Friday, February 5, 2010

Beauty Tips

Show Us Your Life with Kelly's Korner

Good Morning Everyone ! Over at Kellys korner blog it's Beauty tips and Favorite products! WOW do I just LOVE this day!! LoL As a hairdresser turned stay at home Momma and x-Mary Kay Representative I must tell you I have feel off the ban wagon as far as products are concerned! I am so e0mbarrassed to say this but it's true! But there are a few things I just can't live without!
One of my most favorite is :
Time Wise by Mary Kay! LOVE These products!!!

Another product I just CAN'T live without is my Mary Kay Foundation and man do I need a new one!!! Here is a picture of whats in my make up bag Now Ladies I am well aware that it is soooo not good to mix bare Minerals with with anything let alone Foundation but Ladies I needed it if just under neath my eyes, but After 3 kids This Momma needs a little more help in the Mornings Now Ha!!! I just Love my Ulta (it's a beauty store here do you all have them too??) I just love their Lip Liner in Mocha with my Mac Lipstick or any lip gloss LOL or chapstick I know pathetic right but it's the truth! and I know everyone will laugh but i just love the Bonne Bell Shimmer Bronzer now I have tried a million or what seems like and this is the only one who is always constant for me Ha!!
Here is my make up bag and then my I can't live WITHOUT go to products for my hair My hair is wavy and thick so it's a must have is either one of the these depending on the morning LOL and I just LOVE that pantene Wax I have used every "professional" one and this one is my favorite!!!

Lastly here is my Blow dryer I used to have a chi and then a few years ago it died and I couldn't justify spending $100 on a blow dryer when I just use it for myself even though my husband told me go ahead! But I felt guilty but this Blow dryer is WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!! To me I would by it over and over again!!!
I didnt' take a picture of my straighter but that is a must in my routine as well!! On a side note I do LOVE my bare minerals but I also do want to try Mary Kay's mineral powder and see what that's life also! Well ladies I hope you enjoyed my products Please leave me a comment and let me know!!


Amber said...

I found your post via Kelly's blog! TimeWise is my #1 MUST HAVE too.When I run out I feel like my skin is slowly dying :)

Lesli said...

My sister used to sell MK so I have used alot of their products and I think they are all great.. but I did get addicted to another skin care regimen by "Philospohy" and I love it! I am also a fan of Bare Minerals.. I wil never use anything else!! What kind of blow dryer to you have? I couldnt tell the brand from the picture!

Hope you have a great weekend.. your blog is so cute, I would love to come back and visit!!


Anonymous said...

I am also a hairstylist turned stay at home mom and I also have fallen off the wagon when it comes to most beauty products. I am still a huge fan and user of lots of products but I never wear make-up any more. I think motherhood takes everything you have and there is little time to worry about yourself!

Journey of the George's said...

I use MK foundation under my BMinerals too! Sometimes I just need that 'extra'!

noahandlylasmommi said...

I use the MK mineral powder and LOVE it!