Thursday, September 11, 2008


We go to an amazing church if you have time check out the website, we have been attending for about 3 years now! They have classes you can take called Wednesday Wave classes , so Jayson and I signed up, last semester we took Parenting 101 incredible, taught by Pastor Steven who is our family minister, this semester we are taking a class on David, lead by our head pastor's wife Donna....On a side note can I just tell you how in love with Jesus she is, she is such a God fearing loving women, she's awesome. We were completely blown away with the class. Now I have read the Psalms many times before but I must say I am in love with them now...If you don't know much about David here are just some basics:
*he was Jesse's son
*He slayed Goliath
*Bold, he was chosen by God to be king
*he was the youngest of 7 brothers
*Saul's personal Musician
*Man after God's own heart,
Lastly who can forget Bathsheba

Basically these are thing we know from Sunday school basics but a lot of times people don't know so I thought I would share. Now some things I didn't know, Did you know that more space was devoted to David than to anyone else in the bible? He has 66 Chapters devoted to him alone, Jacob had 11 and Eli had 10. Also That David was born in Bethlehem, and had a lot of similarities to Christ as well. The main thing that hit me last night and it was such a "God" moment for me was that Donna said that most biblical scholars believe that David suffered from Clinical Depression. Most of you probally don't know this but my husband suffers from Clinical Depression so this hit us like a ton of bricks. I am so thankful that God directed us to this class for that alone reason! I must say we were debating on a few classes and we prayed over then and both Jayson and I felt like God was directing us both to attend this one. The other classes we thought would be interesting, was Pastor Bill was speaking on the End times, Pastor Todd was doing the sermon on the mount, Pastor Steve was doing a class on the marriage you've always was wanted....So we mainly we deciding between the end times one and this one so we prayed over it and God directed us here! Last night we we went into 1 Samuel as well and that is another awesome book, it give you some background on David so it was awesome to refresh as well! I was just so refreshed and so excited to be with God as we read and studied last night, I can't wait to see what God has planned for us through this next 9 weeks!

On a side note things here have been great! Lately I have really been debating whether or not to start using Cloth diapers and wipes, I have seriously been praying over it because not to mention the cost factor but for Bryce his poor skin is so sensitive and has eczema pretty bad I wanted to see if this would make a difference, my doctor suggested it, so I prayed about it and started talking with some friends about it and Heather C. really helped me out and gave me some awesome pointers! It's been about 3 days since I have used them and it has been working out great! I hang my wash so It's been nice to do this, I feel like I'm honoring God by saving money and the environment not to mention Bryce's skin as well! Also I must say I LOVE making and using the wipes it's so simple I wish I did it earlier!! Other than that thins are great hear and I am so grateful to Jesus for all the many blessings he has given us but today I am most thankful for My husband and children, they are such a treasure from him and I feel so blessed to have them and to be sharing life with them!

Also being today is 9/11 I have been thinking a lot about the events that took place 7 years ago today, I remember being engaged to Jayson and we were planning our wedding and it was like time stood still on this day....Please say a prayer for the widows/family members of all those people who lost their lives 7 years ago today!
Have a great day in Christ!