Monday, November 17, 2008

Meal Planning!

On Facebook, Last week I posted a status saying that I was menu planning, and some responses from my friends and I posted my last week menu items on there and I did the same also this week! I wanted to share with all of you as well!! This week We are a little bit busy so I did little more simple items! Enjoy and let me know what you think!

Monday - Homefellowship, but I'm on main dish tonight, so I'm making 2 things, A quick easy MOPS favorite sauasage cassarole and a French toast cassarole

Sauasage Cassarole
1 lb bulk sauasage such as BOb Evan, or if your like me whatever is one sale!
4 eggs, beaten with salt and pepper splash of milk (like you are making a scramble eggs)
some shredded cheddar/jack cheese( any cheese shredded will do )
1 can of Bisquits, I actually use the one's from Aldi's they are the flacky ones they are the cheapest

brown sausage drain fat, while cooking sausage layer in 13x9 pan the bisquits but split them in half horizontally and but sausage on top, then cover with eggs and top with cheese bake uncovered for the direction on package of bisquits i have made it several times and need to just watch it sometimes it takes a little bit longer!

Tuesday - Leftover ham and homemade mac and cheese and fresh green beans

Wens. - Lasgana roll ups with turkey meat and sausage and ricotta, bread, and a big salad

Thursday, Crock-pot stew

Friday - Homemade pizza

Saturday - Some kind of chicken, I'm not sure what kind but I'll keep u informed

Sunday - we have 2 different thanksgiving meals, One at our church and i'm making stuffing, and then I'm making veggies for Jayson's grandpop's one

ALternate is Taco's! Jayson recommend that I have one alternate which is cool! ENjoy and let me know what you think!