Tuesday, April 15, 2008

it's been while!

Well Spring has sprung! I'm so glad to see those winter days behind us! As spring is upon us, thinking of rebirth is on my heart! Rebirth in Jesus that is! Spring is such a wonderful time to reconnect with our God and start fresh! Recently there has been alot on our hearts as a family and a couple! A lot of searching and seeking as far as God's will for our life! We are trying to decided where to go from here as far as careers go! We definalty are just totally trusting God and his will for our life! Now for an update on my kiddies! My Mady girl and my Mr. Man Bryce had thier check ups! Mady a little late for her 3 year one but just a year from her 2 year one and My Mr. Man had his 9 month! He has only gained 6 ounces in the last 3 months but has grown almost 2 inches! He started out way off the chartsand now is in the 75 % for his weight and 50% for his length and head! So he's doing awesome! He is crawling all over the place sitting up from crawling, pulling the video and dvd drawer open pulling himself up on everthing he is just awesome! He also had his 2 bottom teeth and the doctor said his top gums were swollen so in a few weeks we should expect more teeth!! My Mady girl has grown on leaps and bounds! SHe has gained 6 pounds over the last year and has grown 4 1/2 inches! She is back up to the 90% for height and weight! So she is doing awesome! She's in dance class once aweek every thursdays and loves every minute of it! She takes the variety class and does ballet, tap and tumbling! She is in awe ofdance! It was such an awesome decision to enroll her! She is an amazingly sweet and lovable kid! she's an awesome helper and a complete people pleaser! She loves her brother and would do nother more than just play with him, She so enjoys church and her sunday school class! She looks foward to that and the kids' service one sunday night a month! Jayson and I started our vegtable and fruit garden today! We bought organic soil again this year and got some neat organic seeds! Lowe's had them! The soil we found again at walmart for an wesome price! We bought little plants or red peppers bananna peppers, tomotoes, blueberries, strawberries, basil and itlian flat leaf parsley! SO that should be a good hearty garden this summer (hopefully) ! Save us money and eat nice healthy organic veggies and fruit! Good for us and our family! WE have yet again to start letting mr man fall esleep on his own! IT's so hard, but I spoke to the doctor and aI'm glad that we are doing it because we didnt do it with mady until she was a year and a half and that battle went on for about a year trying to get her to go to bed on her own and that was such a struggle! SO I have to be strong! Well I hope things are well with everyone reading this! God Bless all of you and Thank you so much for reading!!