Friday, January 28, 2011

My Crafting Adventure!

Sooooooo I have had so much Fun making these Hair-bow Holders for My girls and For My sweet sis in law who is Due with her first little girl in late February! She has 2 boys and she has finally gotten her girl! We are all so excited for her!! She's joining my world of Tutu's, tea parties, Manicures, and Lipstick Haha!! Love having girls! Don't get me wrong my little boy is just as amazing as can be but really my husband would kill me if i tried to paint his nails and My Bryson is ALL boy! He Holds Madyson's Bitty Baby like a football haha!

Okay back to these Hair Bow Holders! I purchased these Picture frames at Walmart for a great price of course! I wanted white so I already had a can of white semi gloss spray paint and I layed they out and painted them and it took a few Million times (okay not quite that many but a lot!) and then I recycled the glass. I took the paper out that came with the frame and found some card board and cut around that. Then I took this awesome fabric I found at Walmart. Can I just say our Walmart has some AmAzInG Fabric!! Anyways, I cute the fabric Ironed it and smoothed it on with some hot glue and then glued the ribbon on each ends of the back. and whalla you have these adorable, yet so functional accessories for the nursery! Plus it's great because when you are dressing the babies you can see the hair bows on the wall instead of searching through a basket! SO fun. I also Did a Pink and Brown Polka Dot one for one of my dearest friends Misty and her baby girl (My husbands Cousins' wife) All these girls coming in January and February , so far 3 of my friends had baby girls this month and 2 more are expected for next month! Ha so Fun!!

Things Have been Crazy Busy around here but so good! Kids are doing so good and We have gotten so much snow here on the East Coast and South Jersey this year! Very Much Looking forward to spring ! WE have sooo.! But all fun!! Happy Crafting!