Thursday, May 13, 2010

Where Have I Been!??!

I feel like it has yet again been quite some time since I have blogged. Let me just tell you things around here have been CRAZY to say the least!!! Things especially the last few weeks have just seemed to almost out of control at times, but you know what the best part of it all is? That even when I feel out of control and our lives seem out of control and we can't seem to control things that come up in life we have a GOD who is ALWAYS in Control !! Oh my that give me such peace just saying that out loud! We serve an AmAzInG GOD who is constantly in control!! *Sigh* such freedom comes from knowing that! Lately through certain circumstances i have been Clinging to this verse Exodus 14:14 "The Lord will FIGHT for you ! You NEED only to BE Still!!" Those of you who are my friends on facebook know that lately I have been saying that verse a lot and it has also become our verse to memorize with the kids! That has been so encourage also is seeing my little ones just soak up God's word!!! Melts my heart to hear my little Bryce and Mady girl recite Scripture! I know it makes Jesus smile to just hear his little ones recite his word!!

So Lets see, about a month ago my dad had to go in to get his appendix out, which probally does not seem like a big deal to most but he has cancer and it makes things a bit more complicated! I can't go into great detail but if you could PLEASE PLEASE keep my parents and us in your prayers I would greatly appreciate it. He was not doing so well for a while but lately the last week or so with help from a medicine that makes him want to eat since the chemo makes him not even want to think about food, he seems to be doing a little better. As most of you know who has ever had a loved one suffer from cancer it can be such a LONG and SCARY road and the un-known with what will happen next can be so hard! Thanks!

Then My little Brycie man gave us quite a scare a week and half a go! I yes Me the horrible Mother that I am gave him a peanut butter cookie, You know one of those take and bake kinds from Aldi's? But Up until this point we had no indication that he was allergic to peanuts! Well anyways not more than 2 minutes later Bryce threw up everywhere and then started sneezing over and over, coughing like a deep gasping croupy cough and while Jayson put him in the tub I immediatly called his doctor, He told me to give him a dose of bendryl so i did and then he asked me to hold the phone up to Bryce so he could here him, and he said "I need to listen to him so I know whether or not to call 911 or send you straight to the ER" Well as you could imagine as a Mommy my heart just about popped out of my chest and I started crying and of course got really scared Jayson on the other hand was my ROCK as usual! and he stayed come and we ended up taking him to the ER and by the time we got there Praise God for that! Oh also his eyes and lips swelled as well! If you could also keep Bryce in your prayers we got some lab work done from his allergist and we have to run another panel because some things came up and they needed to test him again. The first thing is that came back is he has something where his immune system is fighting against him and that could be one of the reasons why he has such issues with his skin and something else! So the prayers would be great! Thanks!

My poor husband has been working REALLY long hours and he has just been swamped at work and the poor guy has really been struggling with his Depression and it's really been hard on all of us, But God has once again gotten us through and carried us also! It's been really tough but God is good!

Last Friday we FINALLY did Mady's 1st friend Party ever! Only 4 1/2 months later!! We had originally planned it for a weekend in Feb. but we got that Massive snow storm and then we tried in March and 3 out of the 6 little girls came down with the stomach bug and so we canceled then . I decided to wait until spring to throw it in hopes that everyone would be healthy! It worked! I feel like a bad Mommy but truly her birthday falls right in between Christmas and New years so it's too crazy of a time of the year to try to do anything but this worked out beautifully! We had my sister in law Kerry come and she did updo's and her sister in law come and do some portraits of the girls and we had Pizza, and a Candy bar little goodie bags with Tinker belle theme and then we decorated our own cupcakes wither pink or purple icing! The girls had such a great time and I know it will be something she will never forget! Such fun times! Here are some pictures!
My precious little girl on her special day!! The one of Bryce is so funny to me he spent most of the night in his room playing with what he calls his "Boy Toys! " Ha! Enjoy!! Hope you all are doing well and I think I got you all just about up to speed with with everything!


Heather said...

Look at your sweet kiddos! You have had a lot going on, bless your heart! I will be praying for your dad!