Tuesday, September 23, 2008

10 things Tuesday!

XBOX Wife Ten Things Tuesday

It's that time again! I so enjoy this !!!
1.) I am so thankful that Mady is back taking dance class! She loves it so much!!
2.) I am thankful for being able to take nice long walks in the morning while it is so cool out!!
3.) I love being able to play outside without bugs!!!
4.) I am so thankful for My husband for all he does to provide for our family and all his hard work this weekend in the yard!! It' looks amazing!!!!!!!!!!!
5.)Being able to enjoy a nice cup of coffee this morning outside at the picnic table while the kids played out back!!
6.) For being able to go out and walk in the morning everyone was up early!!
7.) For the gift of children and all the joy they bring to my life!
8.) For all our committed Moms we have on the steering team with us for Mops it's going to be awesome year!!
9.) For cloth diapers! They have saved us so much money!!
10.) For a personal Relationship with Jesus! Something none of us really deserve but through him we have the gift of eternal life! I couldn't get through my days without him


Anonymous said...

Amen to #10!

Also, no bugs is wonderful, although we still have lots of flies that try to slip into the house every time the door opens.

MECH said...

I love your list! We still have mosquitos (spell?) still in Indiana-yuck! That is one thing I will ask God when I get to heaven, why in the world did He make them!! I hope you have a good week!

Mrs. Brownstone @ XBOX Wife said...

Love the cute pics!!

You are blessed for no bugs! The mosquitoes are eating us alive lately!

Have a blessed week!

Unknown said...

#5 is my definition of a perfect morning. Especially in Jersey in the fall!:)