Thursday, May 27, 2010

Meya Hope is 5 Months old now!

My little sweet precious girl Meya Hope is now 5 months old ! Well she was on the 18th but I forgot to post then! What are you up to these days? You smile ALL the time!! Most days you don't cry or fuss at all!! You LOVE your big SiStEr and BrOtHeR! You think they are the coolest things! You are quite the Momma's girl! You Love to be in your Momma's arms! You stare at Daddy!! From the Second he walks in the door at night you just smile and stare! You are QUITE the talker! In recent weeks you have discovered your voice!! SO sweet but LOUD!! It's so funny because it's like you know that you need to be heard over everyone! I'm not sure how much you weigh, You were 17lbs at your 4 month appointment and we go back next month for your 6th month! How come time is going by so quickly?!?! I want it to slow down and enjoy every second! We are enjoying you sooo much!! You have brought so much happiness to our family and turly make our family complete!! We thank the good Lord for you everyday and can't imagine life with out you!! You like Rice Cereal, butternut squash and peas! You were just about sleeping through the night but the last couple nights you have been getting up 2-3 times and that has to change LoL your Momma is quite tired! Meya Hope Mommy and Daddy, Mady and Brycie love you more than you can ever know and we are so thankful for you in our family!! XoXo

I prayed for this child and the Lord has granted me what I asked! 1 Samuel 1 :27