Monday, September 8, 2008

What a fun weekend!!

I absolutely love weekend's where you don't have anything planned yet things come up and you end up having such a fun weekend. On Saturday one of my best friends, Misty came over and spend the whole afternoon just lounging around and spending some much needed girl time together! Jayson got to take a nap, which he loved, and the kids just played happily/slept through the afternoon! It was a horrible day outside, it poured on and off throughout to whole day! Then Rich came over who is Misty's boyfriend/Jaysons cousin! So it was a fun dinner! On Sunday we went to church, can I just say how incredible our church is check out the website, I so enjoyed worhsipping Jesus and spending some time with our church family and listening to our Pastor Preach it was awesome! We've recently got a new worship leader and he is incredible! Yesterday afternoon did I mention I napped?? How did that happen?? My sweet hubby graciously gave me some time to myself and I enjoyed it so much!!! Then for dinner we went to our good friends Dave and Amy's house! Love them, we had so much fun just chilling out and relaxing not to mention the kids had a blast too! We have a busy week ahead of us but it should be a good one, I am looking forward to my sister coming down for a visit today so that should be fun , doing lots of hair this week 2 clients on Tuesday and 2 on Friday, Wednesday wave classes start up this week at church, we are signed up to do a study with our Pastor's wife on Daniel and the Psalms which I am really excited about! She is awesome!! So that is our weekend round up! Have a blessed week!!