Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election party 2

So as you all know the outcome is Barak Obama! Scary isn't it?! In a way it's neat to have been here for such a historic election and It's very cool to have a black president. But it stops there!! As a Christian I can't help but lift up our country in prayer and pray that our new president seeks God out and pray that he truly has our best interests as Americans in his heart! I mean this election was especially scary for me since my daughter will soon be going to school and I DO NOT want sex education taught to her in Kindergarten! I am PRO a Christian I believe you cannot be anything other than pro-life! My views are scriptural based. I believe that this country has gone through incredible hard times and we have a long road ahead of us...I'm praying that right decisions are made for us. I do have a sick feeling in my stomach and praying and trusting that God knows what he is doing and finding amazing comfort that regardless who our president is that God is sooooooo much bigger than that!!!


Anonymous said...

I was up in the air about homeschooling until last night. I am now planning on teaching the kids myself. I too am scared about what the next four years will bring us. It worries me that people are so swayed simply because he is a good public speaker and because they don't like Bush. At this point all we can do is pray and know that even when we don't like the outcome it is all part of Gods plan.