Thursday, September 25, 2008

One of those days!?!?

I have had quite the crazy day!! Lazy in a sense but Crazy if that makes sense!! I started off the day but doing my daily things like breakfast, getting the kids and myself dressed (in sweats due to the rainy cool fall weather!) Today being that it's Thursday It's sheet day and bathroom day...Then I was feeling incredibly ambitious and switched Mady's summer/fall cloths! wow that was a project especially since both kids were playing upstairs in the midst of all of this!! The I decided to tackle the dreaded laundry that i needed to put away in our bedroom!! So I actually was able to do all of that in the morning and manage to get to my friend Amy's house by 1:40 to get her Jaxon off the bus!! Stay with him till she got home at 3 and then get home and get Mady ready for Dance cook dinner and somehow cleanup some other things! This crazy day has me thinking about how i can't get through these days talking to Jesus! Also Our car has been making this weird what i call sound/noise and Jayce and my father in law thought it was the transmition, and this is God keeping us close to him and saving our wallets also, A friend of mine from Mady's dance whom we were in class last year and her husband happened to be there tonight, and he usually isn't anyways to make a long story short he's a mechanic and he works out of his home for friends and family and he is the manager at Saturn for the shop, so he tested the car with me during dance and he said it was the wheel bearing on the left side not the transmission! Got the price of the part and is only charging us like 100 bux for the labor! Thank you Jesus! It's alot cheaper then what we thought! See someway or another God always ALWAYS takes care of us! Being a stay at home mom is rough financially but is so worth every scarfice you have to make! I praise Jesus for the chance to stay at home and be with my children and take care of my husband he's an amazing father, provider, he has compassion, strength and courage that goes beyond words! I'm so blessed to have him in my life but espeically as my husband! Well I just thought I would share about what's been on my heart tonight as I unwind from my day! Enjoy!! God Bless!