Sunday, February 7, 2010

Snow Snow Everywhere!

Here is my husbands Explorer Yesterday 2/6/10 Can you believe that? Now we live in southern NJ not Alaska...Okay I know that's being a little dramatic but this was finally a snow like from when we were kids! Jayce and I were just saying how we couldn't believe how much snow we ended up getting! We were stuck in the house which was just Divine! The kids just played and played so nice together we watched a couple of movies and ended up just totally enjoying ourselves! I actually got a chance to go through some of little Miss Meya's cloths...I just can't believe how much she has grown and she is only 7 weeks old! But I should have suspect it since her older Sister and brother grew like weeds also! What can I say I just love the chubby babies!!! Here is another picture of this snow, this is our outside little fire pit we use during the summer right outside our bay window! I thought it was a neat picture to show how much we ended up getting!! This weekend was not a complete bust though..It has been so SO nice to just be able to spend time as a family........I did get a few things done so that was nice like laundry but other than that I have just been keeping myself busy by playing, Nursing, Changing dipaers, Nursing, and making some fun foods! It gave me a great excuse to try some new fun recipes! THey went over big too!! Nothing new tonight we had our favorites BBQ chicken Pizza and I made one 1/2 white for mommy and 1/2 plain/pepperoni for the kids! Jayson just LOVES my BBQ chicken pizza so I was excited to make it yet again for him...I use this great recipe at for Pizza dough that Never fails and I dont' even have to break out the bread machine this is all done in my Kitchen Aid Mixer that just stays on my counter so it's nice and accessible!

It's so easy to work with also! I am 1/2 Italian but I sure do NOT know how to do a pizza without my rolling pin !! For me it's the easiest and fastest way to do it! These were sooo Good!!

Now back to the snow ! Can you tell I have ADD? I seriously do and I believe it shows so often on this blog, Thanks for hanging in there with me! Here is little man He fell down in the snow and just called for me, and then lit up when He saw me and said "Mommy I make snow angle for you" Bless his little heart that little man of mine surely puts the biggest smile on our faces! All of our kids do but this little boy of ours surely has a special place in my heart....You know what they said Boys and their Momma's...Madyson had a BLAST out there, she ended up staying out way Longer than Bryce did, I was in the house with Meya and the kids were "helping" Daddy shovel .....

Here's our Dodge Mini Van all stuffed in the snow, then right outside our front door, Then Lastly my sweet girl Mady just LOVING the snow! She's just like her Daddy and loves the cold!! She doesn't like to be hot at all!!! Hope you all are enjoying your weekend as well! We just got word that it's a Snow Day for Mady girl so the fun continues!!


dawn said...

wow!! look at all of that snow you ended up getting!!! i am so glad that you got to have such wonderful family time!!!!

it was great chatting on friday!! lets do it again soon!!!

have a great week and tell that baby to stop growing ;)

Lesli said...

wow.. that snow is so pretty.. and that pizza looks pretty awesome.. we are pizza lovers here, I need to make that!!