do all of that in the morning and manage to get to my friend Amy's house by 1:40 to get her Jaxon off the bus!! Stay with him till she got home at 3 and then get home and get Mady ready for Dance cook dinner and somehow cleanup some other things! This crazy day has me thinking about how i can't get through these days talking to Jesus! Also Our car has been making this weird what i call sound/noise and Jayce and my father in law thought it was the transmition, and this is God keeping us close to him and saving our wallets also, A friend of mine from Mady's dance whom we were in class last year and her husband happened to be there tonight, and he usually isn't anyways to make a long story short he's a mechanic and he works out of his home for friends and family and he is the manager at Saturn for the shop, so he tested the car with me during dance and he said it was the wheel bearing on the left side not the transmission! Got the price of the part and is only charging us like 100 bux for the labor! Thank you Jesus! It's alot cheaper then what we thought! See someway or another God always ALWAYS takes care of us! Being a stay at home mom is rough financially but is so worth every scarfice you have to make! I praise Jesus for the chance to stay at home and be with my children and take care of my husband he's an amazing father, provider, he has compassion, strength and courage that goes beyond words! I'm so blessed to have him in my life but espeically as my husband! Well I just thought I would share about what's been on my heart tonight as I unwind from my day! Enjoy!! God Bless!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 things Tuesday!

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

It's that time again! I so enjoy this !!!
1.) I am so thankful that Mady is back taking dance class! She loves it so much!!
2.) I am thankful for being able to take nice long walks in the morning while it is so cool out!!
3.) I love being able to play outside without bugs!!!
4.) I am so thankful for My husband for all he does to provide for our family and all his hard work this weekend in the yard!! It' looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
5.)Being able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee this morning outside at the picnic table while the kids played out back!!
6.) For being able to go out and walk in the morning everyone was up early!!
7.) For the gift of children and all the joy they bring to my life!
8.) For all our committed Moms we have on the steering team with us for Mops it's going to be awesome year!!
9.) For cloth diapers! They have saved us so much money!!
10.) For a personal Relationship with Jesus! Something none of us really deserve but through him we have the gift of eternal life! I couldn't get through my days without him

Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little sleep today!

Well it's almost 12:30 in the afternoon and here I am still in my PJ's my Mr. Bryson has a cold and was up like crazy last night and as soon as I got him settled around 1, then my Mady girl woke up who like never ever wakes up! Since it's been absolutely gorgeous out I have had the window's open and her allergies are driving her nuts she gets this cough from the dripping and it keeps her up! SO there we sat on the couch watching Wow Wow Wubbzy on Noggin' last night at 1 am! She was on the couch and I on the love seat trying to catch some z's OH well whatcha going to do!! That's a life of a mom!!! Since it's Thursday it's sheet and towel day in my house! So I have the sheets in the washer waiting for them to stop spinning to hang them on the line and Bryce is down for his nap! Then I'm off to clean my bathrooms!! Its the day for that as well! I had all these things I wanted to do like exercise which i think after lunch I will take the kids round our development and down to the play ground and then Madyson has her 1st dance class of the year today! She's so excited to start again and I can't wait to see her start up again she loves it!! I thought since i do 10 things to be thankful for on Tuesdays I would start this 13 things Thursday

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1.) I love Jesus and he is my best friend!

2.) My Husband and my kids mean more than anything to me!

3.) Fall is my favorite time of the year!

4.) I'm trying to get more and more organized it does NOT come naturally, I am a cleaner not an organizer!!! by nature!

5.) I love coffee, especially at a coffee shop with one of my girlfriends and no kids!

6.) Love date nights with my hubby!

7.) I LOVE our church and all of friends we have met from there!!

8.) I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night! Total!

9.) I miss my parents and sister terribly and wish we lived closer than 1 1/2 hours away!

10.) I love cloth diapering and making wipes!

11.) There is nothing better than hanging my wash on the line!

12.) I love taking my kids to park and play with either their cousins or friends!

13.) I love doing hair and taking care of myself!

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Well that's all today have a blessed day and enjoy this weather!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

10 Things Tuesday!!

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Here we are and another week! I have so much to be thankful for this week!!
1.) Yesterday was our 1st MOPS (mothers of preschoolers) at church and my 1st year as co-coordinator and we had 28 Moms out! What a turnout!
2.) Praising Jesus for the cooler weather! Fall is coming!
3.) An awesome day at church on God is soo good!
4.) For God always providing what we need even when money is sooo tight!
5.) For the sunday school teachers at our church Madyson learns so much and this week she told us all about David and Beolith (Goliath!) she says it like that !
6.) For my amazing friends and how greatful I am to have so many girls in my life!
7.) For my kids and how the light up my life!
8.) For being able to hang my wash outside and not wasting energy/adding to the electric bill!
9.) Bryson is just about walking now! So cute to see his little face light up as Jayson and I have him walk non-stop between us!
10.) For Jesus being so real in our lives and his constant and everlasting love!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


We go to an amazing church if you have time check out the website, we have been attending for about 3 years now! They have classes you can take called Wednesday Wave classes , so Jayson and I signed up, last semester we took Parenting 101 incredible, taught by Pastor Steven who is our family minister, this semester we are taking a class on David, lead by our head pastor's wife Donna....On a side note can I just tell you how in love with Jesus she is, she is such a God fearing loving women, she's awesome. We were completely blown away with the class. Now I have read the Psalms many times before but I must say I am in love with them now...If you don't know much about David here are just some basics:
*he was Jesse's son
*He slayed Goliath
*Bold, he was chosen by God to be king
*he was the youngest of 7 brothers
*Saul's personal Musician
*Man after God's own heart,
Lastly who can forget Bathsheba

Basically these are thing we know from Sunday school basics but a lot of times people don't know so I thought I would share. Now some things I didn't know, Did you know that more space was devoted to David than to anyone else in the bible? He has 66 Chapters devoted to him alone, Jacob had 11 and Eli had 10. Also That David was born in Bethlehem, and had a lot of similarities to Christ as well. The main thing that hit me last night and it was such a "God" moment for me was that Donna said that most biblical scholars believe that David suffered from Clinical Depression. Most of you probally don't know this but my husband suffers from Clinical Depression so this hit us like a ton of bricks. I am so thankful that God directed us to this class for that alone reason! I must say we were debating on a few classes and we prayed over then and both Jayson and I felt like God was directing us both to attend this one. The other classes we thought would be interesting, was Pastor Bill was speaking on the End times, Pastor Todd was doing the sermon on the mount, Pastor Steve was doing a class on the marriage you've always was wanted....So we mainly we deciding between the end times one and this one so we prayed over it and God directed us here! Last night we we went into 1 Samuel as well and that is another awesome book, it give you some background on David so it was awesome to refresh as well! I was just so refreshed and so excited to be with God as we read and studied last night, I can't wait to see what God has planned for us through this next 9 weeks!

On a side note things here have been great! Lately I have really been debating whether or not to start using Cloth diapers and wipes, I have seriously been praying over it because not to mention the cost factor but for Bryce his poor skin is so sensitive and has eczema pretty bad I wanted to see if this would make a difference, my doctor suggested it, so I prayed about it and started talking with some friends about it and Heather C. really helped me out and gave me some awesome pointers! It's been about 3 days since I have used them and it has been working out great! I hang my wash so It's been nice to do this, I feel like I'm honoring God by saving money and the environment not to mention Bryce's skin as well! Also I must say I LOVE making and using the wipes it's so simple I wish I did it earlier!! Other than that thins are great hear and I am so grateful to Jesus for all the many blessings he has given us but today I am most thankful for My husband and children, they are such a treasure from him and I feel so blessed to have them and to be sharing life with them!

Also being today is 9/11 I have been thinking a lot about the events that took place 7 years ago today, I remember being engaged to Jayson and we were planning our wedding and it was like time stood still on this day....Please say a prayer for the widows/family members of all those people who lost their lives 7 years ago today!
Have a great day in Christ!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

Ten Things Tuesday!

What an awesome idea, I stumbled on this awesome blog from a friend of mine, Heather, so I'm going to do the 10 things Tuesday every Tuesday!

1.) I am so thankful for Jesus!
2.) I'm so thankful that I have 4 hair clients this week!
3.) So excited that our MOPS group starts up this week and praying God opens the hearts of the mom's who are coming out this year!
4.) Thankful for my little girl Madyson, she is my Little helper and continues to help me with all aspects of the day! I love you sweetie!
5.) I'm thankful for my son Bryson who is 14 months and just always puts a smile on my face with his smile that he has all day long!
6.) For my husband and how he works so hard and when he comes home he spends so much time with our kids!
7.) Thankful for such a fun day I had yesterday with my sister! She's the best and am so grateful she can come down and spend time with me and the kiddies!!
8.) Is thankful for the rain we had this weekend and hopefully will be having this evening!
9.) Is so thankful for God giving me motivation to start my weight watchers again!!
10.) I'm so thankful for being able to have awesome friends in my life!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

What a fun weekend!!

I absolutely love weekend's where you don't have anything planned yet things come up and you end up having such a fun weekend. On Saturday one of my best friends, Misty came over and spend the whole afternoon just lounging around and spending some much needed girl time together! Jayson got to take a nap, which he loved, and the kids just played happily/slept through the afternoon! It was a horrible day outside, it poured on and off throughout to whole day! Then Rich came over who is Misty's boyfriend/Jaysons cousin! So it was a fun dinner! On Sunday we went to church, can I just say how incredible our church is check out the website, I so enjoyed worhsipping Jesus and spending some time with our church family and listening to our Pastor Preach it was awesome! We've recently got a new worship leader and he is incredible! Yesterday afternoon did I mention I napped?? How did that happen?? My sweet hubby graciously gave me some time to myself and I enjoyed it so much!!! Then for dinner we went to our good friends Dave and Amy's house! Love them, we had so much fun just chilling out and relaxing not to mention the kids had a blast too! We have a busy week ahead of us but it should be a good one, I am looking forward to my sister coming down for a visit today so that should be fun , doing lots of hair this week 2 clients on Tuesday and 2 on Friday, Wednesday wave classes start up this week at church, we are signed up to do a study with our Pastor's wife on Daniel and the Psalms which I am really excited about! She is awesome!! So that is our weekend round up! Have a blessed week!!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it Sept. Already?

Wow! I can't believe we are into Sept. Already! This summer has surely been a whirl wind....God has been so good! He has provided an awesome new opprotunity for Jayson and work which is such a huge blessing! He finally has a normal Monday-Friday 8-4:30. It's so much better for him and for our family! We had such a fun summer! Spent lots of time in my hometown of Ocean Grove, Celebrated Bryson's 1st birthday which I can't beleive, made some fun memories, new friends in our neighborhood, Grown closer to the Lord, grown closer as a family, Jayson's sister Kerry had a little baby girl Isabella, So much has happened in such a short amount of time! Now for the kids

Madyson has grown up in such a little amount of time, she had a blast this summer spending time at the cove, swimming at Nanies house, spending time at Mom-Mom's and Pop-Pop's , playing with her friends, Summer Princess Fairy Dance class........She especially excited that she is not the only girl on the Aspenberg side of the family! She absolutly adores her little new cousin Isabella and can't wait for her to start playing with dolls and put hair bows in her hair and paint her little nails! LOL I keep telling her it's going to be a long while until she will be able to do the nails! Madyson is like my little friend, we have Mady and Mommy time during the day when Bryce is taking his nap and she is such a help around the house! In the next few week I will be sorta homeschooling her preschool stuff during the year! I want to start teaching her more of her letters and do some art projects as well! We have a fun year ahead of us!

Bryson is such a fun little man! He is so sweet and is getting to be so much fun! He is almost 14 months old now and is almost walking! He has been taking steps now for almost 2 weeks but is a bit lazy about it! I must say I haven't been pushing him, I must say that I enjoy having my baby!! He always has smile on his face and says quite a bit, he say row row for the song "row row row your boat" and at the end of the song he says yeah and is claps his hands, he says ma for Madyson, Dadda, Momma, Boat, What's that?, ju for juice i think hes says alot for his age and it seems like he says a new word every few days!

I've been praying/researching on cloth diapering for him and "making" my own wipes! Bryce has such sensitive skin and I want to try to save money where I can and Ifeel like God has convicted me of this so I'll keep you posted on how things go, but I'm excited to try this and I firgure I hang my own laundry anways so it wont' be to bad! I have talked to my friends who cloth diaper and have researched it quite a bit, so please pray for me!

I've started a new devotional in the book of Isaiah and can't wait for what God is going to be teaching me through this study! It an exciting time! Also I am super excited for Mops to start I'm Co-Coordinator this year with a good friend of mine Liz, and we have some aweosme things planned! I've been diligently praying for the mom's that come out this year and hope/pray that God Brings some women to him, and strengthen others in the walk with him as well! I pray that this minsitry will Glorify him in all that we do!

We have so much to be thankful for and Thank him everyday for all he had done for us! Thanks for keeping intouch with our family ! I'll be writing soon stay tuned!!!