Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A New School Year is Upon Us!

I can't believe we are in our 2nd week of school already!! Things are a little crazy over hear, and we are getting used to our new schedules and all the running and craziness! Madyson is a 1st grader now and our Bryson is in Pre-K! I am so thankful our district offers pre k. Bryce is in the afternoon class and it goes from 12:35-3:10 so its just enough time for him and he just Loves going! Madyson is having a great year so far also. She Loves her teacher and Is really liking all her new friends. Mady also started taking 2 dance classes this year! Every Monday she has Lyrical Ballet and then Jazz. She loves it and she loves her teachers especially "Aunt Amy" our dear friend who is now her teacher! She couldn't wait until she was old enough to take one of her classes! I can't believe how quickly they are growing up and it makes me sad yet so happy also! We have also added to our craizness a bit..We now have a new member of our family! Sandy our exchange student. She is here for the whole school year and she is just as sweet as can be! Sandy is in 10th grade and goes to Atlantic Christin School in the next town over. The only hard thing is we have to take her and pick her up each day and that becomes a little crazy with all the kids but it is what it is! All in All it's been a great start to hopefully a great school year! I am sot thankful for all of what God is doing even though it's a mixture of craziness and bliss! Love these little ones! Enjoy the picture over load :)

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Celebrating a Sweet 4 year old!!!!!!!

Saturday we had the such a wonderful day celebrating our Bryson Matthew! He turned 4 on the 4th of July, and we were up celebrating with my family in Ocean Grove, so we decided to celebrate a few weeks later! WE had such a fun day! WE set up all kids of water toys and little pools for the kids to play in, we had put these cute dinosaur skeletons in the sand box so the kids could "dig for fossils", had a dinosaur egg (water balloons) games, and snacks and dinosaur rice cripie treats for favors and smore pops cup cakes ice pops all the fun stuff to have a party! I just want to thank everyone for coming and helping us celebrate our sweet boy! we had some of our good friends from church/mops come and family! Enjoy the picture over load Ha! Bryson Matthew We LOVE you more than words can say! You are such a joy to be around and you really know how to make everyone you come in contact with fall in love with you and smile!! We love you our sweet 4 year old!!!!

Sweet Birthday BOy!
Favor's all ready to go!

Dinosaur rice crispie treat favors! My husband Made the tags Love them!
Love this picture!!
He is such a sweet heart!
My sweet boy digging for dinosaur's with his cousin and friend!
My sweet husband and I
My father in law holding sweet Meya Hope, Madyson and some of the kids friends enjoying a treat!
My big girl holding her little cousin Jossara! So sweet!
The kids were digging for Dinosaur in the Sand Box and Had a Blast!!
Some of my sweet friends
My sweet mother in law and sis in law!!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Hi Everyone from Karen ~at~ Home! I am so excited to be guest blogging with you all today! My name is Stacey from and I am a wife to the Love of my life Jayson and together we have 3 amazing crazy kids! Our oldest Madyson is 6 1/2 our son Bryson will be 4 in a week and our littlest Meya Hope is 18 months! Here is a picture of the 3 of them from last Sept. when we went to Disney!
I do love being at home with them but my days are busy and some days seem longer than others but, I am so thankful that God lead me to this role! Some days I am so weary, but through Him I find my strength and make it through! I have to tell you all honestly that this year 2011 Has been our toughest and most challenging year thus far since I have been home. So much has happened in such a short amount of time that sometimes I am still wondering what God's plan is for Our family and where he will take us but trying to rest in him. On Febuary 6th, in the early morning hours my dad passed away after a long 4 years fight with stage 4 prostate cancer! I am so thankful for the man God gave me as a daddy and miss him more words than ever express you can read more on this here . Just 2 short weeks later my husband was let go of his job of 5 years and I didn't think things could get any crazier than we got that news and it was almost to much to bear. But through those crazy times I have to tell you I feel as though my role as a Stay at home wife and Mom was completely redefined and never felt so needed , yet didnt feel like I had much to give and the Grace God gave me to get through and the Way he poured out his Love was just so powerful and Moving! I must say the biggest reward with being home is I'm there for my husband and kids and I get to be the very first one who watches them talk for the first time, take their first steps , smile for the first time and those moments are far more precious than anything else and I wouldn't trade those things for anything in the world!
I know you all don't know this but my husband does suffer from depression and it has also been such a blessing to be home and be there for him when he needs me also. Between him and the children the best reason to have me home is I am able to be there for them and all that they may need. I am a Hairdresser turned stay at home Momma, and I am fortunate that I still do a ton of hair out of my home and it makes for a nice side income and always seems to be there when we need it most. When we were dating and engaged my husband and I had a ton of long talks and we decided way back then that when we had children that I was going to be home with them. My husband was more for it than most since his mother was a stay at home mom of 4 and grew up wanting that for his family as well. So when we found out that we were expecting our 1st I went out on Maternity leave and never came back. Also for me and my profession it did not pay me to go back to work especially with the cost of Day care that we new that what I made wouldn't cover the cost. I don't really think I miss anything about working because for me I have the best of both worlds. I do hair when and if I want and I am able to plan it for during Nap and rest time or when my husband is home in the evening and I can make it to school for parties and whatnot. One thing I love is for the 2nd year I was our church's MOPS (Mothers of Preschooler's) co-coordinator. It was so awesome to see so many lives changed by God! If you are contemplating staying home the one thing I would offer as far as advice is get connected with other Mom's ! That is a must you need your girlfriends to help you get through the crazy times the happy times and the most trying times and days! There is nothing like your friends and you need to surround yourself with them! Look at your church or local church some may offer MOPS groups there or bible studies or Play groups any of the above! Its a great way to meet friends and get out there it will make the days go by shorter!
Here is a picture from a few months back (above) There are my husbands 3 sisters and their husbands! They are truly some of my closest friends and we try to sneek out every few months just us to have fun without the kids! between the 4 siblings there are 9 soon to be in a few weeks 10 cousins and it makes for some crazy fun times! Its so nice to be able to have a close family and have cousins to grow up with for our kids!
Here is just 1 picture of only a small group of us form our annual MOPS spring tea! These ladies helped me get through this some of the toughest times! Esepcially my friend Lauren to the right of me! I am so thankful for her friendship and the long talks and tears shared on the phone she is gem and I don't know what I would do without her! As far as career goals or going back to work goes, as of now I am not planning on returning anytime soon, I thing the choice we made for our family was the right one for sure!
If I am getting long winded I am so sorry but before I close I really want to share a few things with you if you are considering staying at home or even returning to work: I would tell you to Pray about it. For us its not about the money at all. we struggle at times but you get creative on ways to save money and one way or another we somehow make things work (Usually by God's grace) you get creative with meals, coupons, and whatnot! Also I would say Get Connected! Its the one thing that is so important! Get connect with the Ladies around you, you need friends! And Lastly dont just look at the finacial aspect of staying home look all all areas because it goes so much further than money! I just want to Thank Karen so much for giving me this opportunity to share with you all and thanks for taking the time to read my long winded post! Please come visit me over at or you can email me at and would love to get to know more fellow bloggers out there!!

Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrating Sweet Madyson!

WE had a fun filled weekend!!! Madyson had her 4th Dance Recital this weekend and we had so....much fun celebrating with her!!!
The Girls Madyson has danced with the same girls (almost of all them) for 4 years! We have such a good time each week and we have seen these girls grow up so far and its been great!
She LOVES dance class !! Its such a fun moment to see your little girl on stage and be soo happy!
Madyson and Jayson's Mom she Loves her Nanie!
My Mom and sister, it was bittersweet for me because it's the 1st one since my dad passed away.
Sweet siblings! Meya was far to busy running around to stand still for 30 seconds to get a picture ha!
Each year I always make a cake for her! We try to celebrate as a family for all the big and little things!! So fun!
A blogger friend Jenny over at had this posted on her wall last week and i thought that would be so fun to try for Mady's big day and i think it turned out pretty cute!
She was soooooooooo excited to get flowers and celebrate her!! So thankful for her and fun spunkiness!!

Madyson, Daddy and I LOVE you so much and are sooooo proud of you!! You are, our little star! So thankful for you and your love for dance!!!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

He Is Risen!!!

Happy Easter
Our Lord IS Risen and Alive!
Love, The Aspenberg's

Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a few months!

It has been quite a few months to say the least....Mainly for my lack of blogging, Our lives have really been turned upside down in so...........Many ways . On the early morning hours of Feb. 6th around 3 am my dad left this earth and met his maker. It was something you can never EVER prepare for. I learned that that early morning. For those who don't know my dad was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago in Feb. while I was pregnant with our 2nd child Bryson Matthew (my dads name) . He had stage 4 Prostate and the weren't sure at that time of his prognosis. He fought his heart out and Made Huge strides and really did well until a year ago when things were progressing faster than any of us would have liked. After we came home from Disney with My dad mom and sister in September his health really began to take a toll and he was in and out of the hospitals, rehabs, and all sorts of things. But he was able to be home for Christmas and that was such a blessing for us and I know to him also. He wanted to be home and home he was and we celebrated as we usually do and he was just so thrilled! Shortly after he had to go back into the hospital and went back into his rehab/nursing home facility and the week he passed he was doing really well until that Friday. That Im not really all ready to relive just yet but Maybe intime i will!

My dad was such an amazing Father. I thank Jesus everyday for the Man he gave to me as my earthly dad. He taught me so much throughout life but really he taught me the true love for God was by showing it to others. He was such kind man and really in the town I grew up in EVERYONE knew my dad! I grew up in a really small town, and my dad was very well known. Between my early childhood years owning the towns Sub shop he got his nickname of Deli Man, to in church be known as the friendliest Usher with the warmest smile! I could talk about my dad for hours on end. We had over 600 people at his life celebration at the the church I grew up in. It was truly amazing to see the lives he touched and who knew him it was such a HUGE encouragement to my mom sister and I.
About 2 weeks after my dad passed, Jayson lost his job :-( It was the toughest 2 weeks with my dad being gone, that when this blow came we had to almost ask the Lord, What next? God has been so amazing during this time of trial and we have seen him provide in so many ways the blessing have been more than we could have even dreamed. During this time Jayson has been not only looking for steady work, but also it has given him this amazing opportunity to Serve at our church during the week aside from his normal serving times over the weekends. He has enjoyed working and serving so much! Its been a blessing.
I have been reading Ann Voskamp's blog for a little over a year now and have friends who have been doing her 1000 gifts on their blogs forever and I don't quite know why I haven't done it but needless to say I started a journal 2 nights ago and its been so wonderful to see the many blessings!! If you want to know more I strongly encourage you to go explore her site and see all the wonderful things she has I also have 2 of her "gifts" to us on our wall down in our office! So inspiring, Her heart for Jesus is just contagious! Here is a list of the beginning of little adventure Hope you enjoy!
1. God's grace
2. My husband
3. Madyson
6.My dad
7. My church Shore Fellowship
8. Our Country
9. Singing my little made up song with Brycie every night "Snuggli Buggli Boo"
10.One on One time with my sweet Mady girl at the dr's while waiting for him to come in the room she such a sweet little girl!!
11. Meya's Big Smilies
12. Our home
13. Little Tykes basketball net and soccer ball I found at the curb for Bryce.
14. Fresh Vegetables from the produce store!
15.My mom
16. My sister
17. Open Mouth kisses from sweet little meya
18.Time w/ good friends.
19. Bad food at the perfect time of the month for it.
20. Watching Sweet Meya taking more steps walking each day.
21. A husband who Loves the Lord and is willing to serve during this time of looking for work.
22. My little boy who LOVES I mean LOVES playing with Trains
23. Quiet after a long.
24. Sweet memories of dad.
25. Grieving the Loss of my dad
26. Seeing the ways God is providing for us.
27. A relaxing dinner with the 4 people who mean the most to me
28. The gift of having children
29. The gift of my sister in laws and in laws who aren't in laws but true sisters and parents!
30. A home full of LOVE and craziness all mixed into one!
31. A God who loves us unconditionally
32. Sweet smiles when Mady gets of the buss and runs to give me a hug.

I need to start blogging again and I need to keep theses awesome memories of our everyday lives . I will keep up with it better Thanks for stopping by and reading some madness! Please leave a comment and let me know you were here!

Friday, January 28, 2011

My Crafting Adventure!

Sooooooo I have had so much Fun making these Hair-bow Holders for My girls and For My sweet sis in law who is Due with her first little girl in late February! She has 2 boys and she has finally gotten her girl! We are all so excited for her!! She's joining my world of Tutu's, tea parties, Manicures, and Lipstick Haha!! Love having girls! Don't get me wrong my little boy is just as amazing as can be but really my husband would kill me if i tried to paint his nails and My Bryson is ALL boy! He Holds Madyson's Bitty Baby like a football haha!

Okay back to these Hair Bow Holders! I purchased these Picture frames at Walmart for a great price of course! I wanted white so I already had a can of white semi gloss spray paint and I layed they out and painted them and it took a few Million times (okay not quite that many but a lot!) and then I recycled the glass. I took the paper out that came with the frame and found some card board and cut around that. Then I took this awesome fabric I found at Walmart. Can I just say our Walmart has some AmAzInG Fabric!! Anyways, I cute the fabric Ironed it and smoothed it on with some hot glue and then glued the ribbon on each ends of the back. and whalla you have these adorable, yet so functional accessories for the nursery! Plus it's great because when you are dressing the babies you can see the hair bows on the wall instead of searching through a basket! SO fun. I also Did a Pink and Brown Polka Dot one for one of my dearest friends Misty and her baby girl (My husbands Cousins' wife) All these girls coming in January and February , so far 3 of my friends had baby girls this month and 2 more are expected for next month! Ha so Fun!!

Things Have been Crazy Busy around here but so good! Kids are doing so good and We have gotten so much snow here on the East Coast and South Jersey this year! Very Much Looking forward to spring ! WE have sooo.! But all fun!! Happy Crafting!