Thursday, July 15, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Madyson's Field Day

So much has happend since I last blogged. Mostly good and some Sad :-( But you know what God has been good through it all and continues to show us how faithful he is! Some things happen I believe in life to draw us closer to the Lord even when it seems so had to understand or to even wrap your mind around! Let's start with the good and I'll save the sad for another post!
Madyson had field day at school! She had a blast! But Man it was a HOT day!! The kids had a blast!!
They played all kinds of fun games!! Some had water and some just different obstacles!
This is What Bryce did played with our neighbor friend Julian at the water table!! The boys had so much fun

This was Meya the whole time she was so content and sweet sitting there smiling and playing with her toy!! What a blessing these little kids are!! God we thank you for these special blessings!!!

The last thing they did was have an ice cream party to finish off such a fun day!!!