Friday, September 5, 2008

Is it Sept. Already?

Wow! I can't believe we are into Sept. Already! This summer has surely been a whirl wind....God has been so good! He has provided an awesome new opprotunity for Jayson and work which is such a huge blessing! He finally has a normal Monday-Friday 8-4:30. It's so much better for him and for our family! We had such a fun summer! Spent lots of time in my hometown of Ocean Grove, Celebrated Bryson's 1st birthday which I can't beleive, made some fun memories, new friends in our neighborhood, Grown closer to the Lord, grown closer as a family, Jayson's sister Kerry had a little baby girl Isabella, So much has happened in such a short amount of time! Now for the kids

Madyson has grown up in such a little amount of time, she had a blast this summer spending time at the cove, swimming at Nanies house, spending time at Mom-Mom's and Pop-Pop's , playing with her friends, Summer Princess Fairy Dance class........She especially excited that she is not the only girl on the Aspenberg side of the family! She absolutly adores her little new cousin Isabella and can't wait for her to start playing with dolls and put hair bows in her hair and paint her little nails! LOL I keep telling her it's going to be a long while until she will be able to do the nails! Madyson is like my little friend, we have Mady and Mommy time during the day when Bryce is taking his nap and she is such a help around the house! In the next few week I will be sorta homeschooling her preschool stuff during the year! I want to start teaching her more of her letters and do some art projects as well! We have a fun year ahead of us!

Bryson is such a fun little man! He is so sweet and is getting to be so much fun! He is almost 14 months old now and is almost walking! He has been taking steps now for almost 2 weeks but is a bit lazy about it! I must say I haven't been pushing him, I must say that I enjoy having my baby!! He always has smile on his face and says quite a bit, he say row row for the song "row row row your boat" and at the end of the song he says yeah and is claps his hands, he says ma for Madyson, Dadda, Momma, Boat, What's that?, ju for juice i think hes says alot for his age and it seems like he says a new word every few days!

I've been praying/researching on cloth diapering for him and "making" my own wipes! Bryce has such sensitive skin and I want to try to save money where I can and Ifeel like God has convicted me of this so I'll keep you posted on how things go, but I'm excited to try this and I firgure I hang my own laundry anways so it wont' be to bad! I have talked to my friends who cloth diaper and have researched it quite a bit, so please pray for me!

I've started a new devotional in the book of Isaiah and can't wait for what God is going to be teaching me through this study! It an exciting time! Also I am super excited for Mops to start I'm Co-Coordinator this year with a good friend of mine Liz, and we have some aweosme things planned! I've been diligently praying for the mom's that come out this year and hope/pray that God Brings some women to him, and strengthen others in the walk with him as well! I pray that this minsitry will Glorify him in all that we do!

We have so much to be thankful for and Thank him everyday for all he had done for us! Thanks for keeping intouch with our family ! I'll be writing soon stay tuned!!!