Friday, March 21, 2008

Good Friday!

Today, being that it is good friday has me thinking alot about the events that took place over 2000 years ago, about what was going through Jesus' mind knowing the events that wer about to take place. Thinking about Mary his mother and the pain she was about to expierence watching her sone die for the sins of everyone that oneday we could all have eternal life with God up in heaven. Thinking about that 2000 years ago Jesus was hanging on the cross for my sins that one day so I could spend eternity with him. When I say I, what i really mean is wel all of us, with each nail that went in to his hands and feet was for us and our imperfections, Very heavy things if you really sit down and think about it! I guess what brought this on was today we went to the church for our annual Easter Egg Hunt, and Pastor Steve our family pastor at our church told the story of the reserection eggs, if you have never seen it i encourage you to look it up its neat! Anyways and seeing the strip of leather reminded me of how many times Jesus was beaten and not for his sins, He had NO sin he was PERFECT! But for us and our IMperfections, crazy to think that he did tha tall for us! And just simply given to us as a gift, because he LOVES us that much and God wants it for all of us!! Just by asking Jesus to come into our hearts and live in us and just like that we have a promise of eternal Life. Amazing God is so awesome and loves us sooooooooo much! Just a thought ! Over the next few days take some time and Meditate and look up some verses in the bible and read different accounts of the disciples and what went on! Join me, I'm going to spend some extra needed time with the Lord and thank him for all he has given us espeically the gift of eternal life! As we spend time with Loved Ones take in every second of that it's so precious!!! Happy Easter !


Anonymous said...

keep on your great blog!!! I love to read it.
-Julie Gannon