Friday, November 14, 2008


Wow it's been forever since I have posted! I guess really because there really isn't too much going on! I've been sick, struggling with my asthma and Bronchitis s/p? That's been really tough not being able to breathe or kick the cold I had!! Amongst all of this my poor little man is cutting 3 of his molars! So their has been plenty of interrupted nights of sleep as well! I have recently started babysitting a friends little boy which is great, but a little overwhelming, b/c there still is lots to do around the house lunches to be made, cleaning, laundry, you know all the stuff that it takes to keep up with a house!

Recently I have had such a thirst to grow closer to God yet again! I must be truthful, I have not faithfully been in God's word Like i would have liked to, but I am one of those people that really absorbs it when I'm doing a study along with it, getting me conastly to look harder in his word and search, I don't know if anyone else is like this?! But it certainly works for me!

On Sunday afternoon Jayson and I actually got a chance to head out on alittle date to go see the movie Fireproof! It was incredible! One of the best stories and movies I have seen in a long time!! What an awesome encouragement to have!! Great testimony to God's unfailing love for us, and his will never to give up on us! Regardless! On that note we have been doing our study in our home fellowship group that goes along with the movie and it's awesome! I highly recommended it!

Lately I have really been struggling yet again with my issues of body image, and self worth! I truly know that my true happiness and peace with all my insecurities comes through the Love of Christ, but as a women especially after having my 2 beautiful children, let's just say things have certainly changed! I also think alot has to come with the fact that I haven't been in my exercise routine now for almost 3 weeks due to the bronchitis and breathing! It's been really tough on me and getting so discouraged is also not so much fun! Asking Jesus to help with this as well! Weight has unfortunately always been an issue for me, and Lately as I get a tad bit older it's a little hard to keep under control!! It's just hard subject for me right now! I'm praying that Jesus comforts me in this!

I can't believe it's a little more than a month and my little girl will be turning 4!! Wow how time flies, It always brings a tear to my eyes to think how fast my little ones are growing up! Iam so blessed to have been married to the love of my life true God fearing/wanting to please God man for almost 7 years!

That's all i have to report as this time Hope to be back soon!


Kristy said...

I will pray that God blesses you as you seek Him through your struggles. I think most women struggle with the issue of self image in one way or another. Keep your chin up! Love ya!