Monday, June 6, 2011

Celebrating Sweet Madyson!

WE had a fun filled weekend!!! Madyson had her 4th Dance Recital this weekend and we had so....much fun celebrating with her!!!
The Girls Madyson has danced with the same girls (almost of all them) for 4 years! We have such a good time each week and we have seen these girls grow up so far and its been great!
She LOVES dance class !! Its such a fun moment to see your little girl on stage and be soo happy!
Madyson and Jayson's Mom she Loves her Nanie!
My Mom and sister, it was bittersweet for me because it's the 1st one since my dad passed away.
Sweet siblings! Meya was far to busy running around to stand still for 30 seconds to get a picture ha!
Each year I always make a cake for her! We try to celebrate as a family for all the big and little things!! So fun!
A blogger friend Jenny over at had this posted on her wall last week and i thought that would be so fun to try for Mady's big day and i think it turned out pretty cute!
She was soooooooooo excited to get flowers and celebrate her!! So thankful for her and fun spunkiness!!

Madyson, Daddy and I LOVE you so much and are sooooo proud of you!! You are, our little star! So thankful for you and your love for dance!!!