Thursday, September 18, 2008

A little sleep today!

Well it's almost 12:30 in the afternoon and here I am still in my PJ's my Mr. Bryson has a cold and was up like crazy last night and as soon as I got him settled around 1, then my Mady girl woke up who like never ever wakes up! Since it's been absolutely gorgeous out I have had the window's open and her allergies are driving her nuts she gets this cough from the dripping and it keeps her up! SO there we sat on the couch watching Wow Wow Wubbzy on Noggin' last night at 1 am! She was on the couch and I on the love seat trying to catch some z's OH well whatcha going to do!! That's a life of a mom!!! Since it's Thursday it's sheet and towel day in my house! So I have the sheets in the washer waiting for them to stop spinning to hang them on the line and Bryce is down for his nap! Then I'm off to clean my bathrooms!! Its the day for that as well! I had all these things I wanted to do like exercise which i think after lunch I will take the kids round our development and down to the play ground and then Madyson has her 1st dance class of the year today! She's so excited to start again and I can't wait to see her start up again she loves it!! I thought since i do 10 things to be thankful for on Tuesdays I would start this 13 things Thursday

Thirteen Things about YOUR NAME

1.) I love Jesus and he is my best friend!

2.) My Husband and my kids mean more than anything to me!

3.) Fall is my favorite time of the year!

4.) I'm trying to get more and more organized it does NOT come naturally, I am a cleaner not an organizer!!! by nature!

5.) I love coffee, especially at a coffee shop with one of my girlfriends and no kids!

6.) Love date nights with my hubby!

7.) I LOVE our church and all of friends we have met from there!!

8.) I got maybe 4 hours of sleep last night! Total!

9.) I miss my parents and sister terribly and wish we lived closer than 1 1/2 hours away!

10.) I love cloth diapering and making wipes!

11.) There is nothing better than hanging my wash on the line!

12.) I love taking my kids to park and play with either their cousins or friends!

13.) I love doing hair and taking care of myself!

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Well that's all today have a blessed day and enjoy this weather!!!