Thursday, March 31, 2011

What a few months!

It has been quite a few months to say the least....Mainly for my lack of blogging, Our lives have really been turned upside down in so...........Many ways . On the early morning hours of Feb. 6th around 3 am my dad left this earth and met his maker. It was something you can never EVER prepare for. I learned that that early morning. For those who don't know my dad was diagnosed with cancer 4 years ago in Feb. while I was pregnant with our 2nd child Bryson Matthew (my dads name) . He had stage 4 Prostate and the weren't sure at that time of his prognosis. He fought his heart out and Made Huge strides and really did well until a year ago when things were progressing faster than any of us would have liked. After we came home from Disney with My dad mom and sister in September his health really began to take a toll and he was in and out of the hospitals, rehabs, and all sorts of things. But he was able to be home for Christmas and that was such a blessing for us and I know to him also. He wanted to be home and home he was and we celebrated as we usually do and he was just so thrilled! Shortly after he had to go back into the hospital and went back into his rehab/nursing home facility and the week he passed he was doing really well until that Friday. That Im not really all ready to relive just yet but Maybe intime i will!

My dad was such an amazing Father. I thank Jesus everyday for the Man he gave to me as my earthly dad. He taught me so much throughout life but really he taught me the true love for God was by showing it to others. He was such kind man and really in the town I grew up in EVERYONE knew my dad! I grew up in a really small town, and my dad was very well known. Between my early childhood years owning the towns Sub shop he got his nickname of Deli Man, to in church be known as the friendliest Usher with the warmest smile! I could talk about my dad for hours on end. We had over 600 people at his life celebration at the the church I grew up in. It was truly amazing to see the lives he touched and who knew him it was such a HUGE encouragement to my mom sister and I.
About 2 weeks after my dad passed, Jayson lost his job :-( It was the toughest 2 weeks with my dad being gone, that when this blow came we had to almost ask the Lord, What next? God has been so amazing during this time of trial and we have seen him provide in so many ways the blessing have been more than we could have even dreamed. During this time Jayson has been not only looking for steady work, but also it has given him this amazing opportunity to Serve at our church during the week aside from his normal serving times over the weekends. He has enjoyed working and serving so much! Its been a blessing.
I have been reading Ann Voskamp's blog for a little over a year now and have friends who have been doing her 1000 gifts on their blogs forever and I don't quite know why I haven't done it but needless to say I started a journal 2 nights ago and its been so wonderful to see the many blessings!! If you want to know more I strongly encourage you to go explore her site and see all the wonderful things she has I also have 2 of her "gifts" to us on our wall down in our office! So inspiring, Her heart for Jesus is just contagious! Here is a list of the beginning of little adventure Hope you enjoy!
1. God's grace
2. My husband
3. Madyson
6.My dad
7. My church Shore Fellowship
8. Our Country
9. Singing my little made up song with Brycie every night "Snuggli Buggli Boo"
10.One on One time with my sweet Mady girl at the dr's while waiting for him to come in the room she such a sweet little girl!!
11. Meya's Big Smilies
12. Our home
13. Little Tykes basketball net and soccer ball I found at the curb for Bryce.
14. Fresh Vegetables from the produce store!
15.My mom
16. My sister
17. Open Mouth kisses from sweet little meya
18.Time w/ good friends.
19. Bad food at the perfect time of the month for it.
20. Watching Sweet Meya taking more steps walking each day.
21. A husband who Loves the Lord and is willing to serve during this time of looking for work.
22. My little boy who LOVES I mean LOVES playing with Trains
23. Quiet after a long.
24. Sweet memories of dad.
25. Grieving the Loss of my dad
26. Seeing the ways God is providing for us.
27. A relaxing dinner with the 4 people who mean the most to me
28. The gift of having children
29. The gift of my sister in laws and in laws who aren't in laws but true sisters and parents!
30. A home full of LOVE and craziness all mixed into one!
31. A God who loves us unconditionally
32. Sweet smiles when Mady gets of the buss and runs to give me a hug.

I need to start blogging again and I need to keep theses awesome memories of our everyday lives . I will keep up with it better Thanks for stopping by and reading some madness! Please leave a comment and let me know you were here!


Jennifer S said...

What a lovely dedication to your father and your family! I love the picture of your dad holding the baby too, he glows with his love of the Lord!