Saturday, September 27, 2008

I just love days like this!!!

Fall I must say I just love Fall!!! I know I have probably metioned it like a 100 times by now, but today was such a fun day!! We live in a somewhat small town and we have a little main street with a park and today they had a Fall Festival, some food, vendors, a little train/tracker ride and despite of the overcast, it was so much fun! My parents came down which was so much fun to spend time with them, and we met Jayson's sisters Kerry and her family and Grace and her family and got to spend a little bit of time together! Mady was so happy to ride the train with Johnny and they got to play and walk around together!!! Then we just came home played outside a bit and then we were able to play take a walk and have some quality time with my Parents!! Did I metion that My Bryson is WALKING!!!!!!! It's so cute!!!! He is so excited and is getting more and more steady every day!! I must say I was not completely encouraging it when he was just a year but he is so ready now and has just taken off! You mommies of more than one understand what I mean but not ready to chase another so quickly!! I just had to blog about this wonderful day we had!!! It was so fun looking forward to more days like this to come!! I am so ready to go worship tomorrow!! I love worshiping Jesus! I can't wait to dig in to scripture some more!! I also am serving tomorrow in Nursery I do enjoy being with the "Turtles" We have so many people at church we had to split the nursery into 3 different rooms the first one is "Guppies" which is up to 1 year and then Turtles 1-2 and Starfish 2 years!! Then they move to the children's ministry building and they go on form there! So I'm blessed to be with those little ones! God is so good!! I hope everyone has a great night and I so hope you enjoy worshipping as much as we do God Bless!